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To all the Pats fans remember the accomplishments of this year

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  • To all the Pats fans remember the accomplishments of this year

    Yes I know you all are just as upset and saddened over the loss as I am, but I don't want this season to be forgotten or looked down upon. What the team did this year was remarkable. A perfect regular season and countless records set all in the face of adversity are all things that I will remember about my beloved Patriots. Now I may not be from New England like many of you guys are but I have been a Pats fan for the last 18 years. This year was special, and should be remembered even though the ultimate goal was not achieved.

    I wrote this to my cousin after the game about how I felt.

    Originally posted by devinhester=R.O.Y 2006
    This may sound ***, but this game absolutely killed my spirit. I felt sick when Plaxico scored. The love I have for the Patriots brought me to tears when Brady's last pass fell incomplete. What hurts even more is how everyone will say that they choked and that this year doesn't mean anything. For true fans we will remember what an amazing year this was for New England and the NFL in general. How captivating was it each week to think about "Spygate" and the chase for perfection? Seeing the Giants celebrate absolutely broke my heart. But I will eventually recover, hopefullt in time for April's draft. But remember they will be back next year. There will be no Super Bowl Hangover for the Patriots in 2008!
    So guys keep your heads up! We will be back next year!

    Thanks to Bone Krusher for the sig

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