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  • Fantasy Basketball Keeper League

    Hey guys ... my keeper league I am in is needing a few dedicated owners. This isn't a league you check once a week and think you can get by. It is really something you need to AT LEAST check daily. If you don't think you can do that, just do not read any farther. I would also prefer someone who has been around a bit on this site, so I know for a fact they are reliable.

    Right now we are going thru a big transition. We play on a site called because it gives a much different scoring system than the traditional fantasy basketball. Only about 3 weeks ago did the site decide to come back, so our fantasy league is trying to get prepared for that, unexpectedly.

    There were some owners who also would rather act childish, so to move forward with our league, we had to replace them.

    Right now, we are gearing for the rookie/free agent draft which will be shortened now likely, due to time.

    This league has been around for almost 5 years, so it is rather good.

    The next week is going to be very fast paced, so if you are interested, let me know ASAP thru PM so I can fill you in on some other things you will need to know about our league.

    There are about 4 spots open, and a one or two may be already reserved. So if you think you can be dedicated to the league, let me know, because it is first come first serve.


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    Still needing some guys for the league.

    PM if interested.



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