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Band Draft #3: Best of the 90's - Sign up!!

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  • Band Draft #3: Best of the 90's - Sign up!!

    Same as last time, different decade. This time, you have to build a supergroup out of only musicians from the 90s. I don't care if they played in 1989 or 2000, they're not eligible. If you need further explanation, feel free to sent me some mail.

    The rules are as follows:
    - This will be a snake draft. Number of players will depend on who signs up obviously. No more than 10 though. 1-10 first round, 10-1 2nd round, etc. When you sign up, state the position you would like as well.

    - The draft will last 5 rounds.

    - The band members have to have played IN A MAINSTREAM BAND(ie - put out an album) in the 90s. Just because someone learned to play the guitar in the 90s doesn't mean they're available for drafting.

    - I'm going to set up a schedule of two hour windows for selections. The date/time of start will be determined after those who want to participate have signed up. You will know when your selection is and hopefully that will allow the draft to flow better.

    You are more than welcome to select before your allotted time, I just want a bit of order. If you can't make your pick, send me a PM of who you'd like and I'll make the selection for you.

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    I want to sign up.


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      Yea I'll sign up again.



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