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  • WFFL Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the WFFL everybody!
    Anyway your signup info will include...

    Age: (19-24)
    Predicted 40:
    Predicted Bench:

    The last 4 most be reasonable, or a bad overall maybe given. Strengths and weaknesses must also be detailed, or a bad overall maybe given. IF everyone's scouting reports are good, then it will be hard for me to give bad overalls, but i'll have to so dont be pissed if you get a bad one if everyone did well of there's. There will also be a combine based on what you wrote.

    There is currently one GM spot open. It is encouraged, though not required that 2 of the GM's choose either Hawaii, US Territory, or another country for their team's city. Teams already made up can be found on page 56 of the league discussion. It will be hard for a team to make the playoffs this year. SalaryCap will be made up later. GM's please post...

    GM Name:

    Offseason Schedule...

    FA Period
    Preseason Show
    Exhibition Game

    The old game is scrapped, this is a totally new one.

    How many we have/Recomended amount



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    Name: Q Jackson
    Age: 22
    Position: WR
    College: Washington
    Height: 6'0
    Strengths: Great Burst, consistant, leader by example, great hands, can make all the catches and then some, 45 inch vert, 3rd place in NCAA championships Long Jump and 5th in 100 as a senior, excellent returner, excellent route runner, very experienced, very durable, shows up for the big games, good character
    Weaknesses: does not perform well during the easy games, smaller, horrible blocker, flashy, will not run anyone over, won't fight for the extra yard unless its 4th down, hates losing and takes it out on random objects, tries to do too much at times, not as humble as could be but not cocky either.
    Predicted 40: 4.28 (100m: 10.3)
    Predicted Bench: 26 reps of 225
    Comparison: DeSean Jackson
    2x ALL PAC-10 1st team(WR)
    PAC-10 Offensive player of the year
    High School: High School All American from Lakes High School in Washington
    3A State MVP senior year
    2x All State
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    Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan
    JBalla is mormon, so naturally he assumes that whenever you get one marriage done, another two or five are in the works.


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      i'll do the strengths and weaknesses later like tomorrow

      Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan
      JBalla is mormon, so naturally he assumes that whenever you get one marriage done, another two or five are in the works.


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        Wiscbadger sent this to me today...
        Name: Terrelle Moss
        Position: RB
        School: Wisconsin
        Age: 21
        Height: 5’ 8”
        Weight: 190
        Scouting Report-
        Positive- Terrelle is an outstanding worker, he constantly gives it his all every snap and does the little things right such as blocking and holding on to the ball. Has great speed and shiftiness, possibly one of the fastest players in the game. Is a constant leader on the field and while he isn’t the most vocal player, he leads by example. Can usually get away with not following blockers because of outstanding speed.

        Negative- An undersized back who isn’t going to wow anyone with his power. Sometimes misses holes and doesn’t follow his blockers. He tries too often to outrun defenders instead of following his wall of blockers. Doesn’t have great hands out of the backfield.

        Predicted 40: 4.38
        Predicted Bench: 24 at 225

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          Junior Diggs
          “Big Bad Dice”

          User: ManOfSteel
          Pos: Running Back
          Ht: 6’2
          Wt: 224
          Born: Ontario, Canada
          College: Pittsburgh University
          Class: Junior
          Age: 21

          Strengths: The most physical runner since Jim Brown. Has a rare talent for breaking tackles and rarely gets taken down by a single defender. Has everything you look for in a big bruising back. Plows over defenders, possesses a lethal stiff arm, a demon at the goal-line. Has a nasty demeanor and plays with a chip on his shoulder. Has great speed, many a times we have seen Diggs bowl over a defender, keep his balance and accelerate to the endzone. That’s what separates Diggs as an elite prospect, the tandem of his size, speed and strength is a rarity that make scouts drool.

          Weakness: Has not yet evolved into a complete back, is no threat at all in the passing game tallying more drops than receptions in college. Is somewhat of a liability in pass protection. Has shown steady improvement in this area but is no where near a viable pass protector just yet.

          Bio: Born and raised in Canada Diggs had a hard time attracting scouts and getting noticed. Due to this Diggs reluctantly signed onto play at the University of Waterloo, a Canadian school located in Ontario. It was in his true freshman season that Diggs awoke the football world south of the boarder. His record setting season and rare physical attributes caught the eye of top US football schools USC, Texas, LSU, etc, all of whom were offering full scholarships for him to transfer. Diggs did transfer and shocked much of the football world in doing so. His choice, Pitt U. His reasoning was due to having family there and always wanting to be in Pittsburgh. Diggs sat his sophomore season and split carries in his junior year. Diggs has stated that his lack of playtime was the biggest factor in his deciding to enter the draft an underclassman. During Diggs senior year in high school his older brother Marlin Diggs was killed. Marlin had witnessed a lady being robbed and chased down the thief, only to be stabbed. Marlins death was devastating to Junior. In the hospital shortly before his death Marlin told Junior to live his dream of playing pro-football, to never quit and give 110%. Diggs parents believe this is the reason why he plays with such unworldly physicality and passion, his brother and he were best friends, Junior knows that Marlin is watching over him and he wants to make him proud. Diggs was without question the most outspoken player in college, however don’t confuse his attitude with that of a TO or Randy Moss, never will Diggs talk badly about teammates---as for opponents…
          Predicted 40: 4.4
          Predicted Bench 30 reps of 225

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            god dammit, MOS, i dont feel like reading that, you get a 3!
            jK, you really set the bar though.

            Reminds me a ton of Jim Brown, he never liked to block.

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              Name:Seth Harris
              College:Penn State
              Strengths:Seth is an all around back.He can run, catch, and block. He has exceptional speed and quickness. He can run threw the tackles and he can run outside. Has good running power and can truck defenders in his way. Is durable and stays healthy over the course of the year. Has great vision and ball secerity. Has soft hands and can make tough catches. Versitle and can help in return game.Has a boat load of talent and potential.Teams will be happy to have him.

              Weaknesses: Dissapears against top competition and gets rattled easy. Doesnt hit hole as hard as teams would like. Raw. Has good size but needs to add on more bulk and strength. Could be a pro bowler or a bust.

              Overview: What Harris lacks in expierence, he makes up for raw talent. Was a top recruit and player in the prep and college ranks. Rushed for 1700 yards and 15 tds as a junior last year. He is a junior early entree but it seemed like he was ready. Teams will either get a bust or a great pro-bowler for years to come. Does he have the drive?
              Predicted 40:4.35-4.40
              Predicted Bench:15 reps of 225
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                Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                god dammit, MOS, i dont feel like reading that, you get a 3!
                jK, you really set the bar though.

                Reminds me a ton of Jim Brown, he never liked to block.
                Whos MOS? Im Junior Diggs get to know me or come the combine you gonna have a heart attack.


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                  Name: Troy James
                  Age: 20
                  Position: WR
                  College: L.S.U.
                  Height: 5'10"
                  Weight: 185lbs

                  Strengths: Can anyone say speed? Proto-type vertical threat. Not only is he one of the top athletes in the country, his agility and game speed are paralleled by few. He has outstanding hands thanks to his upbringing in Australia where hand-eye coordination was prized playing AFL football. His determination and ambitious nature make him extremely dangerous on the field and he gives 110% on every play. He is also an above average blocker. Lower body strength is excellent and he has little to no trouble breaking a few tackles after the catch. Great at lateraling the ball. Excellent leaper for the ball.

                  Weaknesses: Height and weight might be slightly low but he is hoping to crack the niche market that guys like Steve Smith have created. Has only been playing the sport for a few years and has limited experience.

                  Predicted 40: 4.28
                  Predicted Bench: 14 reps 225

                  Bio: Raised in the mean streets of Sydney, Australia, Troy James made a name for himself playing in Australian Rules Football where he was chosen for the Australian Schoolboys team in under 13's, 15's,17's and 19's. An impressed college football scout was quick to sign him up and James quickly established himself as a big time threat for LSU.

                  Image: James taking a sensational mark.
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                    Name: Buck Bradshaw
                    Age: (19-24) 22
                    Position: QB
                    College: Washington State
                    Height: 6'5"
                    Weight: 240 lbs
                    Strengths: Has Tremendous arm strength and the ability to make every throw at the next level. Has great accuracy on deep throws. Large frame makes him tough to bring down in the pocket.
                    Weaknesses: Not the most mobile QB you'll ever see and will take a number of hits. Needs to learn to take some speed off of shorter throws. Will force throws into small spaces due to confidence in arm strength.
                    Predicted 40: 5.00
                    Predicted Bench: 33 reps of 225


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                      Ehren McBride

                      Age: 20
                      Position: QB
                      College: Wisconsin
                      Height: 5'9
                      Weight: 195
                      Throws: Right
                      Predicted 40: 4.39
                      Predicted Bench: 10 reps of 225

                      Strengths: Has incredible Speed and agility. An accurate arm, rarely makes bad decisions. A true motivator, great in the locker room, (and in bed). Able to make busted plays into brilliant plays. Not afraid to run, especially near the goal line. preforms well under pressure, although often gets passes deflected because of height. Can avoid sacks fairly well and does not go down easily. Has great character on and off the field.

                      Weaknesses: An undersized QB who lacks experience. Not a gunslinger by any means. Has had some trouble handing the ball off in the past. Does not take loosing well. Has some stamina issues, and has a tendency to have minor injuries that take him out the rest of the game.

                      Bio: Born and Raised in Ohio, McBride grew up resenting his father, former paparazzi Shawn McBride, but learned to deal with it. Ehren played RB for his division 2 high school. He was accepted in to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, not for his football ability, but for his academic achievements. He became the Badgers's number 2 running back behind star, Terrelle Moss. Coming to the realization that he would never be the starter as long as Moss was there, he tested his skill at QB. He quickly realized that he had a natural talent for finding the open man and making quick accurate throws, as did coach Bielema, making him 1st string, over some guy named Tyler Donovan. McBride impressed scouts and quickly made a name for himself. McBride would be a playmaker for any team.
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                        User: LTgiants

                        Name: Kareem Johnson
                        School: Florida
                        Height: 6-5
                        Weight: 235
                        Age: 23
                        Position: WR
                        Predicted 40: 4.35-4.5

                        Johnson is a physical marvel at wide receiver. He stands tall at 6'5' and has a tremendous wingspan. He is reported to have a 45' vertical jump and sub-4.5 speed in the 40-yard dash. Johnson is a nightmare for opposing defensive backs. But what is perhaps most impressive about Johnson, despite of his out-of-this-world physical attributes, is his work ethic. He is humble and does not like to draw attention to himself after catching a touchdown. It is very rare to ever see him drop a pass, be it a diving catch along the sidelines or a jump ball.

                        One could make the case that Johnson does not have the necessary speed to be a standout wide receiver at the next level. Even though he is very fast for his 6'5', 235 lb frame, he does not have blazing speed to run by defensive backs. Most of his catches come from his length and his amazingly strong hands. However, one could make the case that Florida's lack of a true pocket quarterback with a powerful arm has limited Johnson's productivity.


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                          Name: Conan O'Leno
                          Age: 22?
                          Position: K
                          College: Compton CC
                          Height: 5'11
                          Weight: 170
                          Strengths: Big Power. Kickoffs can reach the goal posts. Plays well in all weather including snow and rain/wind. Overall more power than accuracy but still solid accuracy. Very fast and can tackle well on kickoffs.
                          Weaknesses: Some Character Concerns. Accuracy Concerns.
                          Predicted 40: 4.4
                          Predicted Bench: 5 Reps of 175 LBS

                          BIO: Enjoys bathroom fun with Senators.
                          Recorded a Rap Album.
                          Acts in a lot of Action Movies.
                          Part of East Staines Massive Gang.


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                            Name: D'Bennishaw Causerus
                            Age: 21
                            Position: DE
                            College: Michigan
                            Height: 6'4
                            Weight: 290

                            Strengths: A big, strong end who is quick for his size. Causerus is a powerful player and he uses that strength to push offensive linemen into the backfield. He’s probably the best run-stuffing end in this draft. Causerus is really good at shedding blockers and making a play on the ball carrier. He’s a versatile guy who can play both end and tackle, especially in a 3-4 defense. Causerus is a leader on the field and possesses all the intangibles to succeed at the next level.

                            Weaknesses: Relies too much on his power and possibly lacks the speed to register as many sacks as would like. Needs to develop more pass rushing techniques in the NFL as wont be able to blow by opposing tackles as he did in college.

                            Predicted 40: 4.8
                            Predicted Bench: 31 - 35

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                              Timberwolves in New Jersey!!!!

                              New Jersey Timberwolves- team song

                              City/Name: New Jersey Timberwolves
                              Colors: Silver and Blue
                              Logo: (might need to find a smaller one)
                              GM Name: Brian Rice
                              We ALL bleed scarlet
                              New York Giants Super Bowl 46 Champs
                              UNITED: I actually attend the college I root for
                              Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                              BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.



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