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Darius Butler at 23?

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  • Darius Butler at 23?

    So Bellichick went to his pro-day, Uconn ran a similar defense, Deion Sanders is tutoring him, Pat Kirwin has him to the pats at 23 in his latest mock. I'm starting to think this pick makes sense under the following conditions:

    1. Malauga is not there at 23
    2. Pats aren't that high on Clay Matthews / He isn't there / They expect him to be there at 34 or be able to trade to get him
    3. We don't already trade up for Jenkins

    As much as people want to talk about Shawn Springs and Leigh Bodden, I don't think either of those guys are long-term solutions and as Mike Shanahan said, "You can never have too many corners".

    If anything, I like this scenario because it's such a patriots "I wasn't expecting it but I'm not against it" pick.

    People like to talk about giving Wheatley and Wilhite a chance but I thought Wheatley stunk up the joint in preseason and in his action during the season. Wilhite is a nickel corner at best. Hobbs is an average #2 starter and who knows if we'll be able to afford Leigh Bodden if he has a good year. Shawn Springs I expect to be on IR by Week 3. Darius Butler is one of the most athletic, hardworking players in this draft and I would not be dissapointed to have having a crwoded secondary would be a good problem to have given how many times we've shown up to the playoffs with Earthwind Moreland and Antwan Spann going up against the NFL's best receivers...
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    idk id rather get a stud OLB at this spot because you can find good corners late. you can get a j. byrd in the third round or a kevin barnes. i personally want a LB, whether it was maualuga, brown, matthews, english, or cushing, thats where the value is. most amazing scenario would be to get maualuga at 23 and also get a great olb like say english at 34
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      The Pats have had (or are scheduled to have) visits and/or private workouts with pretty much every top CB in this draft. Add to that the fact that Hobbs and Bodden will be FA's after this season, Springs will be 35 next season, Wheatley is still unproven, and Wilhite and Richardson aren't really anything to get excited about. I think there is a very strong possibility that the Pats take a CB early in this draft, and they do seem to really like Butler.
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        All good points . . . Hobbs/Bodden both on contract years and the availability of CBs later in the draft. Add to that the fact that NE rarely goes for an early CB and it seem like . . . well, it would be the shocker we always get from them.

        For me, it is all a matter of who isn't there at 23 & who may not be there at 34. If the pats can't get Rey and there are enough OLB prospects left that one can be had at 34 then I'd be ok with Butler. But overall, I think 23 may be higher than needed for him.

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          I like Butler and i'd be ok with the pick at 23, i'd love it at 34 but that's another point. My thing about this is that every 'expert' is saying that Belichick loves him, he's going to be the pick etc that it seems too obvious. It's different saying that the Rams will take the best tackle from Monroe or Smith or Kansas will take Curry because there is very little that can affect those picks. At 23 anything can happen and I wouldn't be surprised if BB is smokescreening here a bit. If any of the top OLBs are available I expect them to be the pick with a sleeper being OT

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