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  • Update on Bell

    Says he's gonna sign the 1 year RFA tender that we offered him. Could mean that Bell and Rosenhaus are confident that they'll get a long term deal done sometime. I think we do need to get him on a multi year deal. He's a quality young OL, and he works perfectly with a QB like Vince with his mobility and ability to get to the 2nd level and lead block.

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    Why these young guys aren't getting long term deals is beyond me...

    At least this shows a little progress toward contract negotiations.
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      Ever since Reese left there have been some questionable decisions by the Front Office, but perhaps there is a reason for it that we don't know. So personally I am going to trust that the office won't lead the team astray.

      This is definitly big, because Bell is almost a perfect fit for a QB like Vince and we should get more linemen like him so that we can make the most of Vince's athletism and natural instincts.


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        I think our OL will be good again this year, and that could really help with the lack of prove skill position players. I don't see any way it regresses. Roos and Stewart should bookend the line extremely well, plus they have another year under their belt to gel together. We may not even have to draft OL high in the coming years depending on how Amano and Harris do. Amano has already shown that he can play OG well in spot duty, and Harris was a 4th rounder that can play OG or C.

        I think we're pretty well set up on the OL provided we keep the young guys under contract.



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