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Lendale full load? or draft RB early

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  • Lendale full load? or draft RB early

    wondering what some of you guys think here, are the titans looking to give lendale 75% of the workload next year, or will they look for another replacement...the draft class for rb's is pretty weak, and unless they go after one in FA, that means they saw something in lendale that says he can handle it himself right?

    also any word on who they favor the most at WR with their pick?

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    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.

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    i hope he carries the load i reckon he will be a stud :]


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      i still think we should take antonio pittman if we get him in the third


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        Originally posted by Cashmoneydrew View Post
        i still think we should take antonio pittman if we get him in the third
        i like kenny irons if hes there, personally i think he would be a nice compliment


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          They said on Sirius that we have kept in contact with Chris Brown's agent, and might be interested in bringing him back. I think he would be a solid guy to give 5-10 carries per game to.

          And yes, as of right now, I think they are looking for LenDale to carry the load. That's what we drafted him for, might as well see if he can do it this year. If he can't, the 2008 RB class is stacked. If he can, great for us. I think we can afford to do that this year, because I don't see us as a playoff team yet. I think the long term future for this team is much brighter than the short term. Not that making the playoffs is impossible, because anything can happen, though.


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            well seing that our titans didn't keep Brown or Henry, but i was thinking of some running backs that we could sign to help Lendale grow to the next level. i had the perfect running back in mind. Corey Dillion he probibly has 1 or 2 years left and would be a great vetern to mold Lendale under untill he is trully ready. Now how about that as a great running back and a good mentor for our future.


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              The whole "mentoring" thing in the NFL is vastly over-rated. Plus, if we bring in a vet, who probably wants to start, why would he help out a young player who he's in competition with? Let the players play, and leave the mentoring to the coaches. Besides, the RB position isn't that hard to understand and there isn't likely anything LenDale can learn from a vet that he hasn't learned from Henry or Brown.

              We may draft a RB in later rounds, seeing as we only have 1 on the active roster now. I don't see it happening on day one, unless the value is extremely good.

              As for now, I'm assuming LenDale is the man.
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