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  • We need some help

    On the D line... Its sad that what I've seen for the last three years. Or it was just to good to be ture from 1997 to 2006... when we had Sapp and later on Rice.

    Ndamukong Suh would look very good in tampa bay... We should go DL in the first two rounds if we can... I would like to have our team look like the NY Gmen... O and D line is where you win it. And the O line is there the D line needs some help.

    Also what happened to Arron Sears? I know hes not with the team and it has something to do with his head? But what? depression? bipolar? concussion? No one is saying anything!!

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    We obviously need defensive line help. I think that goes without saying. We struggled with both our interior and exterior pass rushing against Dallas and if that continues against Buffalo then we could have a problem on our hands.

    Honestly though, I'm VERY concerned about our secondary. Other than maybe Ronde and Aqib, the secondary looked horrendous. Sabby in particular. We need some help big time.

    Regarding Sears, we have Zuttah who is playing well so I don't think his situation is a dire problem.



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