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  • McCown Traded

    to the Jags for an undisclosed pick

    well I think I prefer McCown to Leftwich, but what you gonna do. we at least get to keep Josh Johnson

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    I think it was inevitable that one was going to go. Not that it really matters in the long run considering Freeman will be starting sooner rather than later.


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      I don't like it. If Leftwich gets injured or performs very badly, Freeman will be thrusted onto the field too early. He was so-so against 3rd stringers, against 1st stringers he could do terribly. That could destroy his confidence.

      I don't think a late round pick is worth it nor is 1 more roster spot.


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        As long as the offensive line can keep defenses from teeing off on Freeman, I want to see him on the field as soon as possible. He'll throw a lot of picks, but I don't think that will crush his confidence. And I actually think he would perform well with good protection and quality WRs.



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