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  • The New FWF Promo Thread

    Post your promos for FWF events in here

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    (The scene starts at a FWF house show. FWF Ring Announcer Jack James is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand)

    Jack James: Ladies and Gentlemen. Please welcome Adam Morgan to the ring.

    (Adam Morgan walks out from backstage and towards the ring. He is wearing a red bandana around his forhead, dark shades, and a flannel shirt unbuttuned except for the top button. He appears to have new tattoos covering his neck. He struts down to ringside and climbs into the ring. The crowd doesn't know how to respond to this.)

    Adam Morgan: Hola mi amigo? Que paso? Want some chicle?

    Jack James: You really are going out of your way to make yourself Mexican aren't you?

    Adam Morgan: They don't call me The Latin King for nothing Jack.

    Jack James: You're right they don't call you The Latin King.

    Adam Morgan: Hey people call me The Latin King all the time!

    Jack James: Like who?

    Adam Morgan: You know, uh lots of people. I'm pretty sure I heard a guy at the laundromat say it.

    Jack James:
    (pointing to tattoo on Adam's neck) Is that magic marker?

    Adam Morgan: No that's my new tattoo holmes. It shows how proud of my Mexican heritage I really am.

    Jack James: No I'm pretty sure it's magic marker.
    (licks thumb and wipes the tattoo off) I told you.

    Adam Morgan: Hey essay, back up off me before I cut you holmes. No gringo is going to disrespect me like that. Comprende?

    Jack James: Whatever. I don't have time to argue with you over this. What exactly did you want me to introduce you for anyway?

    "The Latin King" Adam Morgan: Ok listen up holmes. So I was cruising around town in my lowrider all day thinking about how that gringo Rod Gordon had the nerve to question my proud Mexican heritage. Who does that guy think he is? I mean look at me. I am clearly Mexican. Don't you agree essay? I've known my parents were Mexican since I was six years old and I chose to play socc....I mean futbol. Or was it that my 8th birthday when I really wanted that pinata for my birthday? Either way I've known for a pretty long time. All my life, people have been disrespecting me and not believing me when I told them I was Mexican. But that's not going to happen anymore. No that's right, the gringos won't be holding the brown man down any longer when I win the FWF World Championship at the Pay Per View. All I have to do first is take care of this Hitman guy first. How hard can that be right holmes? We Mexicans are naturally superior athletes due to a lifetime of training to climb really tall fences and run really long distances while being chased by La Migra. This vato doesn't stand a chance holmes. I'm going to get in that ring and hit him with my new move The Tortilla Maker and it's going to be lights out. Uno...Dos...uh, Three for the pin. Then I'll be able to focus my attention on what really matters, winning the FWF World Championship. That's it for now Jack, or as we say in Mexico.....uh....Jack. Actually I'm pretty sure we say Jack too. I have to go now. I'm going to go meet some of my amigos down by the Home Depot and see if I can't happen to find some work for the day. Adios holmes.

    (Adam Morgan then drops his microphone and leaves the ring)

    Jack James: That may have been the most offensive five minutes I have ever witnessed in the history of professional wrestling. And this coming from a guy who's seen King Kong Bundy sit on a Native American midget. I don't know if I can take this anymore.

    (Jack James shakes his head in disbelief as he leaves the ring)


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      Stacy Smith sits down with Scar (Samuel Carr) about his match in the qualifier of the tournament.

      Stacy: You're an Iraqi war veteran, how will that experience help you in the FWF?

      Scar: I believe I can help this company as it's first champion. I believe I can carry this company to great heights with my experiences I learned in the military

      Stacy: You talk about being Champion, how important is that to you?

      Scar: It's the most important thing for me right now. i believe I'm the best candidate for the championship.

      Stacy: So what are your thoughts about fighting X-Will in the tournament qualifier on Thursday?

      Scar: It's going to be a good match. I have nothing against X and he is a great wrestler. Our backgrounds are going to create an interesting clash on who should be the representative for the US. That's why we were chosen to represent this country in the tournament. The best man will win, and that man is me. The former Army Captain, and a 3 time armed forces MMA champion.

      Stacy: Good luck in your match on Thursday!
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        *The camera pans to a dark underground tunnel. It appears to be in some type of sewer as there are rats scurrying around the ground around a flowing body of green water. A light at the top of the tunnel has a faint humming sound as it flickers on an off. A man in a metallic suit begins walking through the dark tunnel toward the camera. A belt around his shoulder and a pure metal mask covering his face. He has a soft growl as he begins to speak.*

        The Eliminator: I began my dominance of the FWF long ago, eliminating a punk who had no right being in the ring with me let along the same building. The FWF Championship is around my shoulder and there is no one who can even compete with me, let alone take this title away. Now, I have returned to the FWF to destroy whoever is in my path. I will start with the weak. LE Storm and Yay Bryant may not wrestle again after Thursday night. After they receive the punishment, the pain, and the humiliation that I bring to anyone who dares face me and thinks they can even compete with me, they may not even be able to walk. DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN BEAT THE ELIMINATOR? DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT HE WON'T DESTROY YOU BOTH BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN REACT? You are pathetic to think that you can even come close to matching my power.

        *The Eliminator slowly takes off his belt and wraps it around his waist. Raising his arms in glory.*

        The Eliminator: This is the end of the line! Everyone in the FWF hear my voice loud and clear! The Eliminator is prepared to pick each of you off, one by one until there is no one in his wake. Until the FWF is barren and all of the wrestlers must bow down to me. Until the judgement day has come and The Eliminator has dominated. When that happens, know that you will BE ELIMINATED!

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          (Cut from opening credits and theme song show Australian FWF sensation Jayson Crane standing next to FWF interviewer Hal Frazier)

          Frazier: So Jayson, you've got a a warm up match this week with British sensation Bunj Carter. What are your thoughts on the match?

          Crane: Well we all know Bunj can wrestle, and it certainly is surprisingly nice to wrestle a fellow Commonwealthian, but that doesn't mean I will take it easy on the guy. I've got a lot of respect for him, but when it comes down to business, Carter is going to be in so much pain, he will be regretting even setting foot in the same arena as me. He's a big guy; he's got about 40 pounds on me, but from what I've seen, he can't back that size up with much at all. He'd be lucky to beat my grandma. Once he's experienced the Crayne Train, he'll be lucky to backup for the Championship match next week.

          Frazier: Certainly some big words their Crane, I wonder if you can actually back them up.

          Crane: Are you freaking kidding me. I've wrestled all over the world. I've beaten big guys, I've beaten small guys, I've beaten technical guys, I've beaten em all. Carter is just the next guy on a long list of casualties.

          Frazier: I'm sorry champ, I'm sorry. Speaking of champs, what are your chances of winning the title next week?

          Crane: As far as I'm concerned, I've already won. There ain't nobody out their who can beat me in a ladder match. I was born for that match.

          (Crane exits to the left leaving Frazier with a befuddled look on his face)


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            Some heel(not gonna list a name b/c idk if I can.) comes out and the crowd begins to boo. Then he says "Shut up! Each and every one of you shut up! You're lucky I even showeed up. The reason why I am here is to host my 100 dollor challenge, I will chose one kid to come up here and bounce this ball 10 times for 100 dollors." So some kid goes up there, starts to bounce the ball when the guy hit the ball away from him and says "Did you really think I would let you take 100 bucks from me. Keep dreaming" Then the Hitman comes running out of the crowd and preforms the money maker on the heel then grabs a mic and says "Hey everybody. I just wanted to let ya'll know I will be in that ladder match wether I win thursday or not! I mean as you just saw, they don't call me the Hitman for nothing."
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              [X-Will is sitting in the locker room preparing for his match]
              X-Will: This is your boy, X Will, straight out of Compton with an analysis of who is going to win my match with Samuel Carr.
              [Pulls out notepad and pen]
              Samuel Carr, 6'3 235, X-Will . Advantage X-Will. Samuel Carr survived Iraq, X-Will survived Compton. Advantage X-Will again. Samuel Carr has little wrestling experience, X-Will has 10 years. Advantage X-Will. Samuel Carr has 1 girl in his hottub at home. X-Will has 8. Advantage X-Will.
              [Screen goes black with a red X on it]

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