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I think the Bucs might have a legitimate chance at landing SUH!

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  • I think the Bucs might have a legitimate chance at landing SUH!

    Apparently, the Washington Redskins are looking to dump DT Albert Haynesworth because he does not want to play in the 3-4 and quite frankly, does not fit there. According to's article in the sports, the Rams, Lions, Titans and Bucs are expected to show interest. The reason he has a great shot at being dealt is because Haynesworth's contract was heavily front loaded and that a huge portion (33 milion) has been paid and technically, it would cost a team to pay him 3-4 million dollars a year of the next 4 seasons.

    Now, the article also states that the Redskins ask to pay back a portion of that 21 mil option he recieved last week, but that still, just another 6-8 million ( I think that can be worked out.)

    Now, why I believe Suh will drop to us is that the Detroit Lions need a DT and LT. A), I don't think it would take a 1st round draft pick to land Haynesworth, so I think Detroit would be reluctant to part with a 2nd or 3rd rd pick(most likely a 2nd). B) That would then entice Detroit to take Okung at #2. C) Jim Shwartz is looking for a guy to fill the DT role, so why not bring back the guy who anchored the Titans defense, when he was the coordinator at the time.

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