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  • Week One Observations

    Some thoughts from our week 1 loss. It was disappointing, but it helped that like a lot of Bucs fans, I wasn't too overly optimistic going into the season.

    Byron Leftwich isn't as bad as I thought he would be. Still has no real sense of touch and overthrows too much because of his release, but that's not going to change this point in his career.

    Cadillac Willams was the right RB to start. He's back and looked great. Ward looked pretty good too. I like that we have two quality backs to split the carries, it will really help in the long run.

    Michael Clayton looked good. Made two very nice catches, and no horrible drops. Maybe he will live up to his new contract? Antonio Bryant needs to get more involved in the offense. Sammie Stroughter deserves to be the starting slot receiver. Mo Stovall needs to be cut ASAP.

    Our OLine looked good. Shut out DWare again. Opened up some good holes for the running game. We need to get that Donald Penn extension done NOW.

    DLine was disappointing. Not much pressure put on Romo.

    I think we got 2/3 of our LBing core set. Obviously Ruud will man the middle for many more seasons, and I like what I saw from Geno today on the weakside. Still not sure about Quincy Black as a long-term starter, and I've been a fan since he was drafted.

    Elbert Mack played like a UDFA. Sabby is bad in coverage. Well, actually just bad in general. We need Tanard back bad. On the positive side, Aqib seems to be a legit #1 CB. I like the fire he shows and ball instincts. He'll have his fair share of picks in his career.

    We need to draft a kicker or something. Or, better yet, sign a good vet next year to play for a season, and then draft Matt Bosher next year.

    Greg Olsen wasn't bad at all for his first game as OC and under short notice.

    Oh, and Eric Berry in '10 FTW

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    Our loss can be blamed on the secondary. Sabby Piscitelli and co were terrible. Three huge TD's cost us the game. It is an absolute joke.


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      The lapses in the secondary were suprising. The O was better than I expected. All in all I the team did better than I expected. I wonder how big a difference Tanard would have made. Lefty wasn't bad, but he wasn't great. No push from the D-line.
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