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Fantasy Sports city (NBA/MLB combined Mock)

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  • Fantasy Sports city (NBA/MLB combined Mock)

    Here is a little idea I came up with and hoping that some people will be interested in it. You choose a city and then draft a NBA and MLB team for it.

    Both teams will be drafted in the same draft. I would like input on the roster

    13 player roster for the MLB team - (8 position players, no dh - 5 Starters) We could reduce starters to compensate for round length

    8-10 player roster for NBA team - depending on round length

    Snake Order

    Number of teams will be determined by interest


    Oakland, California - Windy City Big Gamer Uno
    Washington DC - neko4
    Detroit, Michigan - Scotty D
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Chucky
    Kansas City, Missouri - T-Rich 49
    Phoenix, Arizona - fenikz
    Seattle, Washington - theteddginnshow
    Indianapolis, Indiana- cardsalltheway
    New York - jets future

    1 hour to make your pick.Clock Starts at 4 EST on Weekdays. Stops at 11 EST on Weeknights. On weekends starts at 12 EST ends at 12 EST. Picks can be made at any time (when clock is not going). Draft starts when Phoenix makes their pick.

    Draft Order

    Round 1

    1.Phoenix - Ladainian Tomlinson, RB
    2.Toronto - Lebron James, F
    3.Oakland - Champ Bailey, CB
    4.Indianapolis - Peyton Manning, QB
    5.Detroit - Julius Peppers, DE
    6.Washington - Allen Iverson, PG
    7.New York - Kevin Garnett, F
    8.Kansas City - Dwight Howard, F
    9.Seattle - Tom Brady

    Round 2

    1.Seattle - Steve Nash
    2.Kansas City - Carson Palmer, QB
    3.New York - Dwayne Wade, G
    4.Washington - Ray Lewis, MLB
    5.Detroit - Brain Urlacher, MLB
    6.Indianapolis - Dirk Nowitski, PF
    7.Oakland - Kobe Bryant, G
    8.Toronto - Chris Bosh, PF
    9.Phoenix - Gilbert Arenas, G

    Round 3

    1.Phoenix - Amare Stoudamire, PF/C
    2.Toronto - Tim Duncan, PF/C
    3.Oakland - Yao Ming, C
    4.Indianapolis - Walter Jones, LT
    5.Detroit - Chris Paul, PG
    6.Washington - Carmello Anthony, F
    7.New York - Shawn Marion, F
    8.Kansas City - Marcus McNeil, LT
    9.Seattle - Larry Johnson, RB

    Round 4

    1.Seattle - Ed Reed, S
    2.Kansas City - Vince Carter, F
    3.New York - Shawne Merriman, OLB
    4.Washington - Chad Johnson, WR
    5.Detroit - Ray Allen, G
    6.Indianapolis - Elton Brand, PF/C
    7.Oakland - Jammal Brown, LT
    8.Toronto - Steven Jackson, RB
    9.Phoenix - Anquan Boldin, WR

    Round 5

    1.Phoenix - Jason Kidd, PG
    2.Toronto - Jason Taylor, DE
    3.Oakland - Steve Hutchinson
    4.Indianapolis - Marvin Harrison, WR
    5.Detroit - Dwight Freeney, DE
    6.Washington - Paul Pierce, SG
    7.New York - Orlando Pace, LT
    8.Kansas City - Kirk Hinrich - G
    9.Seattle - Tracy McGrady

    Round 6

    1.Seattle - Steve Smith, WR
    2.Kansas City - TJ Whosyourmomma, WR
    3.New York - DeMarcus Ware, OLB/DE
    4.Washington - Aaron Kampman, DE
    5.Detroit - Andrei Kirilenko, SF
    6.Indianapolis - Chauncey Billups, PG
    7.Oakland - Emeka Okafor, PF/C
    8.Toronto - Tommie Harris, DT
    9.Phoenix - Drew Brees, QB

    Round 7

    1.Phoenix - Terrell Suggs, DE
    2.Toronto - Richard Seymour, DE
    3.Oakland -Clinton Portis, RB
    4.Indianapolis - Julian Peterson, OLB
    5.Detroit - Shaq, C
    6.Washington - Chris Samuels, T
    7.New York - Rashean Mathis, CB
    8.Kansas City - Reggie Bush, RB
    9.Seattle - Tarik Glenn, OT

    Round 8

    1.Seattle - Olin Kreutz, C
    2.Kansas City - Rip Hamilton, SG
    3.New York - Casey Hampton, DT
    4.Washington - Sean Taylor, S
    5.Detroit - John Henderson, DT
    6.Indianapolis - Willie Anderson, OT
    7.Oakland - Larry Fitzgerald, WR
    8.Toronto - Shaun Rogers, DT
    9.Phoenix - Adrian Wilson, S

    Round 9

    1.Phoenix - Carlos Boozer, F
    2.Toronto - Joe Johnson, G
    3.Oakland - Troy Polamalu, S
    4.Indianapolis - Kevin Williams, DT
    5.Detroit - DeAngelo Hall, CB
    6.Washington - Santana Moss, WR
    7.New York - Jermaine O Neal, F
    8.Kansas City - Antonio Gates, TE
    9.Seattle - Marcus Stroud, DT

    Round 10

    1.Seattle - Shawn Andrews, G
    2.Kansas City - Tony Gonzalez
    3.New York - Baron Davis
    4.Washington - Brett Favre
    5.Detroit - Jordan Gross
    6.Indianapolis - Nate Clements, CB
    7.Oakland - Nnamdi Asomugha, CB
    8.Toronto - Bob Sanders, S
    9.Phoenix - Asante Samuel

    Round 11

    1.Phoenix - Lance Briggs
    2.Toronto - Jon Vilma
    3.Oakland - Alan Faneca, OG
    4.Indianapolis - Rashard Lewis, SF
    5.Detroit - D'Brickashaw Ferguson
    6.Washinton - Larry Allen, OG
    7.New York
    8.Kansas City
    9.Seattle -
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    Umm sure if I get a little better understanding and not have to pick first, and why not NFL?

    Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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      Originally posted by neko4 View Post
      Umm sure if I get a little better understanding and not have to pick first, and why not NFL?
      Bascially you make two expansion teams in a US city. I thought the NFL would cause this to be to long, but if people want to do it I would love to do the NFL

      Example I choose Detroit Michigan. The draft would look like this

      Round - 1

      1.Detroit - Carlos Delfino
      2.Chicago - Brandon Inge
      3.Houston - Tracy McGrady
      4.Atlanta - Mike Maroth


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        Oakland, California


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          Yeah I would like the NFL, but I dont know if everyone else will.
          Anyway I'll take DC

          Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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            Toronto, ONtario, Canada


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              count me in

              Phoenix, Arizona


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                Kansas City Missouri


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                  Alright I would like 2 more people. And is everyone okay with the NBA/MLB combo or should we try to add NFL to it?


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                    im fine with just the 2


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                      so pretty much the players from all the sports teams of the cities we have chosen are put into a pool, and we choose from them?


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                        i wouldnt mind nfl.


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                          Originally posted by Chucky View Post
                          so pretty much the players from all the sports teams of the cities we have chosen are put into a pool, and we choose from them?

                          And if we do the NFL we have to get rid of either the MLB or NBA. I think it should be the MLB because it would be a shorter draft.

                          So if we do NBA and NFL. I'd say we are looking at a 30 round draft.

                          22 for NFL (maybe 23 for kickers)
                          8 for NBA

                          Is everyone okay with this?


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                            Sweet there's a guy doing Toronto!

                            sig by BoneKrusher


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                              Originally posted by etk View Post
                              Sweet there's a guy doing Toronto!

                              We're rootin' for ya Chucky

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