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  • MLB Dynasty Team Thread

    With 16 teams, it's all gunna get cluttered, so I'm organizing it a bit. We've got a discussion and selection thread, this will be where you post all your team information, pictures, roster etc.
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    The Bronx Burglars

    "Stealin games more than we steal hamburgers."

    Manager -
    Hitting Coach -
    Pitching Coach -

    1) LHP C.C. Sabathia
    2) RHP Chris Carpenter
    3) RHP John Maine
    4) LHP Barry Zito
    5) RHP John Smoltz

    RP) Akinoro Otsuka
    RP) Pat Neshek
    CL) JJ Putz

    1) CF Ichiro Suzuki
    2) SS Derek Jeter
    3) LF Michael Cuddyer
    4) 1B Prince Fielder
    5) RF Jeff Francoeur
    6) 3B Mike Lowell
    7) C Ronny Paulino
    8) 2B Dustin Pedroia
    9) LHP C.C. Sabathia

    1) C Kurt Suzuki
    2) OF Bobby Abreu
    3) SS Orlando Cabrera
    4) OF Johnny Damon

    - Hitters/Fielders
    1) 3B Adam LaRoche
    2) CF Colby Rasmus
    3) OF Dexter Fowler
    4) SS Elvis Andrus
    5) OF Javier Herrera
    - Pitchers:
    1) RHP Rick Porcello
    2) RHP Mike Pelfrey
    3) LHP Donald Veal

    REASON MY TEAM WILL DOMINATE (updated after each pick): The reason you ask? Well you simply need to look at my players to know the answer.

    My dominant pitching staff might fly under the radar a bit, but when it's all said an done, as of right now, the only 2 teams that have a better combination of pitchers, is D-Unit and Jughead/Giantsfan. Sabathia, at an MLB leading 11-2 is a dominant power pitcher who racks up countless K's and has the most total wins of any player 26 or younger, in the MLB right now. Sabathia is also known to eat up innings, leading the MLB in innings pitched and complete games this year. Pair that with his mound presence, likability, the fact that he's a left, and ridiculously low ERA, and you've got a future Cy Young award winner on your hands. As for Charpenter, well he already won a Cy Young award, 2005 to be exact, and finished third in voting for another one last year. Despite an injury this year, Carpenter, the 32 year old with 6 good years ahead of him, is a prime example of a veteran pitcher who has gotten better with age. Carpenter, who has 5, count 'em 5 very usable pitches, throws a mid 90's fast ball and one of the best curve balls in all of baseball. My third pitcher, John Maine, is a 26 year old ace. Maine, who has shown he can win the huge games with pressure on, dominated in the playoffs last year for the Mets, and is doing even more this year. With an incredibly cool composure, Maine has exceptional control. The key to Maine's success? Well to be honest, he just flat out doesn't let anyone get on base. One of the toughest guys in the MLB to get a run against or even a hit, Maine will dominate for 10+ years in the MLB, and he's my fricken third pitcher....As you might be able to tell, I like my pitchers award winning and with low ERA's, so I picked up Barry Zito and John Smoltz to be my 4 and 5 guys. Zito, who's struggling a bit this year with the Giants (what pitcher doesn't though?) has proven that he's a tremendous winner and can keep a relatively low ERA. With a high strikeout rate, and a devastating curve ball, as a number 4 pitcher and as a left, Zito is a very valuable asset to this team. As for John Smoltz, yea, he's 40, but at the same time, yea, he does have 2-3 top notch years left in him. Smoltz, at 40, is still dominating the NL, posing a ridiculous ERA and win to loss ratio. Smoltz will add the veteran leadership and talent that the end of my rotation needs. And with JJ putz, one of the most dominant closers in the last two years, finishing the games off for me, I can honestly, sincerely say, that I have one of the most complete, well-rounded, and talented rotations out there and am confident that they will win me games.

    As far as hitting goes, well I've got a top 5 hitter in the MLB, on my team, and he's only what, 23? Prince Fielder is getting national recognition, and fast. Fielder is the leading candidate for the NL MVP award this year and is on pace to smash over 50 home runs, it's hard to believe that it was just last year that he was snubbed for rookie of the year honors. Fielder, a home run, RBI, run scoring machine, who can also hit for average very well and play the field well, is an all around monster of a player and a perfect one to build your team around. Did I mention he's 23? Now, if that's not enough, I have baseball's second best lead-off hitter on my tea, Ichiro Suzuki. Ichiro, who dominated MLB pitchers the minute he came to America is already 33, but showing no signs of letting up, and in fact getting better with age, Ichiro can give me 3-5 top notch years left, and is a sure thing for 35+ SB's, with 110+ runs and batting above .320 in each of those years, and those numbers would be low for him. Ichiro has made the all-star game every year since coming to America, and I almost forgot, he has a fricken cannon for an arm and has also won something called a Gold Glove award....every year of his career, America and Japan. Behind him, I have one of the best #2 hitters in all of baseball, and one of the best shortstops in the last decade in Derek Jeter. Jeter is as close to a 5-tool player as it gets. He is a hit machine and a gold-glove winning fielder, not to mention he is good for 110+ runs (amongst the top in the MLB) and 20+ steals every year. Plus, his intangibles are off the chart, and that's something that every team needs. Speaking of exquisite fielders, Jeff Franceour also has a cannon arm, and also is amongst the best fielding RF's in the game. Yea, he's also only 23. Francoeur, who crushed 29 homers and over 100 RBI's in his first full season last year, and who batted .300 in his rookie year (first 70 games of his career) has proven that he's the future of such a great franchise as the Braves, so to have him on my team is amazing. The 23 year old slugger has proven he can hit and field, and has 35 HR+ 120 RBI + potential in him. That makes him the ideal 5th hitter on ANY team. I also have Michael Cuddyer, who for what it's worth is a very complete hitter. At age 28, Cuddyer can do it all hitting, he can hit for power, for average, he can drive in runs, he can score his own runs, he can steal a base if need be. Being so complete at the plate, I'm very excited to have him hit third for me, in what is such a crucial spot in the line-up. There's also Dustin Pedroia, one of the best fielders at his position in the game (yea, he's only 23) and he's holding a smoking hot bat right now. Pedroia has a relentless ability to get on base, and that proves him to be a lethal component to my batting order. With his speed not up to par with that of Ichiro, I'm not gunna make him my number 1 hitter for the time being, but to have someone of his stature, who can deliver a clutch hit and get on base at all costs, and do that better than most, well he provides a crucial aspect to my order, making the transition from the bottom back to the top again so much easier and quicker.

    That's why I will dominate..
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    Glenn Dorsey will slip...

    Jets will not take McFadden...


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      Syracuse Nationals


      Coaching Staff:
      Manager -
      Hitting Coach -
      Pitching Coach -

      Starting Rotation:
      1) RHP Chris Young
      2) RHP Daisuke Matsuzaka
      3) LHP Randy Johnson
      4) RHP James Shields
      5) LHP Jacob McGee

      RP) RHP Rafael Soriano
      RP) LHP Rafael Perez
      CL) Adam Wainwright

      Starting Lineup:
      1) CF Grady Sizemore
      2) SS Miguel Tejada
      3) 1B James Loney
      4) RF Vladimir Guerrero
      5) LF Mark Teahen
      6) 2B Jose Lopez
      7) C Jarrod Saltalamacchia
      8) 3B Mark Reynolds
      9) Pitcher

      1) OF Bill Hall
      2) INF Nick Punto

      Farm System

      1) OF Chris Parmelee
      2) SS Asdrubal Cabrera

      1) RHP Carlos Martinez
      2) RHP Dellin Betances
      3) LHP Chuck Lofgren
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        The Anchorage Avalanche

        *located in Anchorage, Alaska!

        Manager -
        Hitting Coach -
        Pitching Coach -

        1.) Jon Garland, RHSP

        2.) Mark Buehrle, LHSP
        3.) Matt Cain, RHSP
        4.) Andrew Miller, LHSP
        5.) Chad Billingsley, RHSP

        CL.) Billy Wagner
        RP.) Joe Smith
        RP.) Zach Grienke

        1.) Jacoby Ellsbury, LF

        2.) Edgar Renteria, SS
        3.) Miguel Cabrera, 3B
        4.) Paul Konerko, 1B
        5.) Gary Matthews, CF
        6.) Russel Martin, C
        7.) Pat Burrell, DH
        8.) Travis Buck, RF
        9.) Howie Kendrick, 2B

        1.) Melvin Mora, UTL
        2.) Yunel Escobar, INF
        3.) Andre Ethier, OF

        FARM SYSTEM:
        *Position Players/Hitters:
        1.) Ryan Sweeney, OF
        2.) Adam Jones, OF
        3.) Matt Antonelli, 2B
        4.) Chris Carter, 1B
        5.) Brian Bixler, SS
        6.) Clay Buchholz, RHSP
        7.) Brandon Morrow, RHSP
        8.) Jack Egbert, RHSP

        Round 1: Miguel Cabrera, 3B
        Round 2: Russell Martin, C
        Round 3: Matt Cain, RHSP
        Round 4: Chad Billingsley, RHSP
        Round 5: Andrew Miller, LHSP
        Round 6: Jon Garland, RHSP
        Round 7: Mark Buehrle, LHSP
        Rond 8: Paul Konerko, 1B
        Round 9: Howie Kendrick, 2B
        Round 10: Edgar Renteria, SS
        Round 11: Jacoby Ellsbury, OF
        Round 12: Clay Buchholz, RHSP
        Round 13: Billy Wagner, LHCL
        Round 14: Travis Buck, OF
        Round 15: Adam Jones, OF
        Round 16: Joe Smith, RHRP
        Round 17: Ryan Sweeney, OF
        Round 18: Zach Grienke, RHP
        Round 19: Melvin Mora, UTL
        Round 20: Pat Burrell: OF/DH
        Round 21: Gary Matthews, OF
        Round 22: Brandon Morrow, RHP
        Round 23: Yunel Escobar, INF
        Round 24: Andre Ethier, OF
        Round 25: Jack Egbert, RHSP
        Round 26: Chris Carter, 1B
        Round 27: Matt Antonelli, 2B
        Round 28: Brian Bixler, SS
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          Jersey Generals (AL)

          team slogan: "We pump our fists, not our gas"

          1. Johan Santana(LHP)
          2. Brandon Webb (RHP)
          3. Chien-Ming Wang (RHP)
          4. Rich Harden (RHP)
          5. Andy Pettitte(LHP

          1. Scott Proctor RHP
          2. Damaso Marte LHP
          3. Mariano Rivera, CL

          Lineup(order subject to change)
          1. David Dejesus RF
          2. Ryan Freel CF
          3. Derrek Lee 1B
          4. Carlos Pena DH
          5. Jorge Posada C
          6. Eric Chavez 3B
          7. Jhonny Peralta SS
          8. Robinson Cano 2B
          9. Melky Cabrera LF
          1. OF/DH Jonny Gomes
          2. C Miguel Olivo
          3. Utility Freddy Sanchez

          1. SP Ian Kennedy(RHP)
          2. Edwar Ramirez(RHP)
          3. Jarrod Parker(RHP)

          1. Todd Frazier, beast, Rutgers
          2. Matt Wieters, C
          3. Craig Brazell 1B OF
          4. OF Tony Gwynn Jr. OF
          5. Austin Jackson OF

          Hitting Coach:
          Pitching Coach:
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            The Brooklyn Blackout

            1) LHP Francisco Liriano
            2) LHP Oliver Perez
            3) RHP Tim Hudson
            4) RHP Livan Hernandez
            5) RHP Adam Miller

            1) CL Chad Cordero
            2) SU Tony Pena
            3) SU Pedro Feliciano

            1) SS Jose Reyes
            2) 2B B.J. Upton
            3) 3B Aramis Ramirez
            4) RF Ken Griffey Jr.
            5) LF Gary Sheffield
            6) CF Andruw Jones
            7) 1B Todd Helton
            8) C Bengie Molina
            9) Pitcher's Spot

            1) OF Jack Cust
            2) 2B Luis Castillo
            3) C Jose Molina
            4) OF Michael Bourn

            Minor League

            1) RF Fernando Martinez
            2) LF Jay Bruce
            3) 3B/SS Pedro Alvarez
            4) SS/2B Jemile Weeks
            5) C Francisco Pena

            1) RHP Jeremy Jeffress
            2) RHP Chris Volstad
            3) LHP Ross Detwiler
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              Starting Line Up
              1. CF Willy Taveras R
              2. 2b Orlando Hudson S
              3. 1b Albert Puljos R
              4. C Victor Martinez S
              5. DH Hank Blalock L
              6. RF Delmon Young R
              7. 3b Alex Gordon L
              8. LF Rocco Baldelli R
              9. SS Stephen Drew L

              B Jeremy Hermida RF L
              B Jason Kubel DH/LF L
              B Josh Barfield 2B R

              Starting Rotation
              SP Fausto Carmona R
              SP Joe Blanton R
              SP Cliff Lee L
              SP Anibal Sanchez R
              P Jeremy Sowers L

              RP Mike Gonzalez
              RP Jonathan Broxton
              CL Hideki Okajima


              P Homer Bailey R
              P Franklin Morales L
              P Nick Adenhart R

              H Hank Conger C S
              H Brian Barton OF R
              H Reid Brignac SS L
              H Alexi Casilla 2b S
              H Adam Lind LF L
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                Seoul Thunder

                Coaching Staff
                Manager -
                Hitting Coach -
                Pitching Coach -

                Batting Lineup
                1. Rafael Furcal
                2. Alexis Rios
                3. Alfonso Soriano
                4. Lance Berkman
                5. David Wright
                6. Torii Hunter
                7. Brandon Phillips
                8. Ivan Rodriguez
                9. Pitcher

                C - Ivan Rodriguez
                1B - Lance Berkman
                2B - Brandon Phillips
                3B - David Wright
                SS - Rafael Furcal
                LF - Alfonso Soriano
                CF - Torii Hunter
                RF - Alexis Rios

                Bench Players
                1. 2B Alberto Callaspo
                2. CF Juan Pierre
                3. 1B Carlos Delgado
                4. C Chris Ianetta

                Starting Rotation
                1. Cole Hamels
                2. Jered Weaver
                3. Aaron Harang
                4. Derek Lowe
                5. Matt Garza

                The Bullpen
                RP - Joakim Soria
                RP - Scot Shields
                CL - Francisco Cordero

                Farm System

                1. LF Jose Tabata
                2. CF Andrew McCutchen
                3. 1B Daric Barton
                4. SS Ivan DeJesus Jr.
                5. 3B Eric Campbell

                1. LHP Clayton Kershaw
                2. LHP Troy Patton
                3. RHP Greg Reynolds

                In the next five years, my lineup will be driving in the most runs in the league. In Rafael Furcal, I have a true leadoff hitter who will get on base and provide the speed. Batting second, I have the five-tool right fielder Alex Rios who is only 26 years old. This year, he is having a breakout season, outperforming his teammate Vernon Wells.
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                  OF Matt Holliday (.354 13 HR 60 RBI)
                  SP Yovani Gallardo (1-0 2.70 ERA)
                  1B/DH Adrian Gonzalez (.286 14 HR 51 RBI)
                  SP Dontrelle Willis (7-6 4.90 ERA)
                  1B Casey Kotchman
                  OF Adam Dunn
                  RP Jose Valverde
                  2B Rickie Weeks
                  3B Andres Blanco
                  SP Zach Duke
                  C Dioner Navarro
                  2B Aaron Hill
                  SS Yuniesky Bentancourt
                  SP Chad Gaudin
                  3B Edwin Encarnacion
                  C Jeff Mathis
                  RP Todd Coffey
                  OF Delwyn Young
                  SP Dana Eveland
                  OF Alex Romero
                  OF Nate Schierholtz
                  SS Kevin Aherns
                  3B Matthew Dominguez
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                    THE OTTAWA BULLETS

                    Starting Pitchers-
                    1. Carlos Zambrano
                    2. Gil Meche
                    3. Chris Capuano
                    4. Tim Lincecum
                    5. Adam Loewen

                    Bull Pen-
                    1. BJ Ryan
                    2. Eric Gagne
                    3. Trevor Hoffman
                    4. Casey Jansen

                    Batting Order-
                    1. Nick Swisher
                    2. Hunter Pence
                    3. David Ortiz
                    4. Travis Hafner
                    5. Jermaine Dye
                    6. Jeff Kent
                    7. Casey Blake
                    8. Troy Tulowitzki
                    9. Mike Napoli


                    1. Felipe Lopez SS/2nd Base
                    2. Hideki Matsui OF
                    3. Carlos Ruiz C
                    4. Elijah Dukes OF
                    5. Wilson Betemit INF

                    Defensive Allignment-

                    C- Mike Napoli
                    1B- Travis Hafner
                    2B- Jeff Kent
                    SS- Troy Tulowitzki
                    3B- Casey Blake
                    LF- Nick Swisher
                    CF- Hunter Pence
                    RF-Jermaine Dye

                    Minor League-

                    1. David Price SP
                    2. Daniel Moskos CL
                    3. Casey Weathers CL/RP

                    1. Evan Longoria 3B
                    2. Cameron Maybin OF
                    3. Sean Rodriguez 2nd base/SS
                    4. Beau Mills 1B
                    5. Jason Heyward OF
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                      Tokyo Black Sox

                      1. Jake Peavy
                      2. Roy Oswalt
                      3. AJ Burnett
                      4. Bartolo Colon
                      5. Javier Vazquez

                      1. Bobby Jenks
                      2. Chris Ray
                      3. Angel Guzman

                      1. Kevin Youkilis
                      2. Ian Kinsler
                      3. JJ Hardy
                      4. Carlos Lee
                      5. Ryan Braun
                      6. Josh Hamilton
                      7. Carlos Quentin
                      8. Josh Willingham
                      9. Pitcher

                      Depth Chart
                      C Josh Willingham
                      1B Kevin Youkilis
                      2B Ian Kinsler
                      SS JJ Hardy
                      3B Ryan Braun
                      LF Carlos Lee
                      CF Josh Hamilton
                      RF Carlos Quentin

                      1. 1B/OF Chris Duncan
                      2. OF Joey Gathright
                      3. OF Juan Rivera
                      4. 1B/OF Xavier Nady
                      5. 2B/SS Ryan Theriot
                      6. 1B Nick Johnson

                      Minor League

                      1. Justin Upton
                      2. Lastings Milledge
                      3. Trevor Crowe
                      4. Fred Lewis
                      5. Joel Guzman

                      1. LHP Jon Lester
                      2. RHP Eric Hurley
                      3. RHP Phillippe Aumont

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                        Detroit Tigers

                        Positional Players

                        Carl Crawford, LF
                        Cory Hart, RF
                        Akinori Iwamura, 3B
                        Aaron Rowand, CF
                        Mark Teixeira, 1B
                        Dan Uggla, 2B
                        Michael Young, SS

                        Starting rotation

                        1.Justin Verlander
                        2.Erik Bedard
                        3.Chuck James
                        4.Noah Lowry
                        5.Micah Owings


                        CL - Frankie Rodriguez
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                          The Beijing Hungry Pandas

                          "We're hungry, for a championship!"
                          COACHING STAFF:
                          Manager -
                          Hitting Coach -
                          Pitching Coach -

                          STARTING ROTATION:
                          1) RHP Josh Beckett
                          2) RHP Brad Penny
                          3) RHP Josh Johnson
                          4) LHP John Danks
                          5) RHP Kevin Slowey

                          RP) Cla Merideth
                          RP) Carlos Villanueva
                          CL) Jason Isringhausen

                          1.) SS Jimmy Rollins
                          2.) 2B Chone Figgins
                          3.) 3B Chipper Jones
                          4.) 1B Justin Morneua
                          5.) CF Vernon Wells
                          6.) C Brian Mccann
                          7.) RF Brad Hawpe
                          8.) LF Matt Kemp
                          9.) pitcher

                          1) 3B, Brandon Wood
                          2) 1B, Adam Laroche
                          3) OF, Omar Infante
                          4) C, Eliezer Alfonzo

                          FARM SYSTEM:
                          - Hitters/Fielders
                          1) OF Carlos Gonzalez
                          2) 3B Neil Walker
                          3) SS Brent Lillibridge
                          4) OF/UTL, Brandon Jones
                          5) C, Francisco Hernandez
                          - Pitchers:
                          1) LHP Scott Elbert
                          2) RHP Daniel Bard
                          3) LHP Matt Harrison
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                            The New Jersey Informants


                            1. RHP Dan Haren
                            2. LHP Scott Kazmir
                            3. RHP Ben Sheets
                            4. LHP Tom Gorzelanny
                            5. RHP Boof Bonser

                            RP1: RHP Matt Capps
                            RP2: LHP Jonathan Sanchez
                            CL: RHP Joe Nathan

                            Batting Order:
                            1. SS Hanley Ramirez
                            2. CF Curtis Granderson
                            3. RF Nick Markakis
                            4. LF Magglio Ordonez
                            5. 3B Ryan Zimmerman
                            6. 1B Conor Jackson
                            7. 2B Placido Polanco
                            8. C Paul LoDuca
                            9. Pitcher

                            1. C Kelly Shoppach
                            2. OF Endy Chavez

                            Minor Leagues:
                            1. RHP Joba Chamberlain
                            2. RHP Deolis Guerra
                            3. 3B Josh Fields
                            4. OF/1B Matt LaPorta
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                              Philliez01 & Jensen's Co-Ownership, LLC

                              Name is coming soon!

                              STARTING ROTATION:

                              1) Jeremy Bonderman
                              2) Rich Hill
                              3) Kelvim Escobar
                              4) Philip Hughes
                              5) Kason Gabbard


                              1) Rafael Betancourt
                              Closer) Brett Myers


                              1) Brian Roberts (2B)
                              2) Reggie Willits (CF)
                              3)-Jason Bay (LF)
                              4)-Alex Rodriguez (3B)
                              5)-Troy Glaus (DH)
                              6)-Ryan Garko (1B)
                              7)-Carlos Gomez (RF)
                              8-Miguel Montero (C)
                              9)-Brendan Harris (SS)



                              MINOR LEAGUE SYSTEM:


                              1) Tony Abreu
                              2) Adrian Cardenas
                              3) Mike Moustakas


                              1) Carlos Carrasco
                              2) Luke Hochevar
                              3) Humberto Sanchez

                              DRAFT RESULTS:

                              1-Alex Rodriguez
                              2-Philip Hughes
                              3-Jeremy Bonderman
                              4-Reggie Willits
                              5-Rich Hill
                              6-Jason Bay
                              7-Brian Roberts
                              8-Brett Myers
                              9-Carlos Gomez
                              10-Brendan Harris
                              11-Kelvim Escobar
                              12-Troy Glaus
                              13-Ryan Garko
                              14-Miguel Montero
                              15-Carlos Carrasco
                              16-Kason Gabbord
                              17-Rafeal Betancourt
                              18-Luke Hochevar
                              19-Tony Abreu
                              20-Humberto Sanchez
                              21-Mike Moustakas
                              22-Adrian Cardenas
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