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Condolences - Virginia Tech Students

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  • Condolences - Virginia Tech Students

    I just want to express my condolences to anyone in the forum that might know anyone that was affected by the tragedy at Virginia Tech today. Mindless acts of violence is never acceptable behavior and when it causes the loss of loved ones or people that are close to you, there is nothing that can be done or said to make it feel better, but you have to try and remember the great times that are shared between you and that victim.

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    Damn i almost took a full ride there....this is so sad
    RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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      RIP to all those who died in this vicious attack, it is one of the darkest days in Virginia State history.

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        My cousin goes there, said he heard some shots...

        Also I know two people from my school that removed their verbal agreement to go there.

        Their recruitment is pretty much toast, nobody wants to attend a school with 3 murder incidents like this in less than a year. (An earlier shooting, an escaped con on campus, and this)

        The killer was a coward, RIP to those who died.


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          All institutions in the state of VA just had a moment of silence to honor those dead.

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