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    Even though it is very likely that Romo will resign at this point, I think that if he does become a free agent he has to become our absolute number 1 priority, and i would pay as much as it would take to get him, he seems perfect for gruden and the bucs system, I also think that if the Cowboys were to jsut franchise him, then we would have to seriously think about trading the 2 first rounders for him

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    Nice .


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      Not going to can wake up now.


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        Originally posted by thule View Post
        Not going to can wake up now.
        It is highly unlikely that he hits the free agent market, but him getting the franchise tender is a realistic possibility, and i think the bucs would have to consider giving up 2 first rounders for him


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          Tony Romo will not be wearing anything but a star on his helmet...quit dreaming.


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            Even if they can't resign him before Free Agency. A little thing called the franchise tag comes into play like you mentioned. Even if we made an offer, the Cowboys would be entitled to match it so you might as well forget even contemplating Romo.


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              Colt Brennan is the closest thing to Romo that you can find. It's a comparison that I've been saying for a while now.


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                He'll be signed by December, imo.

                Thanks BoneKrusher^

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                  0 chance...the Cowboys don't need 4 1st rounders anyway.

                  Jeff has one more year left in him I think, and I'd take him over Romo.

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