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  • Training camp pics

    So I went today. Totally bummed they were not in pads but whatever. A few interesting observations:

    - Tom Brady was running with the squib team. You read that correctly. They were doing special team drills and he was out there on the kick off team. I don't know if it was just to get some running in but I turned to my friend and was like "uh, why is Tom Brady out there?" Then they ran it again and he was like "oh shizzle he is!" He didn't really say shizzle.

    - Shawn Crable is a freaking MONSTER. He looked, to me, like the biggest person on that field. Wow.

    -Kevin O'Connell ran the second team. Didn't see Walter on the field once.

    Anyway, here are a ton of pictures from today at the link and a few of my favs here:

    Oh and for anyone who hasn't been to the Hall At Patriots Place.... DO IT. So awesome. Some items on display:

    As well as two St. Louis Stallions hats, which is what the Patriots WOULD have become. My camera died so I didn't get any good shots of that but this is what it would have looked like:

    Never even knew about that...

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    Cool - thanks for sharing.

    I knew that St. Louis lost out on the expansion bid to the Jags, but nothing about the Pats becoming the Stallions. Wow. Was that back when Kraft was shopping a potential move to RI & Hartford CT?

    No pick here of Crable after giving us a teaser about how monsterous he looks? Bastard! Making me click links and such . . . I'm a lazy, lazy man. lol

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      I never knew the pats moving to St. Louis was that close. I thought CT, RI, and even LA were alot close than St. Louis was.

      I know someone who used to be with the patriots training staff, and he said that Crable is ALOT bigger now than before.
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        Kraft buying the team saved them from moving to St. Louis. The two hats in the Patriots HOF were given to Kraft as a gift by the former owner to show him exactly what he saved... or something like that. They have a little write up in there.


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          Gotcha. Very interesting indeed.

          I definitely want to make a pilgrimage. lol

          Maybe one of the next few Sundays I'll take my one year old while his mom is at work.

          Actually, if anyone is interested in meeting up for a wander through Patriot place on a Sunday over the next month or so (non-home game in-season, of course) let me know.

          Patriot Place website.

          Thanks for the idea, Jay.


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            I likeeeeeeeeee Crable a lot and think he is gonna beast out this year !



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              Let's hope so - we certainly need someone to beast at the OLB spot. It's really the only piece preventing us from fielding a top 5 defense again.

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