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  • College Basketball Draft Selection Thread

    I want to get this started ASAP, so let me post the rules here quickly.

    The point of this is to build the best overall squad to compete for this upcoming 2007-2008 season. There is nothing wrong with selecting freshman, but keep in mind that they are unproven and the people voting might look at them differently. You are going to draft a team that consists of ten players, five starters and five reserves.

    Time Rules:
    I'd like to keep this running smoothly, so i'll keep the clock at 1 hour between each selection. If you miss your pick, a player will be chosen for you. You are able to replace the player chosen for you, with somebody who is currently available.

    If you miss three selections in a row, you will be replaced with a new participant. If you know you will be missing your pick, be sure to send in a big board to whoever is in charge. Big boards are encouraged!!!

    The draft will be starting now, with the first team owner having an hour to make their pick.

    Draft Results:

    Round 1
    1. cardsalltheway: Tyler Hansbrough PF North Carolina
    2. fenikz: Derrick Rose PG Memphis
    3. princefielder28: OJ Mayo PG/SG USC
    4. BuckNaked: Chris Lofton SG Tennessee
    5. Its all about the U: Roy Hibbert, C Georgetown
    6. Charm City Byrdgang:Michael Beasley, F Kansas State
    7. LTgiants: Tywon Lawson, PG North Carolina
    8. yo123: Sean Singletary, PG UVA

    Round 2
    1. yo123: Brandon Rush SG/SF Kansas
    2. LTgiants: Bill Walker SF Kansas State
    3. Charm City Byrdgang: Eric Gordon SG Indiana
    4. Its all about the U: Chase Budinger SF Arizona
    5. BuckNaked: Kevin Love C UCLA
    6. princefielder28: Donte Greene SF Syracuse
    7. fenikz: Brook Lopez C Stanford
    8. cardsalltheway: Darren Collison PG UCLA

    Round 3
    1. cardsalltheway: Mario Chalmers SG Kansas
    2. fenikz: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute F UCLA
    3. princefielder28: Darrell Arthur PF Kansas
    4. BuckNaked: Drew Neitzel PG Michigan State
    5. Its all about the U: Hasheem Thabeet C UCONN
    6. Charm City Byrdgang: DJ White PF Indiana
    7. LTgiants: DeAndre Jordan C Texas A&M
    8. yo123: Wayne Ellington SG North Carolina

    Round 4
    1. yo123: Joey Dorsey C Memphis
    2. LTgiants: Derrick Caracter PF Louisville
    3. Charm City Byrdgang: Devon Hardin C California
    4. Its all about the U: Dajuan Summers F Georgetown
    5. BuckNaked: Brandon Costner F NC State
    6. princefielder28: Chris Douglas Roberts SG Memphis
    7. fenikz: Taj Gibson F USC
    8. cardsalltheway: Aleks Maric C Nebraska

    Round 5
    1. cardsalltheway: Josh Shipp SF UCLA
    2. fenikz: Bryce Taylor SG Oregon
    3. princefielder28: Luke Nevill C Utah
    4. BuckNaked: Ryan Anderson PF California
    5. Its all about the U: Jerryd Bayless PG Arizona
    6. Charm City Byrdgang: DJ Augustin PG Texas
    7. LTgiants: Richard Roby SG Colorado
    8. yo123: Tyrese Rice PG Boston College

    Round 6
    1. yo123: Marcellus Kemp SG Nevada
    2. LTgiants: Dominic James PG Marquette
    3. Charm City Byrdgang: Jeff Pendergraph PF Arizona State
    4. Its all about the U: Kyle Weaver G Washington State
    5. BuckNaked: Scottie Reynolds G Villanova
    6. princefielder28: Alonzo Gee SG Alabama
    7. fenikz: Jamont Gordon G Mississippi State
    8. cardsalltheway: Eric Maynor PG VCU

    Round 7
    1. cardsalltheway: Ben McCauley PF NC State
    2. fenikz: Longar Longar PF/C Texas A&M
    3. princefielder28: Brian Butch C Wisconsin
    4. BuckNaked: Kyle Singler F Duke
    5. Its all about the U: Joseph Jones PF Texas A&M
    6. Charm City Byrdgang: Greivis Vasquez G Maryland
    7. LTgiants: Andrew Ogilvy PF/C Vanderbilt
    8. yo123: Jon Brockman PF Washington

    Round 8
    1. yo123: Malik Hairston SF Oregon
    2. LTgiants: Brent Petway F Michigan
    3. Charm City Byrdgang: Sherron Collins PG Kansas
    4. Its all about the U: Courtney Lee G Western Kentucky
    5. BuckNaked: Richard Hendrix PF Alabama
    6. princefielder28: Lawrence Hill SF Stanford
    7. fenikz: David Padgett PF/C Loisville
    8. cardsalltheway: AJ Graves PG Butler

    Round 9
    1. cardsalltheway: Robert Vaden SF UAB
    2. fenikz: James Gist F Maryland
    3. princefielder28: SF Doin Dowell Houston
    4. BuckNaked: Ronald Steele PG Alabama
    5. Its all about the U: CJ Giles PF Kansas
    6. Charm City Byrdgang: Robin Lopez FC Stanford
    7. LTgiants: Shan Foster SG Vanderbilt
    8. yo123: Wayne Chism PF/C Tennessee

    Round 10
    1. yo123: Ramel Bradley G Kentucky
    2. LTgiants: Randal Falker PF Southern Illinois
    3. Charm City Byrdgang: Paul Harris SF Syracuse
    4. Its all about the U: James Anderson SF Oklahoma State
    5. BuckNaked: JJ Hickson PF/C NC State
    6. princefielder28: Chris Kramer PG Purdue
    7. fenikz: Jack McClinton G Miami
    8. cardsalltheway: Kentrell Gransberry C USF
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    Tyler Hansbrough, PF, North Carolina

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    • #3
      I select PG Derrick Rose Memphis

      basically a can't miss prospect who is a virtual lock for the top spot next year


      • #4
        USC PG/SG OJ Mayo

        Follow me on Twitter!!/aMo_Captain


        • #5
          I select the best scorer in college basketball, Chris Lofton SG Tennessee


          • #6
            I select Roy Hibbert C Georgetown


            • #7

              SF/PF Michael Beasley, Kansas State


              • #8
                I Select

                Ty Lawson


                • #9
                  Sean Singletary PG Virginia


                  • #10
                    SG Brandon Rush Kansas


                    • #11
                      I Select

                      Bill Walker


                      • #12
                        Charm City Byrdgang selects:

                        Eric Gordon SG

                        Its all about the U is now on the clock


                        • #13
                          It's all about The U selects

                          Chase Budinger SG/SF Arizona


                          • #14
                            I select:

                            Kevin Love C UCLA


                            • #15
                              SF Donte Greene

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