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    Whats up Titan fans. I'm a huge Bucs/FSU fan and I actually played high school ball against Chris Davis (Davis is from the Tampa BAy area). So Ive been following this guy for about 6 years now. He is one of the best athletes from teh draft. He will be an instant fan favorite. When he is in the open field, it is like watching Vick/Barry/Peter Warrick/Dante Hall. He is extremely light on his feet, he can cut on a dime and his straight line speed is better than advertised. Seeing as how he was picked in round 4 (earlier than I had him going), I fully expect the Titans to be planning on using him as a return specialist. I'm not sure how he will do as a kick returner, but his strength will be as a punt returner. This guy is the human joystick part 2. He will straight embarrass people in the open field. He had a great high school career and wasd a very highly touted recruit at FSU. He played QB in high shcool, but being sub 6' he was recruited to FSU as a WR. Still with very little WR experience he managed to become #1 on FSUs depth chart at WR by his senior year. As a WR he was fairly disappointing in college. He dropped too many easy balls and never produced a whole lot. However he would make the most amazing catches sometimes. I think he has soft hands and his problem was mostly with concentration. I would say his ceiling at WR is as a slot #3 type in the mold of Dante Hall (eventually) and he may end up nothing more than a #4 WR. He definitely has the potential though, mostly because he is such a great athlete.

    You guys will love Chris Davis as a punt returner. He was a legend in the TAmpa BAy area when he was in high school. You should look up his high school stats they were pretty damn phenomenol.

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    to sum it up you guys got Dante Hall jr. I know his college production wont say that, but when you see him on the field you will know what Im talking about. He may never be a WR. he may not be suited to be a KR. He should be a dynamite PR. He might have been a reach in round 4. I thought the highest he would go was round 5 and there was about a 20% chance he would go undrafted. Still a good pick IMO. His god given athleticism can not be taught and is not easy to find
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      Can anyone give a link to the punt return Davis had for a TD last game? I would really appreciate it


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        Originally posted by Bucs4242 View Post
        Can anyone give a link to the punt return Davis had for a TD last game? I would really appreciate it
        Titans/Packers highlights

        Davis' punt return is at the 1:40 mark in the video.
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