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Resigning our players

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  • Resigning our players

    We are in contract negotiations with DeWayne White, Mike Alstott, Sean Mahan & Phillip Buchanon. A lot of time has been spent with Alstott, but nothing has been reached. White appears to be asking for more money than we think he deserves. Buchanon is a guy who we are interested in bring back, but his agent is Drew "next question" Rosenhaus, so I doubt that we will be able to bring him back.

    We have plenty of cap room, so our team personnel will just have to ask themselves if these guys are that important to the team and worth bringing back. I'd like to see White & Buchanon stick with the team, with Buchanon returning punts next year, & I would like to see Alstott return and retire as a Buc. He is still a valuable short-yardage option and a dangerous receiver in space.

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    I think Alstott retires this year if we don't reach a deal. I hope we can bring DeWayne white back, I doubt something with Buchanon can be reached(Stupid Rosenhaus), and Mahan shouldn't get too much money.


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      Alstott said he wants to return next year no matter what, so if we don't resign him, he will just sign with another team. Maybe the Colts, because they could use a player like him and he obviously knows Dungy. If not, then he will probably go to another West Coast offense.

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        I think Buchanon and Alstott are the players we should bring back, and we can try and adress DL with other free agents or in the draft


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          Alstott - is not worth the $1.5 million he got last season, dont bring him back for anything more than the vet min. We need a FB with better blocking and receiving skills, Justin Griffith (FA from Atlanta) would be perfect

          White - based on what DE's have been getting this offseason and the $'s available, he will price himself out of Tampa

          Buchanon - will be back, can play the outside in nickel packages with Ronde in the slot

          Mahan - should be cheap, may start at centre (finally)


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            Buchanon is a guy who we definitely need back. He played well as a nickel and could become a future starter if the need arises.



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