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  • Comedy draft

    8 round draft.
    You draft comedy actors and there funniest all time performance at the same time for example:
    I select Adam Sandler, Billy Madison.
    You are trying to make the funniest comedy marathon on your own television channel consisting of 8 very funny movies.
    We will do matchups of each television channel, and which ever one is voted the funniest wins.

    More rules:
    Once one actor is drafted along with there movie, neither the actor or the movie could be drafted again for example if Adam Sandler gets drafted for Little Nicky, you cant draft him for another movie or a different actor for Little Nicky.

    hour and a half time limit

    8 person limit

    Round 1:
    Eagles own the NFC East- Will Ferrell, Anchorman
    BigDawg819- Jim Carey, Bruce Almighty
    Fenikz- Chris Farley, Tommy Boy
    Diabsoule- Steve Carell, 40 Year Old Virgin
    BrownsTown- Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore
    Lions WMD- Gene Wilder, Young Frankenstein
    Man of Steel- Vince Vaughn, Wedding Crashers
    SuperMcGee- Leslie Nielson, The Naked Gun

    Round 2:
    SuperMcGee- John Belushi, Animal House
    Man of Steel- Jason Biggs, American Pie
    Lions WMD- Jeff Bridge, The Big Lebowski
    BrownsTown- Rick Moranis, Spaceballs
    Diabsoule- Jeremy Piven, PCU
    Fenikz- Jay, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
    BigDawg819- Method Man, How High
    Eagles own the NFC East- Jonah Hill, Superbad

    Round 3:
    Eagles own the NFC East- Kal Penn, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
    BigDawg819- Dan Aykroyd, Blues Brothers
    Fenikz- John Cleese, Monty Python and The Holy Grail
    Diabsoule- Ryan Reynolds, Van Wilder
    BrownsTown- Mike Myers, Austin Powers
    Lions WMD- Peter Sellers, Dr. Strangelove
    Man of Steel- Matthew Broderick, Ferris Bueler's Day Off
    SuperMcGee- Cleavon Little, Blazing Sadles

    Round 4:
    SuperMcGee- Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat
    Man of Steel- Bill Murray, Stripes
    Lions WMD- Dave Chappelle, Half Baked
    BrownsTown- Christopher Guest, Spinal Tap
    Diabsoule- Seth Rogen, Knocked Up
    Fenikz- Samuel L. Jackson, Pulp Fiction
    BigDawg819- Ben Stiller, Zoolander
    Eagles own the NFC East- Rodney Dangerfield, Caddyshack

    Round 5:
    Eagles own the NFC East- Chris Kattan, A Night At the Roxbury
    BigDawg819- Hank Azaria, The Birdcage
    Fenikz- Jay Chandrasekhar, Beerfest
    Diabsoule- John Candy, Del Griffith
    BrownsTown- Stephen Root, Office Space
    Lions WMD- Chris Tucker, Friday
    Man of Steel- Eddie Griffin, Undercover Brother
    SuperMcGee- Jeff Anderson, Clerks

    Round 6:
    SuperMcGee- Dana Carvey, Wayne's World
    Man of Steel- Sean William Scott, Road Trip
    Lions WMD- Steve Martin, The Jerk
    BrownsTown- David Spade, The Adventures of Joe Dirt
    Diabsoule- Greg Kinnear, Little Miss Sunshine
    Fenikz- Steve Lemme, Super Troopers
    BigDawg819- Steven Zahn, Saving Silverman
    Eagles own the NFC East- Justin Long, Dodgeball

    Round 7:
    Eagles own the NFC East- Matt Dillon, Theres Something About Mary
    BigDawg819- Owen Wilson, You, Me, and Dupree
    Fenikz- Mel Brooks, The History of the World
    Diabsoule- Robert Carradine, The Revenge of the Nerds
    BrownsTown- Jack Black, School of Rock
    Lions WMD- Groucho Marx, Duck Soup
    Man of Steel- Trey Parker, Baseketball
    SuperMcGee- Robert Hays, Airplane

    Round 8:
    SuperMcGee- Jeff Daniels, Dumb and Dumber
    Man of Steel- Emile Hirsch, The Girl Next Door
    Lions WMD- Peter Billingsley, A Christmas Story
    BrownsTown- Jon Heder, Napoleon Dynamite
    Diabsoule- Luke Wilson, Old School
    Fenikz- Terry Crews, Puff, Puff, Pass
    BigDawg819- Eddie Murphy, Trading Places
    Eagles own the NFC East- Allen Covert, Grandma's Boy
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    I believe I'll give it a shot.

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    Originally posted by Job
    On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
    Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

    So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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      i'll do it as long as there isn't a real strict time limit


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        there isnt, 2 and a half hours? no time limit from 12 am- 10 am


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          changed the rules up a bit to make it more fun, let me know if they are confusing.


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            I'm in. Let's do the damn thing.

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              does anyone wanna help co run it with me cuz im not too sure i could keep this at a fast pace running it myself?


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                My marathon so far:

                Actor, Role, Movie:

                Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore, Happy Gilmore
                Rick Moranis, Dark Helmet, Spaceballs
                Mike Myers, Austin Powers, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
                Christopher Guest, Nigel Tufnel, This is Spinal Tap
                Stephen Root, Milton Waddams, Office Space
                David Spade, Joe Dirt, The Adventures of Joe Dirt
                Jack Black, Dewey Finn, School of Rock
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                  alright cool thanks maybe a mod could join for editing and stuff?


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                    I'll join. We need two more folks and we can get this going sometime tomorrow..

                    So what are we getting judged on?? The roles we draft, of the whole movie?
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                      Originally posted by Lions WMD View Post
                      I'll join. We need two more folks and we can get this going sometime tomorrow..

                      So what are we getting judged on?? The roles we draft, of the whole movie?
                      nah u draft comedy actors and their funniest movie they starred in as well. Your goal is to put the best comedy marathon on your own television channel. The roles idea would be really good, however different opinions of humor and you would have to write a plot out and all of that so it would be too hard.

                      We need 2 more.


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                        Im def down.


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                          I'd give it a shot


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                            When are we going to get this thing started?

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                            Super Bowl XLIV Champions
                            WHO DAT!


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                              draft is starting now with order of signed up, dont mean to be a dick and give myself 1st pick sorry guys.

                              Eagles own the NFC East selects Will Ferrel, Anchorman.



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