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You're Mark Dominik. It's draft day.

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  • You're Mark Dominik. It's draft day.

    You stare up at the TV in the war room. Roger Goodell just opened up the event and the St. Louis Rams are on the clock. You've been scouting these guys for months, the draft will go on for 2 days after, but the biggest part of your draft is this pick right here.

    Goodell walks to the podium.

    "With the first pick, of the 2010 NFL Draft. The St. Louis Rams select Gerald McCoy - Defensive Tackle - From the University of Oklahoma. The Detroit Lions are now on the clock."

    The room erupts, some applauding St. Louis for going defense first, some mumbling that they'll be the first NFL team to run the Wildcat all season since they don't have a freaking QB.

    You REALLY thought they were going to go Bradford. This isn't good. But, the Lions with Calvin Johnson and Stafford have the tools for a prolific offense, if they can just give there QB 5 seconds in the pocket, offense will put butts in seats. Okung would be a great pick. But Goodell doesn't even have time to get off the stage before he turns around, marching back up to the podium, McCoy and his family have to quickly scoot out of the shot, as Goodell starts:

    "With the second pick, of the 2010 NFL Draft. The Detroit Lions select Ndamukong Suh - Defensive Tackle - From the University of Nebraska. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now on the clock."

    Loud groans escape the room. No one's that surprised the lions with DT, but they were holding out hope. You glance up at the big board. 1 and 2 are crossed off. You have people putting out feelers to teams, maybe someone really loves Bradford, but it seems like some concerns about his surgically repaired shoulder have emerged, and no one wants to pay the price to trade up. Everyones throwing names around, Okung, Berry, Bryant, McClain. Good god, did someone just say Brandon Spikes?? We really need to assess our scouting department after this.... You look up at NFL Network. "On the clock: Tampa Bay Buccaneers" "Time Remaining: 0:45 ... 44... 43 ... 42"

    Well. The **** has hit the fan, now to make the best of it. You pick up the phone. "Alright... our pick is.... "

    Finish the sentence.

    Mike Will & V-Jax

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    Call Detroit and offer the 1st rounder, Jeremy Trueblood, along with one of our 2nd rounders for Suh and one of their 3rd rounders.


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      I think a trade down would be available in this situation, whether it be from the Browns or the Bills, or maybe a darkhorse team.

      But for the sake of argument of the topic, I'd take Berry without hesitation if we're stuck at #3. If we reach for another position because of a bigger need, I think it'll come back to bite us.

      Dez is the only other player I'd consider.

      I'm not convinced Okung is a elite OT prospect and would rather give Penn another season. I don't think Morgan has the potential to warrant a top-3 pick, and Pierre-Paul is too risky. I still think there's no reason to take Haden over Eric.

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        I think you conisder Russell Okung, but just last week you had Mike Holmgren say he would love to take Sam Bradford, so at that point, teams like Cleveland and Buffalo, who are in desperate need for a franchise QB, will be on the phone with the buccaneers. I think a deal will get done and if we trade down with either team, I think Joe Haden would be our pick.

        Then, its possible we could use the draft picks aquired to trade back into round 1 , say Dallas or Indianapolis and nab Brian Price.


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          With the 3rd pick the Buc's make a trade with Cleveland, aquiring there first round pick and 2nd round pick and a conditional pick in next years draft....

          Browns take Bradford...
          Redskins take Okung...
          Cheifs take Bryan Bulaga...

          With the 6th pick the Buccaneers take Dez Bryant....

          2nd round - 2a. Carlos Dunlap 2b. Devin McCourty 2c. Tyson Aluala
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            Guys, try reading the original post before you reply. It specifically states that, for the purposes of this thread, nobody is willing to trade up with us.


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              lol, missed that... hmmm... that's tough...

              I still go with Dez Bryant...

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                I take the best DE in the draft Morgan and don't look back.


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                  I would suck it up and just go BPA. Take Eric Berry and enjoy watching him, Tanard and Talib in the secondary for the next 7-10 years.


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                    Talib could be out of the league in 7 to 10 days... That nut job.


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                      Ewic Bewwy please
                      save Freeman


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                        Would I be all that upset if we took Eric Berry, no but I wouldn't be all that thrilled either, don't see it happening though unless we try to convert him to a CB.

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                          do. not . want.


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                            Okung - although I think there would be multiple teams trying to trade up.
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                              Originally posted by Legacy View Post
                              Guys, try reading the original post before you reply. It specifically states that, for the purposes of this thread, nobody is willing to trade up with us.



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