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    As we all know the Titans have around $37 mil in cap room. Why haven't they made any big signings, they were supposed to go after clements. stallworth is visiting tomorow. but maybe one of the reasons they're not heavy at attacking players like the broncos and 49ers is to save the cap room for 08. anyone know of any possible free agents in 2008 we would be interested in.

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    We don't have $37M in cap room.


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      Pit Bull's right. If JTB from TitansCentral is right, we have a little over 21 million in cap room.

      Originally posted by JTB
      I show the Titans with $ 21.445 M in cap space right now but it's based on a couple of assumptions. I do know as fact that the tenders for the restricted and exclusive rights players cost $ 7.29 M.

      Assumptions are:

      I am pretty sure the deals Long, Wand, and Woods signed were one-year deals at the veteran minimum of $ 595 K each.
      I assume Henry's contract is terminated and have already done the same for Kinney and Piller.
      I assume that the $ 4.1 M bonus for VY and the $ 5 M 2nd tier bonus for Hope were paid in full against 2007. If they were not and actually prorated over the duration of their deals (5 years for each), then the Titans would have an extra $ 7.28 M in cap space for 2007.
      In any case, the Titans have plenty of cap space for 2007 and 2008 to sign some guys and still extend some younger players if they want to.
      At the rate we're at now, though, we may be one of the teams with the most cap space next year. San Fran pissed it all away on Clements, Lewis, and Lelie. Browns got Steinbach with a big contract, but thats all the noise they've made. They have a top 3 draft pick tho. Our biggest move has been re-signing our back-up QB.

      As for future free agents, I can't find a website that lists all the players who's contracts expire next offseason. So the only for sure free agents for next year, that I know of, are the guys who got franchised this year(Asante Samuel, Lance Briggs, Charles Grant, Cory Redding, Justin Smith, and Josh Brown).
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      Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

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      Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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        we definitely have 37 mil in cap. it was on sportscenter how we had top 3 cap room in the nfl. unless it is down to that after resigning those 3 guys.


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          Originally posted by Gotitansfreak10 View Post
          we definitely have 37 mil in cap. it was on sportscenter how we had top 3 cap room in the nfl. unless it is down to that after resigning those 3 guys.
          I'm not sure what the correct figure is exactly, but I do remember reading somewhere (can't remember where) that the Titans cap number was 30-something mil and that either the Titans or the 49ers (I think) had the most money going into FA...

          Of course, that could be wrong too...


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            That cap number did not include roster bonuses that we were to pay.



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