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  • WFFL Season 1

    Los Angeles 3-0
    Gulf Coast 3-0
    New Jersey 1-1
    Washington 1-2
    Brooklyn 0-2
    Dallas 0-3

    New Zealand 2-0
    Bangkok 2-0
    Chelsea 1-1
    Mexico City 1-1
    Toronto 1-2
    San Juan 0-3

    Week 1
    Brooklyn @ GC
    Dallas @ NJ
    Washington @ LA
    Bangkok@San Juan
    Toronto @ Mexico City

    Week 2
    Dallas @ GC
    Brooklyn @ Washington
    Bangkok@Mexico City
    San Juan @ Chelsea
    New Jersey @ LA - MNF

    Week 3
    Washington @ GC
    LA @ Dallas
    NZ@ Mexico City
    San Juan @ Toronto
    New Jersey @ Brooklyn

    Week 4
    GC@ NJ
    Dallas @ Washington
    LA @ Brooklyn
    San Juan @ NZ
    Toronto @ Bangkok
    Mexico City @ Chelsea

    Week 5
    GC @ LA
    Washington @ NJ
    Brooklyn @ Dallas
    Bangkok @ NZ
    Toronto @ Chelsea
    Mexico City @ San Juan

    Week 6
    NZ @ GC
    NJ @ Chelsea
    LA @ Bangkok
    Brooklyn @ Toronto
    San Juan @ Washington
    Mexico City @ Dallas

    Week 7
    San Juan@LA
    Brooklyn @ Mexico City

    Week 8
    GC @ San Juan
    Toronto @ Washington
    Dallas@ Bangkok
    Mexico City@ LA
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    WEEK 1
    Washington 20 @ Los Angeles 35
    Key Stats
    WAS RB: 22-135 2TD's
    WAS DT: 7TCK 1Sack 3TFL

    LA RB: 27-154 2TD's
    LA WR: 5REC 131YDS 2TD's
    LA FS: 10TCK 2INT's

    Toronto 14 @ Mexico City 17 OT
    Key Stats
    TRN RB: 31-98 2TD's 1FUM

    Mexico City:
    MXC QB1: 12-17 185YDS 1TD
    MXC QB2: 4-8 32YDS 1INT; 8-70 1RTD

    Broolyn @ Gulf Coast
    Game started off great for Brooklyn. They were shutting down Lancaster and Chan, and for once their safties were playing smart, though they got a few breaks due to 2 James drops. On offense Brooklyn methodically drove the ball down twice for a touchdown, using pump fakes and play actions to attack India's average cover skills. But things would not last long. A long James catch and run at the end of the half would setup a Santios-Fischer kick. At the Half, 14-3 Brooklyn. Using the momentum they got towards the end of the half they able to drive down the field and score a touchdown on a 37 yard touchdown reception by Blackie Chan. At the end of the play he would injure himself during a Martin Gramatica like celebration. Brooklyn would get a FG on the next drive as did GC on their on their next. 17-13 at the end of the 3rd. Brooklyn drove down the field eating up tons of clock on their next drive. On 3rd and 1 at the GC 25, India would blitz on a play action rollout, chase down the QB and force a fumble which would be recovered by Travis Faustino. It was now Taylor's time to shine, he had been quite through most of the day. On his first carry of the drive he would move the ball to the 41 (a 16Yd gain). That first run would set the pass for the rest of the drive where Taylor would punch it in for a 1 yard run (10Carries for 65 yards on the drive for Taylor). 20-17 GC 2:00 mins left in 4th. Brooklyn would begin to move the ball down quickly and would drive it into field goal range, only to have the FG be blocked by Krens.

    Final Score
    Gulf Coast 20; Brooklyn 17

    Key Stats:
    Karmelo Anthony: 17-31 164 1TD; 2-7YDS

    Germain Taylor: 24-113 1TD; 2REC 10YDS

    Lebron James: 8REC 82YDS 2Drops

    Blackie Chan: 1REC 32YDS 1TD

    Steve Runyan: 0SCK Allowed; 2Pancakes

    Scatman: 1SCK Allowed; 1Pancake

    Lonny Lancaster: 3REC 25YDS

    Travis Faustino: 4TCKS 1FR

    Deejay Krens: 4TCKS 2TFL 1Block

    Chad India: 7TCKS 1FF 1SCK 1TFL

    Curtis Rockavina: 7TCKS

    Patrick McKistry: 5TCKS 1DEF

    Peter Parker: 3TCKS 1DEF

    Santios-Fisher: 2/2; 2/2 XP

    Key Injuries: Blackie Chan Probable for next week

    Dallas at New Jersey
    What started as a dominating game for New Jersey ended as one. On the first drive NJ's QB Tyrone Biggums got'er done running it. He would score the first TD of the game by running it. The next drive offensive drive for NJ would end with a big catch by Julio Stone for a 54 yard Touchdown reception. On defense both Groves and Havok had a sack in the first half and Taylor would have one INT. 17-0 at the end of the first half. At the beginning of the second Dallas would fight back despite the large difference in score. Dallas had been trying to establish the run all day and finally were on this drive. A 27 Yard run by Dallas' RB would prompt Taylor to walk up and play the run on the next play. A playaction was called and Taylor and Harris would both get beat deep and giveup a Dallas TD. But the play seemed irrelevant, as NJ would get another FG, and force a 3 and out on the next drive thanks to 2 sacks by Havok. NJ would go on cruise control for the rest of the game and win 26-7.

    Final Score
    New Jersey 26; Dallas 7

    Tyrone Biggums 14-25 226Yards; 11-80 1RTD.

    Terrelle Moss 15-68; 4REC 40YDS

    Julio Stone 3REC 108YDS 1TD

    Bob Rankins 2TCKS

    Jordan Groves 6TCKS 1SCK 4TFL

    Peter Brady 3TCKS 1DEF

    Aaron Brooks 11TCKS

    Leo Willingham 5TCK 1TFL

    Davey Havok 5TCK 3SCKS 4TFL

    Joe(Yall put Roddy his Bro, I shouldnt have made 2 Harris' but anyway im pretty sure yall have Joe) Harris 4TCK 1DEF

    Taylor 4TCK 1INT

    Key Injuries: Moss Left Game Early; Probable for next week's game

    Bangkok @ San Juan

    On the first drive San Juan would hold the ball and get no where. The first play was a combined sack by Caserous and Reed. The next two were incompletions. Unfortunetly, Bangkok was no more sucessful on offense. San Juan walked up their SS on first down to act as a LB and defend against short passes. On top of that San Juan's LB's were great in coverage shutting down the quick pass. The first quarter would end with both teams combining for 2 first downs. In the 2nd quarter San Juan began to power through Bangkok's tough Defense and would atleast put up a FG. Bangkok would continue to be shut out until things looked like they might change toward the end of the half. Noose would the Banshees down the field to the 10, where the protection would breakdown forcing a bad pass by Noose which would turn into a pick 6. 10-0 at half. Bangkok would get the ball at the beginning of the half. On the first play Noose would pump fake to Henderson on the quick out and go deep to Barry Smith who would score for a 78 yard TD. Noose was now on fire and after a San Juan first down, Noose made things look easy and would throw a TD pass to Henderson. 14-13 at the start of the 4th. San Juan would kick another FG. Bangkok seemed to lose rythm on the next drive and go 3 and out after trying use quick passing again. San Juan drove the ball down the field eating up the clock. On 3rd and 6 at the Bangkok 22 they called a deep pass, Keaton became used to seeing the run that he was caught out of position on the play giving up the deep touchdown. 23-14 San Juan. Noose would lead the Banshees to a FG. 23-17 w/ 2 mins left. The LB core would step it up and stop 2 runs and Caserous would get a sack on the next San Juan drive. With just over a minuete left the Rough Riders would punt it deep to Keaton at the 10 and then...
    Originally posted by Bangkok Radio 139.8 The Score!
    Keaton gets at the 10, he's to the 15, shakes Highman; powers through Morris and he's to the 25, 30, Dickson brings him down at the 30- NO! he's to the 35, and now to the 40, the 50, and its a foot race between him and Jones the punter and Keaton will score!!!!!
    The Punt return and an INT on 4th and long on the ensuing San Juan drive by Harris would seal up the game.

    Final Score:
    Bangkok 24; San Juan 23

    Brent Noose 22-33 281YDS 2TD 1INT

    Seth Harris 15CAR 64YDS; 4REC 37YDS

    Barry Smith 8REC 133YDS; 1CAR-8YDS

    Marcus Henderson 7REC 78YDS

    Aries Strong 1SCK Allowed 4Pancakes

    D'Bennishaw Causerus 4TCKS 1.5SCK 2TFL

    Dustin Dunce 5TCKS

    Chad Reed 10TCKS 1TFL

    Johnny Cash 5TCKS 2TFL

    Lance Loose 3TCKS 1DEF

    Roddy Harris 7TCKS 1INT 1TFL

    Troy Keaton 8TCKS; 1Punt Return TD
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      Monday Night Football Week One; New Zealand @ Chelsea
      Warriors...Blues...ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!?!??!?!?!?!?

      Madden(I know he's not on MNF): Welcome Fans to a highly anticipated match between the New Zealand Warriors and Chelsea Blues. Today's player to watch is Ehren McBride, he's so handsome, and at 5-9 he can still make plays from the QB spot.

      Kornheiser: Well I think the guy to watch is EJ, he's highly explosive and will make a couple great plays that can turn the tide in today's game.

      Joe Buck: BLAH BLAH BLAH NZ has weak Safties BLAH BLAH BLAH EJ is overatted BLAH BLAH

      Madden: And it looks TOUGH ACTING TINACTIN like NZ has won the toss and elected to recieve, lets get this BOOM! party started!

      On the first drive Diggs was called to pound the ball, something he did with pleasure. He would run it 10 times for 43 yards on the first drive and would punch it in from the 5. Down early, EJ Washington-Bush would make sure the game wouldnt turn into a quick blowout. On the first Kick Return of his pro career he would try to prove the critics wrong who said he shouldnt have been drafted so high.
      Originally posted by Buck
      EJ will take it from the 6, he's to the 20, and he jukes a defender takes it to the 30 where he'll cut across field and (madden interupts: BOOM) another juke he's to the 40, the 50, the 40, 30, 20, 10 Touchdown
      Unfortunely, the quick return left the Chelsea defense tired coming into the next series and after a few good runs from Diggs, a reverse to Troy James would make the score 14-7. Mad Mike Desmond would go deep on the first play and complete a 25 yard pass to Johnson. Wright would get the next 3 carries and gain 11 yards and a first. And that would end the first quarter, New Zealand up 14-7. Now a message from our sponser (BTW Would 1 long drive plus the two quick ones and a Kick Return use up an entire quarter please answear this question in the discussion thread)

      Benn Hart does commercial for Under Armour

      This week on ABC's most sucessful sitcom, Uga-booga wooga wowga bowza chaka chaka booga!

      Ehren McBride does commercial for Wrangler

      2nd Quarter NZ at Chelsea
      Last time we checked in the Blues were driving the ball, but unfortunetly the next few plays werent too good. EJ would get stuffed in the backfield by Will Ward, and Desmond would throw 2 incompletions. Junior continued to impress on the next drive and had not been for a fumble by McBride on the 3 that backed up the Warriors to the 10, they wouldve scored a Touchdown, but a FG was good too. On the kickoff, Totti, trying to keep it away from EJ would kick it out of bounds. With great field position the Blues drove it down to the redzone, but were unable to score but managed to get a FG. On the ensuing drive, McBride and Co were seen writing up a play in the dirt. The play turned out to be a speed option which resulted in a 22 yard gain by Diggs. Q Jackson would then make a catch in FG range, but the Warriors wanted it all. 3 shots to the endzone, were incomplete and the Warriors had to kick a long 52 yarder. Totti, with great poise was able to nail it. 20-10 at the half.

      My Halftime Hero is...
      Junior Diggs who has played like an animal all game. Now back to the game.

      3rd Quarter

      Starting off with the ball EJ was a step from breaking a big'un, but was stopped at the 19 by Jeremy Reed by his shoe string. Mike Desmond would drop back on his first pass and would be dropped for a sack by Jonni Hendrix. Wright would be ate at the line by and Alan and EJ would be slammed on a post by Jennings. On the first play of the NZ drive they would call a playaction. Unfortunetly for them Mack was not fooled and McBride's pass would be picked off. Once again Chelsea was unable to move the ball, only picking up 5 yards on the drive. On the ensuing NZ drive, Diggs would breakout into the open only to be popped and taken out for the rest of the game(Im no medical expert so i couldnt really elaborate) Troy James would then become the go-to-guy. He would get them into the redzone on three catches, but on 1st and goal McBride's throw to Mitchell would get tipped off his fingers and into Hart's hands for a touchback. The momentum swing powered the Chelsea O into the endzone thanks to Julian Wright's powerful style of running. 20-17 at the end of the 3rd.

      4th Quarter

      McBride was not out to prove that the NZ offense could survive without Diggs. On the first play he would run for the first and then complete a few passes to setup a FG. 23-17. Wright continued to pound the ball and was also able to help his team get a FG. The pace of the game seemed to be slowing down as both offenses went 3rd and out. But looking to make another big impact EJ would catch a screen and take 33 yards. The drive wouldnt end as nicely as the first play, but Chelsea was able to tie it up at 23. McBride then methodically led the Warriors down to the redzone. With a completion to Jackson here, a run there, and a quack quack everywhere(????). At the 5 yard line McBride would roll right and throw to a wideopen Mitchell to put the Warriors up 30-23. Trying to drive the ball down the field, Desmond would force a pass into double coverage and would be picked off by DJ Jennings to seal the game.

      Final Score New Zealand 30; Chelsea 23

      Ehren McBride 15-29 217YDS 1TD 2INT; 8-69

      Junior Diggs 21-138YDS 1TD; 1REC 3YDS

      Q Jackson 5REC 92YDS

      Troy James 4REC 75YDS 1Drop; 1-59 1RTD

      Mitch Mitchell 2REC 9YDS 1TD 1Drop

      Mann 1Sack Allowed 1Pancake

      Dockery 0Sacks Allowed 2Pancakes

      Will Ward 2TCKS 1TFL

      Maurice Alan 3TCKS 2TFL

      Deon Sizzler 5TCKS

      Jonni Hendrix 10TCKS 1SCK 2TFL

      DJ Jennings 3TCKS 1INT 1DEF

      Jeremy Reed 5TCKS

      Stephonson 6TCKS

      Underwood 4TCKS 1DEF

      Totti 3/3 FG's; 3/3 XP

      Mikey 4Punts 43.5Avg 1I20


      Mike Desmond 19-30 220YDS 1INT

      EJ Washington-Bush 5-10; 5REC 61YDS; 1KR for TD

      Julian Wright 21-79; 1REC 13YDS 1Drop

      Kareem Johnson 8REC 88YDS

      Krinkle 0 Sacks Allowed 2Pancakes

      Scott Carr 4TCKS 1SCK 1TFL

      Benn Hart 13TCK 2TFL 1INT

      Carter Mack 10TCK 1INT 1DEF
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        Brooklyn 20 @ Washington 30
        Brooklyn Suffers Injuries in Secondary, Washington Exploits Them and Stuffs the Run
        Key Stats:
        WAS RB: 25-129 1TD
        WAS WR: 5REC 127YDS 1TD
        WAS DE: 8TCKS 2.5 Sacks 2FF

        BRK QB: 24-37 272YDS 2TD 1FL
        BRK WR: 8REC 121YDS 2TD
        BRK DT: 4TCK 2TFL 1Sack

        Bangkok @ Mexico City
        Coming into a hostile environment of a dry heat and a large crowd, Noose and Harris adapted quickly. Harris would carry the ball to start the game get 2 first downs on 4 touches. Later in the drive on 3rd and long due to a sack and an incompletion, Noose would find Smith deep downfield for a large gain and would put the ball at the 2 where Harris would pound it in. 7-0, Bangkok. Mexico City opened the game with their rushing QB. He would do some damage to begin with, but would be held short of the first on a crucial 3rd down after an excellent stop by Cash. Through the rest of the 1st half Mexico City would send the backers blitzing stuffing the run and putting pressure on Noose. The plan worked until Henderson would fake a block on one of the backers, only to get open downfield for a big gain. Once again, Harris would pound it into the end zone. 14-0. After being shutout for most of the first half, the Mexico City WR's would finally start to get open during the two minute drill and cause the Bangkok secondary. They would get a FG on the drive. 14-3 at the half. Loose would get beat deep on the first play of the second half, his age was finally starting to show after many years as a great. But he would get a big help from Causerous forcing a bad pass for the pick. Unfortunately, Noose and Co. were unable to fully capitalize and could only get a FG. 17-3. The great Bangkok front seven continued to abuse Mexico City's average line and young QB's. Causerous would get a sack on their passing QB and Cash on their rushing QB. Defensively the game was put away, but offensively they continued to struggle against the LB's. Another 3 and out gave Mexico City great field position late in the 3rd. The field was short enough for Mexico City to drive it down to the one yardline. On first and goal they would try a run, but get stuffed by Dunce. On second and goal a playaction was unsuccessful and Dunce almost got a sack. On third and goal a quick slant to the WR punched it in. 17-10 in the 4th. The Bangkok O now felt a sense of urgency and began to drive the ball downfield like a well oiled machine. Noose, Smith and Henderson were hooking up for completions and Harris was getting enough yards to get firsts. Noose would hookup with Henderson in the endzone to just about put the game away. 24-10. Now the D had to step up just one more time and they did forcing them to go for it on 4th, and Roddy Harris would come up with the pick.
        Final Score:
        Bangkok 27; Mexico City 10

        Brent Noose 20-33 248YDS 1TD

        Seth Harris 29-112 2TD; 2REC 8YDS

        Barry Smith 8REC 103YDS

        Marcus Henderson 6REC 81YDS 1TD

        Aries Strong 0SCK Allowed; 3Pancakes and a Waffle!

        D'Bennishaw Causerus 5TCK 1SCK 1TFL

        Dustin Dunce 6TCK 3TFL

        Chad Reed 6TCKS 1TFL

        Johnny Cash 16TCKS 1SCK 3TFL

        Lance Loose 6TCKS 1INT

        Roddy Harris 4TCKS 1DEF 1INT

        Troy Keaton 6TCKS 1DEF 1TFL

        (not my best work)

        Dallas @ Gulf Coast

        Germain Taylor came into the game planning on exploiting a weak Dallas Run D, and thats exactly what he did this week. The kid was on fire all day, breaking big run after another. In no time Gulf Coast was up, 7-0. On the defensive side of the ball, Rockavina and the LB's were able to quickly shutdown the run, forcing Dallas to pass. This allowed McKistry and India to play deep with the run becoming a non-factor. On top of that Krens and Faustino kept up a steady rush. The fantastic pass rush allowed for McKistry to get not one, but two first half picks. Both setting up Taylor TD's. 21-0. The game quickly got out of hand and after a James TD, and a FG, the 2nd Teamers came in to wrap it up.
        (For complete blow outs, writeups will be shorter)

        Final Score
        Gulf Coast 34; Dallas 10

        Carmelo Anthony 14-20 148YDS 1TD

        Germain Taylor 34-178 3TD's; 1REC 9YDS

        Lebron James 6REC 52YDS 1TD

        Lonny Lancaster 3REC 49YDS

        Blackie Chan 2REC 34YDS

        Steve Runyan 1Sack Allowed; 5Pancakes

        Kyle Scottini 0Sack Allowed; 3Pancakes

        Travis Faustino 6TCKS 1SCK 2TFL

        Deejay Krens 4TCKS 1SCK 1TFL

        Curtis Rockavina 8TCKS 1TFL 1DEF

        Chad India 4TCKS 1DEF

        Patrick McKistry 3TCKS 1INT

        Peter Parker 5TCKS 1INT 1DEF

        New Zealand @ Toronto

        New Zealand wasted no time going to work on a weak Toronto Offense. Hendrix would have a sack on the first drive on what would be one of many more to come. Offensivly, Diggs didnt start the game off on the right foot, but Wright stepped in and got the job done. He wasnt getting huge gains but he was atleast keeping the stout Toronto D honest. Not a whole lot of score was done in the first, but NZ was up 6-0 after two FG's. The New Zealand's game plan came together in the 2nd Quarter. About to do a screen to Q, Ehren called an audible that had James go deep. The play worked perfectly and James scored a TD to put NZ up by 13. On the ensuing drive, a great blitz would cause an errad pass to land in the hands of Reed who would score. Going for two, McBride would be sucessful on the keeper and the score would be 21-0. Toronto would get a FG but were still very demoralized to end the half. 21-3, NZ at the half. Diggs seemed refreshed to open up the second half and, behind the blocking of Wright, would score a TD. With the game well in hand, and like the GC Pirates would begin to coast against the demoralized Bears team.

        Final Score
        New Zealand 35; Toronto 9

        Ehren McBride 14-19 160YDS 1TD; 7-33

        Junior Diggs 15-72 1TD; 1REC 4YDS

        Julian Wright 16-65 1TD

        Troy James 3REC 81YDS 1TD

        Q Jackson 5REC 60YDS

        Mitch Mitchell 1REC 7YDS; 1Pancake

        John Mann 1Pancake; 1Sack Allowed

        Darren Dockery 4Pancakes; 1Sack Allowed

        Will Ward 9TCKS 3TFL

        Deon Sizzler 6TCKS 1TFL

        Johnni Hendrix 9TCKS 1Sack 1TFL

        DJ Jennings 3TCKS 1DEF

        Jeremy Reed 3TCKS 1DEF 1INT

        Jeremy Stephonsen 6TCKS 1DEF

        Rashon Underwood 3TCKS

        Oguchi Totti 2-2FG; 3-3XP

        Cash Mikey 42avg

        San Juan @ Chelsea

        EJ Washington-Bush was in for a very up and down day. San Juan's D shot of the gates and was able to get EJ behind the line twice on the first drive. On third down he lined up at Slot and caught an 11 Yard pass to make it 4th and inches. Desmond would call his own number and sneak it for the first. Two incompletions on the next two plays forced another 3rd and long. Desmond would drop back only to be dropped in the blackfield. San Juan's O wouldnt have a ton of sucess either. Alan would get enough pressure in the middle to collapse the pocket and allow Hart and Carr to get the sack. Mack then broke a pass and force an incompletion on the next play. Both teams would go 3 and out throughout the first quarter. 0-0 at the end of the first. Desmond and Co would open the quarter right as EJ would score on a screen.

        Originally posted by BBC Sports Anchorman Moe Lester
        EJ will get the pass at the 34, jukes a defender and... now he's got a wide open hole and he's to the 50, 40! He's gonna score! Jolly good show EJ!
        San Juan was now desperate, their rushing attack had been shutdown by Hart and Alan so they resorted to passing, which was not their strong suit. Fortunatly, their barrage of passes left Carter Mack to be all over the field to support a weak CB core. For once San Juan was moving it through the air. On 3rd and goal at the 2 though, a playaction would almost be a TD for San Juan had the TE not dropped it. Chelsea now had EJ in a rhythm and he would drive the team down the field for a FG. 10-3 at the end of the half. San Juan went back to work passing it and almost scored on a playaction on the goalline, if not for a superb Scott Carr sack. They were able to get a FG bringing them closer to Chelsea. EJ started the drive out right and Desmond was keeping them honest through the air. An EJ fumble would bring his morall right back down. San Juan drove the ball down again only to get another FG as Carter Mack swatted down a pass. It was now Kareem's time to shine. Having been quite throughout the first half left him bored and lazy but one great catch brought him right back in it. The Blues were driving it again with Kareem leading the charge. He would score a TD to finally bring life back into CHelsea and not a moment too soon. 17-9 at the end of the third. Great blitzes on the next drive forced 3 incompletions and a 3 and out. Then...

        Originally posted by BBC Sports Anchorman Moe Lester
        Mack gathers the short punt, and will lateral it to EJ and he's got room, to the 30, side steps by Rice and he's in for another Blues Touchdown
        Big Play EJ Scores Again!
        With that TD it was 24-9 Chelsea. On the next drive San Juan would complete a few good passes before a draw play would get them a TD on the long run. Walking to the sideline, Alan and Carr exchanged some words putting the blame on eachother. Looking to quell the arguement, the people in charge of music at the stadium played Akon's, "Sorry, Blame it on me" It worked and the two hugged and laughed it off. The Rough Riders were right back in it, but Kareem Johnson was about to kickem back out of it. Catching 3 deep balls, he would setup EJ score on a short run to the outside. San Juan was only able to get one more FG, but the game was now out of reach.

        Final Score
        Chelsea 31; San Juan 19

        Mike Desmond 23-38 295 2TD

        EJ Washington-Bush 16-49 1TD; 5REC 81YDS 1TD; 1PR TD

        Kareem Johnson 7REC 141YDS 1TD

        Dan Krinkle 2Pancakes 1Sack allowed

        Maurice Alan 3TCKS 2TFL

        Scott Carr 5TCKS 1.5Sack 2TFL

        Benn Hart 12TCKS .5 Sack 3TFL

        Carter Mack 8TCKS 2DEF
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          New Jersey @ Los Angeles Monday Night Football

          Madden: Welcome Everyone to another great Monday Night Football game. This should be a very exciting game. Anyway whos everyones player to watch? Mines Tryone Biggums, because he's always like BOOM, and he reminds me alot of Brett Favre and I tell ya, Brett Favre was always like BOOM and then BOOM he would score! BOOM!

          Theismann: I like Ladillon Thompson, he holds the record for most consecutive 100 Yard Rush Games with 19 and that record spans 3 seasons. He has also only fumbled 4 times in his 5 year career. That means he averages less than one fumble a season.

          Kimmel: You can do math?

          1st Quarter
          At 6'0 246 pounds LaDillon Thompson was Junior Diggs before Junior Diggs. Not only is he have great power he combines that with his 4.35 Speed. This week New Jersey was about to learn of the unstoppable force known as LaDillon Thompson. On the first play he jet through the line and broke a Leo Willingham tackle and gained good yardage on the play. The drive continued to be in favor of LA and they would score a touchdown. 7-0. Opening up with a draw, Moss would get a good gain and a playaction on the next got them the first. Juilo then got 13 on a reverse and the New Jersey offense continued to drive it thanks to good playcalling, but were only able to get a FG. 7-3. On the opening play of the next drive, Rankins and Groves burst through the line and got a hold of Thompson, only to be trucked and knocked on their asses. On 2nd and 4, Havok snuk into the backfield only to be overpowered by Thompson and allowed the first down. A playaction was called, but Harris wasn't fooled despite all the run plays and was able to get a pick. The play did more than give Jersey great field position, but also scared LA from passing it. Moss, fustrated after getting hurt in the last game, showed his stuff on the first play of the drive...

          Originally posted by Madden
          Toss to Moss, cuts inside and he's got a hole! BOOM! Jukes the defender! He's to the 25, Powers through Carroll, cuts back outside and now its a foot race between him and the tortoise Linebacker! Touchdown Moss!
          10-7 after the TD. Thompson was not about to get overshadowed though. He continued to drive LA down the field and was able to get them a FG. 10-10. After two first down completions, Moss would get stuffed twice and Biggums would only rush for 5 yards ending the drive. Thompson would get a first twice on a catch and run, ending the first quarter, 10-10.


          For NY/NJ Residents:

          Like you have another choice?

          2nd Quarter

          Thompson continued his dominance in the 2nd Quarter with a few big runs that would turn into a touchdown. 17-10. Biggums and Moss would have a couple sucessful option plays, but the LA D held strong and forced a punt. Thompson was rested on the next drive and after a few completions and short runs, LA would punt. The punt was a beauty and pinned Biggums and Co at the five. A blown play would result in a New Jersey fumble and LA would get it at the 1. Thompson's first try at the endzone would result in him getting pushed back by Brooks. The next play was an incompletion. But then Thompson would serge through the line for a TD. 24-10. Biggums, fustrated with fumbling fiercly drove the ball down field and setup a short FG. Now LA, working in 2 minuete mode got the ball to the 50, only to have a pass picked off by Leo who would run it to the 10 and setup anoher FG. 24-16 at the half.

          My halftime hero is LaDillon Thompson, who has been driving the ball up and down the field with no sense of exhaustion in site.

          3rd Quarter

          Exploding out of the gates in the second half was Julio Stone, who would catch 4 passes on the first drive and give NJ a TD to start the 2nd half right. But going for the 2pt conversion, NJ was unsucessful. Thompson once again drove his team into enemy territory, there was not a man on earth who could stop him tonight. A playaction would then be called, fooling the secondary and a TD would be scored by LA. 31-22. Biggums and the O were now desperate. A screen to Moss was foiled, a deep pass incomplete and a draw play stuffed. 3 and out. LA stuck in their 2nd String QB who was a great runner. He and Thompson optioned their way down to the goalline for a score. 38-22 at the end of the 3rd.

          4th Quarter

          Biggums and the O finally calmed down and began to go down the field. On the 3rd and 2, at the 44 Moss would come up with a great play...

          Originally posted by Madden
          Biggums sweeps right and BOOM, pitches to Moss just as he's hit by the end and Moss will turn up field and he's got a step on Willis and he's gonna Score!!!
          The play made it 38-29, but also at the end of the run, right infront of the endzone, Moss was hit by an LA linebacker causing him to go out for the game. Thompson and CO were not to be outdone, they were able to get a FG on the ensuing drive and the stout LA defense forced a 3 and out. After another LA FG, NJ looked cooked and were only able to get another FG after a long Biggums run. With the game well in hand, LA's QB would neal it to end the game.

          Final Score

          Los Angeles 44; New Jersey 32

          Tyrone Biggums 16-28 152YDS; 7-42 1Fumble

          Terell Moss 17-83 2TD; 3REC 32YDS

          Julio Stone 7REC 90YDS

          Bob Rankins 4TCKS

          Jordan Grove 3TCKS

          Peter Brady 5TCKS

          Aaron Brooks 10TCKS 1TFL 1DEF

          Leo Willingham 5TCKS 1INT

          Davey Havok 4TCKS 1SCK 1TFL

          Harris 2TCKS 1INT

          Chet Taylor Jr 8TCKS 1DEF
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            Week 3
            LA @ Dallas
            San Juan @ Toronto
            Washington @ GC
            NZ@ Mexico City
            New Jersey @ Brooklyn-MNF

            LA 31 @ Dallas 3
            Thompson Continues to Rumble

            Key Stats
            LA QB2: 5-10 45YDS; 7-64 1RTD
            LA RB: 31-184 2TDS; 4REC 21YDS
            LA DE: 7TCKS 3TFL 2SCKs

            DAL QB: 17-27 226YDS 1INT
            DAL LB: 8TCKS
            DAL MLB: 9TCKS 2TFL 1SCK

            San Juan 7 @ Toronto 14
            Toronto D gets back on track
            Key Stats
            SJ RB: 25-93 1TD 1FMBLE
            SJ LB: 12TCKS 2TFL 1SCK
            SJ DT: 5TCKS 1TFL

            TRN TE: 7REC 48YDS 2TD
            TRN MLB: 15TCKS 4TFL 1SCK 1DEF
            TRN DE: 6TCKS 1TFL 1SCK

            Washington @ Gulf Coast

            As Steve Runyan walked onto the field, he could tell today was gonna be a good day, as it was. On the first play, a quick slant to Blackie Chan, he shut down to Washington Defensive Lineman and a blitzing backer. The play got them a first down and Gulf Coast would score on their first drive thanks to Taylor pounding it in on the one. Krens and company went to work shutting down the Washington O and pressuring their young QB. Rockavina thwarted just about every run and blitzing by India forced two bad passes. Gulf Coast would enter the 2nd quarter dominating, but Washington wasnt gonna stay silent for too long. 10-0 at the start of the 2nd. Washington's running attack showed life in the 2nd Quarter and after 3 long gains were able to score. 10-7 Gulf Coast. Germain Taylor was not to be forgotten as he was able to put Gulf Coast into field goal range on 4th and one, but Anthony wanted to score a touchdown so he called the kicking team back and called a quick slant to Lancaster, which went off with out a hitch. Lancaster, after making the catch turned upfield for the score. 17-7 Gulf Coast. Faustino and Krens continued to force errad passes by Washington's QB, so they went back to the ground. Washington was able to score a touchdown, just before the end of the half. 17-14 Gulf Coast. To open the third Washington would drive down the field and kick a FG, 17 up. Gulf Coast would move the ball into what they thought was Santios-Fischer range. But from 54 yards out, the kick was blocked and Washington had it in great field position. Thanks to the efforts of India though, they stalled in the redzone and had to kick another FG. 20-17 Washington. GC got it in range for another FG, also from 54 yards out. Santios-Fisher, was not disturbed after his last miss and was able to boot this one with accuracy and ease. 20 Up at the end of the 3rd. Washington's backs were now tired and even a bit scared. Hard hits from the GC defense left them in disarray and now Gulf Coast was out for the kill. Forcing a 3 and out after three great tackles for a loss, the ball was back in Taylor's hands. He took it outside against Washington's weak DE's and was able to breakoff big one after big one until he scored another touchdown. 27-20 GC. On the next series a pass would be tipped in the air after a Washington WR failed to make the catch and Parker was able to get the pick. Once again, Taylor proved reliable. Behind the blocking of Runyan, on a toss he would score again. 34-20 GC. Once again, Washington was unable to score and GC was able to run out the clock.


            Karmelo Anthony 15-22 176YDS 1TD; 2-8

            Germain Taylor 32-167 3TDS

            Lonny Lancaster 4REC 82YDS 1TD

            Blackie Chan 4REC 53YDS 1Drop

            Lebron James 4REC 37YDS

            Steve Runyan 7Pancakes

            Scatman 3Pancakes 1Sack Allowed

            Travis Faustino 6TCKS 2TFL 1 Sack

            Deejay Krens 4TCKS 2TFL .5 Sack

            Chad India 7TCKS 1TFL .5 Sack 1DEF

            Patrick McKistry 4TCKS 1DEF

            Curtis Rockavina 9TCKS 1TFL

            Peter Parker 5TCKS 1INT

            Greg Santios-Fisher 2/3FG; 4/4XP

            Chelsea @ Bangkok

            Trotting onto the field the Bangkok fans sat in amazement, what the hell were the "Powder" Blues wearing, despite this Chelsea was as fierce as anyone. EJ's explosive Kick Return gave Chelsea great field position which they used to drive down the field for Desmond to Johnson Touchdown Pass. When Bangkok got the ball they also showed their offensive ability. Noose made several sucessful audibles which helped him setup a touchdown pass to Barry Smith. The game turned into a defensive chess match, with neither team showing any offensive life for the first quarter, 7 Up at the start of the 2nd. On first down, Noose would be sacked twice by Carr, Noose would complete a screen to Harris which turned into a first down. Unfortunetly they were only able to get a FG, 10-7 B-Kok. EJ continued to get stuffed by Bangkok's nasty LB's. Then on the next play...
            Originally posted by Bangkok Sports-Talk Radio 74.8 "The Kok!"
            Toss to EJ, he's got a hole, and wham! He's hit square in the ribs by D'Bennishaw, and he's coming out...

            EJ did not come back, this then fueled the entire Bangkok team. On their next offensive drive Seth Harris would guide the team down the field and setup a Barry Smith touchdown reception. 17-7 Bangkok. Desmond was able to drive the team down to get a FG, but the morall was low entering the locker rooms. 17-10 at the half. Inside the Chelsea Lockeroom...
            Originally posted by Scott Carr
            God dammit guys we're ****ing better than this, now lets get our ****ing act together and win this ****.

            The team seemed to react and morall was back up.
            On the first play of the 2nd half, Hart, spying Noose's eyes was able to pick off a pass and return to the 4. That setup a rushing touchdown. It was now 17-17 and the game went back to a defensive chess match. Big Maurice Alan began to clog up Seth's holes, but Chad Reed and Johnny Cash were also forcing bad passes. The 4th quarter began the way the 3rd ended. Neither team was moving, Desmond was unable to complete passes since he didnt have enough time. But things finally started moving for Chelsea. On 1st and Goal, Chad would blitz Desmond and hit as he threw forcing the ball up into the air, only to have it picked by Lance Loose. Loose would run it out of the endzone and get it to the 31 but be injured on the play. A reverse to Smith ended in failure, but Bangkok was still able to drive to the redzone using quick slants and outs and pickup a FG with less than 2 minuetes on the clock. 20-17 2min warning. Desmond was unable to get them into FG range but got them close enough for him to try a hail mary. Then...
            Originally posted by Bangkok Sports-Talk Radio 74.8 "The Kok!"
            Originally posted by Bangkok Sports-Talk Radio 74.8 "The Kok!"
            Desmond drops back, and Bennishaw sack him, will No, he stays up and rolls right, Throws! Its tipped and Kareem has it, no its knocked out of his hands by Keaton!

            Final Score: Highlight
            Bangkok 20; Chelsea 17

            Stats: Highlight again

            Brent Noose 18-26 219 YDS 2TD

            Seth Harris 25-88; 2REC 21YDS

            Barry Smith 6REC 92YDS 2TD; 1-(-)4YDS

            Marcus Henderson 2REC 7YDS

            Aries Strong 3Pancakes 2Sacks Allowed

            D'Bennishaw 6TCKS 3TFL 1.5 Sacks

            Johnny Cash 6TCKS 1TFL .5 Sacks

            Chad Reed 9TCKS 2TFL 1Sack

            Lance Loose 3TCKS 1INT

            Roddy Harris 5TCKS 2DEF

            Troy Keaton 7TCKS 1DEF


            Mike Desmond 24-41 249YDS 1TD 1INT

            EJ Washington-Bush 7-26; 2REC 30YDS

            Kareem Johnson 9REC 122YDS 1TD

            Dan Krinkle 4Panckaes 1Sack Allowed

            Maurice Allan 4TCKS 2TFL

            Scott Carr 5TCKS 3TFL 2Scks

            Benn Hart 8TCKS 1DEF 1INT 1TFL

            Carter Mack 4TCKS 1DEF

            New Zealand @ Mexico City

            Coming into a fierce stadium New Zealand seemed up to the task. On the first play NZ lined up in the Power I and then...
            Originally posted by Mexico City Sports Radio 88.7
            Hands off to Diggs, Diggs hits the, wait, he pitches back to McBride, and he's gonna find Troy James wide open for the score!
            The play gave New Zealand the early lead, 7-0. On Mexico City's first drive they would be bombarded by blitzes from New Zealand, and Rashon Underwood would get the first sack of the game forcing a punt. NZ started out in a rarely seen spread offense. By doing this they forced MXC to use their dime and nickel packages. McBride and Q would hook up on a couple of quick slants, before giving the ball to Diggs on draw plays. NZ was able to get a FG on the drive making it 10-0. The defense continued to rattle the MXC QB's and were able to force another punt. Diggs and Wright then went to work on MXC, both were pushing the ball down the field and Diggs was able to score at the start of the 2nd. 17-0 at the start of the 2nd. MXC then stuck in their running QB who ran QB draws for substantial yardage. Once they got across the 50 they used a play called the "Tim Tebow Special." The QB faked a draw only to leap up and throw a pass to a WR running a crossing route. The WR's froze up a normally stout secondary and MXC scored showing off their run after catch ability, 17-7. Then on the kickoff...

            Originally posted by Mexico City Sports Radio 88.7
            Q Jackson recieves the kick at the 2, goes right cuts past the defender and speeds up field, he's got room and he'll be chased down by Martinez at the 28.
            Diggs made the most of the situation as he would score on a direct snap to the RB. 24-7 at the end of the half. MXC, resiliant would get a good kick return, but were only able to get a FG thanks to great play by Will Ward getting a sack on third and 3 during a playaction. 24-10 NZ. Not to be out done though was MXC's defense. On a screen to Troy James, a linebacker would strip it from him and the recovering safety would score, 24-17, MXC is right back in it. Opening up the 4th NZ would McBride would start calling his own number and gained a couple first downs and setup a FG, only to have the kicker miss. After getting the ball into kicking range, MXC's QB, trying to force it would throw a pick to DJ Jennings. NZ went back to giving the ball to Diggs against a weakend MXC Dline. Julian Wright would pound it in from the one making the score 31-17, NZ. Once again, trying to force something, Jennings would get his second pick of the game, this time he took it to the house, ending the game.

            Final Score

            New Zealand 38; Mexico City 17

            Ehren McBride 16-21 236 1TD; 6-45

            Junior Diggs 30-142 2TD

            Julian Wright 11-41 1TD

            Q Jackson 5REC 58YDS 1Fumble

            Troy James 3REC 103YDS 1TD

            Mitch Mitchell 1REC 7YDS

            John Mann 3Pancakes

            Darren Dockery 4Pancakes 1Sack Allowed

            Will Ward 5TCKS 2TFL 1Sack

            Deon Sizzler 4TCKS .5 Sack

            Rocker Hendrix 9TCKS 2TFL .5 Sack

            DJ Jennings 6TCKS 2INT's

            Jeremy Reed 4TCKS 1DEF

            Rashon Underwood 7TCKS 1Sack 1TFL

            Jeremy Stephonsen 7TCKS 1TFL 1DEF

            Cash Mikey 41 Avg
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              Monday Night Football- New Jersey @ Brooklyn

              Well guys, whats the outcome to this one?
              Im going with Jersey, I really like that Terrelle Moss kid, he's got some flash!

              Your crazy Boomer, its Brooklyn all the way, their Ends will be killing Biggums with pressure and the linebackers will keep Moss in check, not to mention they have a great secondary.

              And down on the field with Suzy Kolber we will see what Joe thinks...

              I could care less who wins, I just wanna kiss you...
              (Joe if your watching this site right now, please know ive got nothing but love for ya)

              1st Quarter

              A highly anticipated crosstown rivalry match began poorly for both offenses. But the defenses were looking wonderful. On the first drive, Davey Havok would get a sack and Aaron Brooks would pound the Brooklyn RB's keeping them from moving. When New Jersey had the ball, Moss was unable to create anything with the blocking he was given and Stone was double covered. Biggums had to make plays on his own, but the constant pressure kept him from getting the first. When Brooklyn got the ball back, Chet Taylor would crush their TE coming across the middle and take him out for the series. The heavy blitz kept Brooklyn from completing passes and they would only get one first down at the cost of their TE. With Stone on lockdown, they went to Moss on screens and flares. They were fairly sucessful, but evantually were forced to punt. A safety blitz allowed Taylor to get a sack and force a fumble, giving New Jersey great field position to start the 2nd quarter. 0-0 at the end of the first.

              2nd Quarter

              Tyronne was now happy to see his team got the ball back and then...
              Originally posted by Aikman
              Biggums takes the snap, rolls right fakes the pass and he's off, cuts inside, he's got room and he's gonna score!
              Originally posted by Berman
              Now lets watch the replay Troy, he rolls right, like they do often to setup a pass, but a very good pump tricks the safties and then WOOOP! He scores!
              Originally posted by Joe
              7-0 NJ. Getting the ball back, Brooklyn didnt want to get to far behind and began a methodical drive down the field taking advantage of the blitzes with short passes. On 3rd and 5, their QB would drop back to pass only to get sacked by Peter Brady. They would kick a FG making it 7-3. Biggums and Moss would march down the field using the option and were also able to put the team in FG range...
              Originally posted by Berman
              Good Snap, Good Hold, the kicks up and DOWN, its blocked, and Jerry Marker picks up for Brooklyn and he's got no one in front of him, but can this big Defensive Tackle score, WOOP! He laterals to Jefferson and Jefferson will score!
              It was now 10-7 and NJ felt the heat of putting up another touch down before the half ended. Driving down the field nicely, One bad play would ruin the whole drive. Trying to setup the short pass to Moss, Biggums' pass was intecepted by a corner who was playing the flats. Brooklyn drove it down again for a FG. 13-7 Brooklyn. NJ was now in 2 minuete mode and a few great connections between Stone and Biggums setup the short touchdown run by Moss. 14-13 NJ lead at the half.

              Berman: We'll send it to John in LA...

              My Halftime hero is Tyronne Biggums, he plays a whole lot like Brett Favre and when ya play like Brett Favre your gonna win and when you win your team gets a chance at being Champions.............................

              3rd Quarter

              Both teams were at a stand still in the third. Moss was getting stopped behind the line, while NJ's Defense racked up sacks. The only scoring was two FG's, one by each team. One setup by a 25 yard run by Moss. The other after a series of deep passes by Brooklyn. 17-16 at the end of the third.

              4th Quarter

              Brooklyn came out firing, completing outs, slants and screens for big gains. But on fourth and one they would go for it only to have one of their WR's drop the pass. Getting the ball back Biggums would lead his team downfield constantly calling his own number and picking up good yards. Unfortunetly they would stall in the redzone and have to kick a FG making it 20-16 NJ. As NJ's LB's backed off, Brooklyn began to run it and pound it for yards. It worked at first but as soon as Brooks stepped up his game, the yards stopped coming. He was leading by example and pretty soon the whole defense was on fire. Then...
              Originally posted by Aikman
              He drops back, pumps, throws and its picked off by Chet Taylor, Taylor to the 40, the 50 (Berman WOOOOP!) He jukes a defender and he's to the 30, 20, 10, TOUCHDOWN New Jersey!
              With the score 27-16 NJ just about put the game out of reach and on the next drive forced a 4 and out, effectivly putting away Brooklyn.

              Final Score
              New Jersey 27; Brooklyn 16

              Tyrone Biggums 12-25 114YDS 1INT; 14-93 1TD

              Terrell Moss 17-88 1TD

              Julio Stone 6REC 70YDS

              Bob Rankins 4TCKS

              Jordan Grove 3TCKS 1TFL

              Peter Brady 4TCKS 1TFL 1Sack

              Aaron Brooks 11TCKS 4TFL 1Sack

              Leo Willingham 6TCKS 1DEF

              Davey Havok 5TCKS 2TFL 2Sacks

              Joe Harris 7TCKS 1DEF

              Chet Taylor Jr 8TCKS 1INT
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