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  • Rodney Retires

    As expected, Rodney Harrison has announced his retirement.

    Thanks for many great years.

    He's in a class of his own, and I think that's evidenced by his 30/30 stat - the only player ever to have 30 INTS & 30 sacks.

    The worst part is that he's not being retained as part of the coaching staff in some capacity. But he was pretty damn good on the NFL Network and I though he might be making his way there permanently every time I saw him w/Rich and the gang.

    AP article link.

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    Yea definitely going to miss him. He set the tone for the entire defense. I think he is going to NBC for this year.Hopefully in the coming year Patrick Chung can step in and take up his leadership qualities which will be missed. Should be in the HoF but might miss out because of reputation

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      Right you are on NBC. I misread that - which is too bad since I would love him on NFLN.

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        I would like him on NFLN as long as it meant Jamie Dukes or Tom Waddle left lol. Hopefully in a few years he will take up a coaching role with the Patriots because I think thats where he'd be best suited

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          I'd love him coaching or reffing... I don't need anymore talking heads, but I guess there's not much wrong with a Patriot voice (since every other ex-NFL player in the media is anti-Pats, it seems)...


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            We all knew this was coming, he was a huge part of our success and the heart and soul of our team. I would love to see him stay involved with the team but he will be in broadcasting.


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              I think we all knew he was gone. He was just too beat up the last few years (a result of how hard he played and his style of play). Hopefully Chung can fill his role in some capacity, obviously a rookie doing that right away is just a little bit too much to expect.

              HOFer in my book, but I don't know if he'll get there.
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                A great article (or portion of an article, anyway) on in the "Friday Outakes" write up.

                "Goodbye, Mr. Chips-on-his-shoulder

                On Wednesday, the hard-hitting, fiery and always vocal safety RODNEY HARRISON announced his retirement from football after 15 remarkable years of leaving everything he had, and a lot of whatever the other guy had, on the field. Harrison’s retirement is a loss for the Patriots, for their fans, for the NFL, and for the sporting world’s flourishing chip-on-your-shoulder industry. He also leaves the league office (and its war chest of fines - some warranted, some not-so), as well as fans from Coast to Coast, with a treasure trove of memories:

                A SAN DIEGO ROOKIE getting burned by the "second-to-one" 49er combo of YOUNG to RICE, just shy of two minutes into Super Bowl XXIX.

                Knocking the living "@!*#80" out of New England vet TROY BROWN in his very first training-camp practice as a Patriot - his initial rough-and-tumble step toward a leadership role that would earn him two Super Bowl rings in six seasons with New England.

                A forearm-shiver sack to the chest of an unsuspecting YOUNG QB named VINCE, in a pre-season game that meant nothing, except that for #37 no game ever meant nothing.

                A snow-swept, blind-side safety-blitz that put both FIEDLER and football on the red zone ground, to clinch a late December game with the Dolphins in 2003.

                Breaking his arm late in Super Bowl XXXVII, then staying out for one more play, only to break it a little bit more.

                Leaping amid Indy receivers and New England flurries, to snare an end-zone INT just before the half of the 2003 AFC Championship. (And the emotional but businesslike exchange at game’s end with a celebratory, focused BILL BELICHICK: "We’ve got one more now." "Yes, sir.")

                The wily deke of a rookie QB in another championship contest - his payback for Young-to-Rice? - intercepting a BEN ROETHLISBERGER pass and taking it 87 yards to the house for a back-breaking touchdown minutes prior to halftime of the AFC Championship Game in 2004.

                And every slight, perceived or misperceived (Out-Takes has a special place in its heart for the misperceived ones) that invariably led to Rodney’s ritual post-game locker room rant: "They didn’t believe we could do it!"

                Best of luck at NBC, #37. Considering your Mr. Nice Guy routine in past television appearances, and your previous part-time work on NBC and NFLN, you won’t need it, not even a little. (But FYI, the execs there don’t believe you can do it. None of ‘em. They’re really dissing you.)"

                link to article

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