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  • Martrel Brown

    I reckon he's going to have a great year and rise up on alot of peoples draft boards, i hope we draft him next draft as he has the versatility, size and speed to play on the end and come inside when needed.

    what you reckon

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    who is he? what college, positon, yada yada yada


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      Martrel Brown from NCSU? I HIGHLY doubt he'll be a first or even 2nd round selection. It really depends on if he plays DE or DT this year. He usually lines up on the LE side on running downs and moves inside during passing situations. He's solid, but hardly worthy of a thread this early in the processes. Just my opinion though. If you ever have any questions about NCSU players, feel free to send me a PM and I'll give you my honest opinion with as little bias as possible.

      Oh, and he's around 6'2" 290 with a 40 of MAYBE 4.9-5.1 or so. If you want a DE to watch on NCSU this year, check out Littleton Wright. 6'6" 250 4.7 40. Juco All-American. Hopefully he isn't as big a disappointment as Ray Brooks was.

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      Titty sprinkles


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        he is a DE/DT from NCSU, ive read some things on him, and i reckon he would be a really good pick up later in next years draft...yeh i know its a little bit early but yeh lol

        i also really want lawrence jackson opposite KVB and have for a year now

        we need better lineman



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