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Skins acquire DE Erasmus James

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  • Skins acquire DE Erasmus James

    James is a Redskin per NFLN bottom line. The Skins gave up a 7th tound conditional pick, he is very talented and this could be a good move for how little you gave up.
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    Well, they need some depth and youth i suppose

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      I thought the Vikings released him outright? Why would they need to give up a draft pick?


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        Great move.

        I wanted us to draft him over Carlos Rogers, but I'll take him now :)


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          Per Extremeskins, due to the holiday his waiver couldn't be completed.

          The trade was made possible because of the holiday weekend. With no waiver wire on Friday because of the Memorial Day holiday, the Vikings couldn't process James' release until 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

          Over the weekend several teams inquired with James' agents about putting in a waiver claim on the injured defensive end.

          The Redskins were forced to act because off-season waiver claims are processed in reverse order of a team's record from the previous season, meaning 20 teams had priority over the Redskins. By making the conditional trade, the Redskins controlled James' rights.
          Also our current DL coor. John Palmero coached him while at Wisconsin.


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            I'll assume he'll at the very least start the season on PUP, though I wouldn't rule out IR yet. This looks like a move for the future.


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              Not a bad move. Very little risk. I'm not sure James will be healthy enough to contribute but at least the Skins FO recognized a glaring DE need.
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                i **** with it

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                  low risk, high reward move

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                    Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                    low risk, high reward move
                    exactly, slowly moving in the right direction.

                    RIP, Sean Taylor.


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                      This can't hurt, if his health can get to where he can play he can still be a solid DE with potential to be more, 7th rd pick is definately worth it, hopefully he can play sometime this year.

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                        Upon hearing of the trade, Erasmus James reportedly jumped for joy. Upon landing, he tore three ligaments, broke his leg, created a stress fracture in his foot, went deaf, cracked two of his ribs and currently resembles a human accordian.
                        I'm just kidding.


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                          hahahhahahaha o man thats funny crickett nice
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                            Apparently they are taking it slow, but like what they see.

                            Palmero (Skins DL coach) was James' coach back at Wisconsin. They want him to drop back down to his playing weight from college. When he went to Minny they wanted him to play 15-20 lbs heavier than in college. That extra weight could have spurred his ACL problems.

                            Hopefully he can trim down and start playin ball.



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