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  • UDFA

    via St. Pete Times

    The Buccaneers are in the process of adding some rookie free agents as well as players who will help round out the roster for the weekend's rookie minicamp.

    Perhaps the most interesting name is Tennessee CB DeAngelo Willingham, who was signed to a rookie free agent contract according to his agent, Ron Slavin. Willingham, a 5-foot-11, 217-pound press cornerback, had 12 teams pursuing him after he went undrafted, Slavin said. He finished 2008 with 42 tackles, 24 solo, three interceptions and four pass breakups. Some teams have also viewed him as a safety because of his impressive size.

    "I was shocked he wasn't drafted," Slavin said.

    Among the other players believed to have been offered rookie free agent contracts are Richmond RB Josh Vaughan and Pittsburgh DL Rashaad Duncan.

    Those signed to tryout contracts include two USF prospects: TE Cedric Hill and DE Jarriett Buie. Another tryout prospect is former Tampa Bay Tech standout LB Maurice Crum of Notre Dame, who was given the impression he has a legitimate shot at being offered a contract. Because of his local ties, Drum was among the prospects evaluated by the Bucs in a workout featuring players from the region a few weeks ago.
    I'm tired of our Coaching staff wasting UDFA spots on crappy USF talents like Amarri Suckson last year, and Jarriet Buie(Actually, I don't mind Hill.)

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    I like Willingham. Good size, physical corner. He has just as good of a shot at making the roster as Biggers.

    I hope Josh Vaughn sticks around a couple of years on the PS. Power back with some very nice production last season after getting out of the shadow of Tim Hightower. He's got potential to be a replacement for Graham.

    Bruggeman and Miller don't make much sense as our OL pickups in UDFA, both are better suited as power lineman. I thought we'd go after some guys with athleticism that could potentially provide some depth. I guess it makes some sense because our scouts have been concentrated on these type of lineman all season, not knowing we would be switching to a ZBS, and probably just had decent grades on them. Doesn't really matter, they'll most likely just be big bodies for camp.

    I hope we atleast look at some guys at WR and S for depth.

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      The chances of any of them making the raster are extremely slim any way so there really isn't much point worrying. The only player I could see making it is Willingham as we don't have a lot of quality depth at safety.


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        Willingham is a guy I thought we'd target for sure.

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          Originally posted by etk View Post
          Willingham is a guy I thought we'd target for sure.
          I'm pretty sure we had him in for a pre-draft visit so I'm certainly not shocked either.



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