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  • DC Wrestling Promo Thread

    This thread is for IN CHARACTER BITS ONLY.

    This will be used for the initial promos where people flesh out their character and their goals, allowing me to book the first card.

    As far as after that, If you have promos/segments you want to do that dont really belong on the show, or just small character bits you want to do, that all goes here. This is also where I will be announcing the full cards for shows.


    Note: Do not PM me any stuff until after the initial card is announced.


    Stacy Smith, Backstage Interviewer
    Rod Gordon, DCWF Owner and Founder
    Thomas the Orderly, Referee
    Bill Warren, Play by Play announcer
    Ace Anderson
    , Color Commentator
    Franklin Furter, Ring Announcer

    - The DCWF World Championship
    - The DCWF World Tag Team Championships
    - The DCWF Television Championship
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    *A Limo pulls up next to a private jet. Out steps a man dressed in a very expensive suit, wearing a very expensive watch, and wearing sunglasses. Its Chris Stylez.*

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, a new era in the world of Professional Wrestling has begun. What you are looking at, is not only the future of the DCWF, Its the future of Sports. The future of Sports entertainment. The future of entertainment in general. And you wont need long to realize why. Because by the time this interview is over, you will realize EXACTLY WHY, I am referred to as Wrestling Royalty. You will realize EXACTLY WHY, I am the class of the DCWF. As a matter of fact, I am bigger than the DCWF. I am bigger than Wrestling altogether. When you go to bed at night thinking theres more to life, when you think that maybe there is something larger at work in this world, you're thinking of me, The Canadian Phenomenon. You're thinking of the Uncrowned Champ.

    The time for accounting is now. It is time for hands to be raised, and names to be taken. I stand here today as a vessel of God's will, acting as his own right hand. We seek those among you who are worthy enough to stand by our side. But the truth is, our search seems to be in vain. The TRUTH, is that none of you here in the DCWF are worthy. When I look at you, when GOD looks at you... we see nothing but waste.

    And so the purpose of my being here must shift. And theres only one thing that could draw my attention in this cesspool of a country you call America - the DCWF World Championship. By rule, the World's Title is held by the best in the world at that given time. So the fact that I'm not being awarded that Championship from the get go is an absolute disgrace. There is no one in this business like me. Theres no one in the DCWF like me. Not even close. You see, I strive to be godlike. Not only in words, but in deeds. And quite frankly, Im as close as humanly possible to achieving that. In the ring, im in a class by myself. They call me God's Gift to Wrestling for a reason. And all the proof you'll need of that will be when I raise the Worlds Heavyweight Championship above my head in the DCWF for the first time, and it hits everyone that none of you, and I mean none of you - can take it from me. Not on my worst day, not on your best.

    *Stylez checks his watch.*

    "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a flight to Toronto to catch, and you're wasting my time."


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      *Screen fades in from black as you see The Carellos standing next to the chair behind Papa Carello's desk with Papa Carello sitting in the chair.*

      Papa Carello: I'm Papa Carello, and I'd like to introduce you to my sons. On my right here is the very cut and athletic Jimmy Carello. He's the younger of my two sons, but don't let it fool you, he's a leader. He stands some 6'2" and weighs some 220 pounds. He has mastered top rope maneuvers and how to beat an opponent with speed and agility. Then, there is my older boy Vinny. He's raw strength with pure aggression. He stands some 6'4" and weighs some 250 pounds. He's mastered the fine art of dominating his opponents. As a team they are arguably the most fearsome duo out there. They are a one of a kind tag team and no one compares. Their team work of raw power and unstoppable speed is too much for any opponent. They look like pure domination in the DCWF and should be the initial holders of that tag team championship.

      *screen fades to black*

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        "Sabotage enters the parking lot after leaving DCW's headquarters rumor has it he just signed a lucrative contract to leave his former employer to join DCW."

        "He is just about to his car when he is chased down by DCW's Stacy Smith who shoves a microphone in his face."

        Sabotage: Hey, watch were your sticking that thing.

        Stacy: Sorry, Sabotage I'm just excited to have you here that is if you are officially a DCW Superstar?

        Sabotage: Word travels fast around here I see.

        Stacy: That it does. Would you mind answering a few questions?

        Sabotage: To tell you the truth Stacy I do mind I didn't join DCW to talk but since Owner and Founder Rod Gordon insisted I do interviews I don't have a choice do I?

        "Stacy is surprised by how this interview is going takes a step back but then regains her composer."

        Stacy: Well if you didn't join to talk what did you join for.

        Sabotage: To win by any means necessary, you see the DCW management,locker room,fans and even you Stacy will learn real fast that not only does pain not bother me I crave it its like a drug to me. There is no one in this business that is willing to go as extreme as me and I can't wait to show not only what I can do but what I'm willing to endure to win.

        "Sabotage walks off leaving Stacy Smith with a bewildered look on here face."
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          *Theme music ( begins and Troy James slowly walks to the ring accompanied by associate Rampage.*

          I would like start off my first appearance in the DCWF by exchanging pleasantries with ladies and gentleman who have blessed this company with their attendance. But you know what? There just isn't any time for that. I'm not here to be friends with you people. I'm here to win. To be honest, I'm beyond shocked that you people would go as far as to boo me for not greeting you. I guess it's just the arrogance that has made the USA such a train-wreck of a country for as long as I can remember.

          For those of you who have never heard of me, which I doubt is many at all, my name is Troy James. The Australian Sensation. The Wonder from Down Under. The Humane One. I've come all the way from Australia for just one thing. It's not to put on amazing wrestling matches for you despicable people, it's to win the DCWF championship. And to be honest, it shouldn't be too hard. You Americans can not wrestle and it's about time a foreigner showed you just how ridiculous you guys look in the square circle. I've perfected the craft of wrestling and transformed it into masterpiece of athleticism, ring awareness and intelligence. There is nobody here who compares.

          You may have noticed my associate Rampage standing next to me. Rampage is my manager and business partner. A man of my abilities is obviously going to incite a lot of jealousy amongst the rest of the DCW locker room. I'm good. But if I was to be attacked by 3 or more wrestlers, even I couldn't get out of that situation without an injury or two. That's why my boy Rampage is here. Think of him as my 'insurance policy'. He is going to make sure my dream comes true, whilst he gets to do some of the things he loves. Beat the crap out of people.

          By the sounds of things, you people don't sound to impressed with what I'm saying. But I get it. I wouldn't expect the country who elected George Bush to presidency, TWICE, to understand. I guess the saying ignorance is bliss really did come from America because you people are the most ignorant crowd I've ever had to waste my time talking to.

          I'm finished with this rubbish. You people don't need to be told what is going to happen. No, no, no. You're all just fan-boys who pander to the wrestlers who kiss yours asses the most. I guess I'll just have to prove to you that everything I say is gospel when I began the very first DCWF champion.

          They don't call me the Australian Sensation or the Wonder from Down Under for nothing. My name is Troy James, and on behalf of the rest of the world, well at least the parts that actually matter, I will prove my dominance.

          *Throws mic to the floor and is accompanied by Rampage back out of the stadium amongst a sea of chants and boos.*
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            *screen comes up to a wrestling ring in a empty arena.James Matthews appears standing in the ring looking around.He then looks at the camera.*

            Matthews: Hell, I'm James Matthews.I've been wrestling since I was 19.I was trained by the legendary Captain Lou Albano may he rest in peace.I have been over the world won numerous titles in my 5 years from Japan to Mexico.I am coming to DCWF for one domination.I really don't care who they put in front of me when I step in that ring...nothing short of a win will satisfy me.I guarantee by the time my DCWF career is over I will be considered the best this company has ever seen and it does'nt matter who or what stands in my way*pauses* will suffer the same fate...PAIN.Looking at this roster it's only a matter of time bedore I am the DCWF Champion.

            *Camera fades to black*


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              Scar: ahhhhh.... it feels good to be back in the states. Just got back from my third tour in the sand box. We have an interesting cast of characters in the DCWF. Looks to be exciting. But none can compare to me in terms of actual wrestling ability. None can compare to me in terms of submission talents. And no one here can compare to me in toughness. I have been to places and seen things no one else has seen before. If only you knew... If only you knew...
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                In the middle of a DCWF house show, you begin to hear the Canadian Narional Anthem. The screen shows a Canadian flag and nothing else, then Bryan Hart comes on screen and stands in front of the flag.

                "Good evening ladies and gents, and what a fine evening it is. My name is Bryan Hart, and I am the newest superstar to join the DCWF and and I would like to introduce myself. First off, I am Canadian, and I understand that in the past, the DCWF has had trouble finding a legit Canadian wrestler who can lead the company, and that's why I'm here. I am here to represent the great country that is Canada, but don't worry, I'm not like the other Canadian scum in this company, I love Canada, but the US ain't so bad. See, I am a lot different then those other so called Canadians, I am a different breed of wrestler. I don't take the easy way out and cheat my way to the top like the others, those disgraces to Canada. I fight for honor and glory and will work my way to the top or die trying. So, now there is only one thing left to ask, Are you ready for the New Breed of Hart family wrestling?!?!?"

                *Hart poses as screen fades to black and crowd applauses*
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                  Jon "Nasty" Mirasty walks out to a house show in the U.S. wearing a Toronto Maple Leaf jersey and jeans. He grabs a mic...

                  "You see this picture I have right here. This is the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. This was supposed to be my home. This was my dream. This was it. I was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 2nd round of the 2003 draft. I was one of the toughest guys draft-eligible. I was taken that high based on my sheer ability to smash other's people's faces in. That's what I was born to do. However, dreams change and now I'm out to show everybody in the world who The Nasty One is in the DCWF.

                  All of you worthless individuals should be happy to even be in my presence. You all should be bowing before me marveling in my greatness. I have accomplished more in my young life than all of you maggots ever will. I have more talent in my left hand than all of you miscreants put together. I have broke more bones, faces, and handed out more pain than any of you could ever imagine.

                  Now I've set my sights on the DCWF. I'm ready to show all these pretenders that Nasty is for real. Nobody has gone through all the hard work I have done. Nobody has the talent that I possess. Nobody can stand toe-to-toe with me. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top and stay there. If that includes smacking people in the head with my hockey sticks, so be it. I actually quite enjoy it *smiles and pauses*and I actually wouldn't mind trying it on a couple of you disrepectful people. You shouldn't be booing me, you should be cheering me. You are in the presence of the greatest wrestler the DCWF has to offer. Soon, you'll all be witnesses to just that. Soon there will be a Nasty Sight in the DCWF."

                  Mirasty drops the mic, raises the Maple Leaf symbol on his jersey in the air, and walks away to a massive amount of boos and "you suck" chants.



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                    Jack James: Hello all you wrestling fans out there in cyberspace. I'm Jack James and today we're going to start with the first segment of's documentary series Finding Andy. On this series, you'll join me as we follow DCWF wrestler Andy on his quest to discover his heritage. So to start this off, why don't we head to the locker room and meet Andy and get to know this confused young man. I've never met him so you'll have to bear with me while we find him.

                    :::Jack James leads the camera into a crowded DCWF locker room where several wrestlers are preparing for the night's house show. Off in a far corner we see a fat man with greasy shaggy brown hair and a scruffy beard. He's all alone in the corner and seems to be generally ignored by the rest of the men in the locker room.:::

                    Jack James: Oh God. Please don't let that be Andy.

                    ::The fat man sees the camera and excitedly waves and motions for Jack James and the camera to come over to him:::

                    Jack James: Andy, I presume?

                    Andy: Yup, how'd you know?

                    Jack James: Just call it a hunch. Anyway, as you've already been made aware, the DCWF has taken an interest in your search to discover your heritage and has decided to follow you and document your journey of self-discovery in an online feature entitled Finding Andy on their website, So with this being the first installment, why don't you tell us a little about yourself so we can really get to know where you're coming from.

                    Andy: Ok. Well first off, I'm Andy. Ever since I can remember I've been living in foster care, not knowing who my real parents are. I spent the majority of my life bouncing around from place to place trying to find a place to call home and someone to call family. It wasn't the happiest of childhoods as you can imagine. I had to go on day after day with these burning questions constantly swirling around inside my head. Who am I? Who are my parents? Why would they abandon me?

                    Jack James: ::under his breath::I can think of a reason.....

                    Andy: What?

                    Jack James: Nothing. Please continue.

                    Andy: Oh ok. Well anyways. Growing up it was hard for me to fit in. I never really felt like I belonged anywhere because I had trouble determining who I really was. It ate me up inside and it still does to this day. I'd give anything just to have a feeling of belonging. To have people I can share commonalities with. That's why I'm embarking on this quest of self-discovery. I'm not going to rest until I find that place where I fit in and a heritage to share and bond with others. I just want to say........

                    ::Andy trails off as he is distracted by some loud boisterous laughter on the other side of the locker room. A group of low card DCWF luchadors are all gathered around and are laughing and joking with each other. Andy seems to be watching them with a look of awe upon his face. Jack James snaps his fingers in Andy's face to break the gaze and get his attention::

                    Jack James: Hey Andy, you were saying? Remember we don't have all day with these segments. You can't just go zoning out like that.

                    Andy: Oh. I was just saying that I really appreciate that the DCWF and it's website has taken an interest in my story and wishes to help me out. It really means a lot to me. It makes me feel like I'm not that alone after.....

                    Jack James: Ok you're welcome Andy. Like I told you, we don't have all day so I'm going to cut you off right there. It didn't seem like that was going anywhere anyway. So folks, there you have it. Keep tuning into for more installments of Finding Andy with me Jack James as we try to help Andy figure out who he really is. Goodnight folks.


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             has been invited to meet with one of the new superstars in an all access insight.

                      As we arrive at an ordinary looking building, the doors burst open and we are greeted by the sights and sounds of a training facility. After scanning the building we see standing with a coach... is Michael Kasabian.

                      Michael is covered in sweat, bruised all over and deep in conversation with his coach who is looking rather argumentative, trouble in the camp? Not for Michael Kasabian.

                      "Hey guys" Kasabian says as warmly as you can imagine, offering his hand, "How's it going? My coach Serge over there is working me to the bone, and I absolutely love it. As some of the DCWrestling fans will be aware, I used to be a band, sellouts we were called, and you know what? They were right, I needed to get back to something more real, more noble, and I think I have found that in wrestling. Right now I may not be the best, but I want the fans to see that inside and outside the ring, I am working my butt off to get better. Anyway guys thanks for stopping by, would love to stay and chat some more, but I have more work to do."

                      Michael then walks away and enters the ring, whipping a training partner into the ropes before performing his patented "Seek and Destroy" maneuver, we'd say he looks ready to go.

                      Good luck to the rest of the DCWF.
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                        Sitting in a luxurious looking house in front of a large open log fire, are two men, one immaculately dressed, the other looking slightly more wild.

                        "Good evening, I am Vincent" says the well dressed male, "and this is my younger brother Eddie. You may not be aware of us at present, but you will be. I am the founder and creater of Massive Attack, and I am going to win the tag team titles. I will not stop until I am wearing that belt, no one can go to such depths as me, I will snap every bone in your body, one by one, until you can no longer take the pain, and then I will let Eddie here finish you off, isn't that right Eddie"

                        *Camera pans to Eddie, who looks as though he wants to speak, before being given a hard glare by Vincent, camera pans to Vincent still glaring at his brother*

                        "Massive Attack are coming, and we will win, I promise you, or people will pay"

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                          [The bar is dark and dim, and a light haze of smoke hovers in the air. Sitting in the corner of this tiny bar in Dublin, Ireland surrounded by his entourage is star wrestler Mickey Murphy. Cigar in his mouth and wearing only jeans and a wifebeater, it is clear that he feels he doesnt need fine suits or expensive jewelery to make himself appealing. A pint of Guinness sits half empty on the table, and Murphy looks directly into the camera as he speaks in his Irish accent.]

                          You can keep your fancy suits. You can keep your watches, sunglasses, and expensive cars. Keep your huge houses and your big screen televisions. Keep your fledgling acting careers and your playboy bunnies. Alright, well, maybe not the bunnies. (winks) When you step inside the ring with Mickey Murphy, you need to realize one thing: none of that **** will save you. Because when I come, I come for blood. There is no measure to how hard I will hit you, or how fast I will force you to tap. I will give you no quarter lads, I promise you that. And to those who would think of antagonizing me, I have only one thing to say...beware the wrath of the Irish.

                          [Murphy winks again and downs the remainder of his beer and signals for the bartender to bring him another. The camera fades to black as "I'm Shipping Up to Boston", Murphy's entrance music, begins to play.]
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                          The APS is strong in this one.
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                          Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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                            The screen at a crowed DCWF house show shows Pacman Jennings and B. Easy roll up in pacman's new car to the DCWF parking lot blaring Pacman's entrence music. The music stops and out walk The Compton Collision. Pacman begins to talk

                            "Good evening punk ass wanna-bee haters, we are tonight's entertainment. Better yet, we are every Wendnesday Night's entertainment. We are the Compton Collision aka the future DCWF tag champs, I am Pacman Jennings aka the future DCWF Champ and this is my boi B. Easy aka the future DCWF TV Champ. See we are what everyone wants to be. Killonaires. Women want us, men fear us. We are here to exterminate all of the punk ass wana-bee haters from the DCWF. And if you got a problem with that, we got 2 words for ya! SUCK IT!"

                            Pacman and Easy get back in the car and leave as fans boo.



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                              Stacy: Hello DCW fans! I am here with “The Lethal One” Scott Phoenix. Scott tell our fans why exactly you are in DCW?

                              Scott: Well Tracy…

                              Stacy: It’s Stacy, Scott

                              Scott: Sugartits… I am sorry to break this to you, but nobody cares…

                              Now lets get back to the business at hand. Why am I here? Why is “The Lethal One” here? That is the 64,000 thousand dollar for the day huh? Well, why I am here is pretty simple. I have the same goal as everyone else, to be the best, to dominate everybody else here. However, unlike this entire sad sack roster, I can actually reach that goal. I have everything that you need to beat anybody and everybody put before me. I…have the looks. I…have the strength. I…have the Brains. I, Scott Phoenix,… have the talent to raise the bar in DCW. There is nobody here, in this hole of an organization, can stop me from doing whatever I damn well please. Like I said before… the bar has been raised here, and if you cannot meet it stay out of my way, or I will turn out to be, Your Judge… Your Jury…….and Your Executioner.

                              VOTED BEST TATTOO SHOP IN CLEVELAND



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