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    Here is the review thread I was thinking of. Everyone post your final season round up in here. I'll post mine in here as well. When you do reviews, try and put it in some format similar to this.




    You don't have to do all that stuff but bold it or something so it stands out, haha.

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    I remember 9/24/08

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    Detroit Offseason Round Up

    Players retained

    Dan Orlovsky – QB

    Dan Orlovsky is being brought back to take over the starting reigns at QB for the 2009 season. We believe he gives us the best chance to win over Culpepper and Kitna. We know that the worst thing to do a rookie QB is throw him into the fire with an unproven team. This will give Stafford the chance to ride the bench. Orlovsky will come in, manage the reins and turn them over to Stafford in a year or two.

    Jason Hanson – K

    Hanson has been the most steady player in Detroit and has been with Detroit his whole year. He may go to the Hall of Fame and he wants to stick in until the end. He is still one of the most consistent kickers in the NFL.

    Stephen Peterman – OG

    Peterman was a starter for Detroit last year and will be line depth on the interior. He originally had a starting spot but this was lost when Eugene Monroe was drafted and Backus moved inside. Peterman provides experience and a back up plan if anyone becomes injured.

    Moran Norris – FB

    Norris brings a big body at FB and will be the starter next season. Norris provides a veteran alternative to Felton.

    Free Agents Signed

    Albert Haynesworth – DT

    The prize of all of free agency and the Lions came out on top with him. He improves the entire defense immensely. He will eat up blockers, stop the run and rush the passer all at an exceptional level. He is a great player and will make everyone else around him much better. Albert will free up the linebackers and defensive ends and take pressure off the secondary. Immediately turns around this lackluster defense.

    Mike Peterson – MLB

    The Lions have had Paris Lenon in the middle and he has been lacking to say the least. Peterson brings in a fiery leader who is proven. He will take over the middle and immediately improve the linebacking corps. He has had some great seasons with stud DTs and it is possible it happens again. Peterson will be around a few seasons, long enough for Beckwith to step in.

    Michael Boley – SLB

    The overhaul of the LBs was complete with the signing of Boley. Boley is fast, just like Ernie Sims and is going to be all over the field, running absolutely wild with Haynesworth on the line. The former safety can make plays and is being set up to be able to do so.

    Chris Johnson – CB

    Johnson steps into possibly the weakest unit on the defense. Johnson started emerging last year with the Raiders in 7 games starting. Johnson is the defacto #1 CB and we think he has the talent to do so with 12 passes defensed and 3 interceptions. We hope this unit can develop into a solid unit.

    James Butler – SS

    Butler is another upgrade in the secondary. The Lions arguably best players in the secondary the past few years have been Gerald Alexander and Daniel Bullocks. But unfortunately they have not been able to be health, never playing together at length. This inspires some competition and pushes the loser to the bench.

    Deuce McAllister – RB

    Deuce brings in a veteran RB. Everyone uses a RB by committee these days and you need more then one RB. Kevan Smith is the #1 but Deuce will spell him and actually contribute.

    Brandon Jones – WR

    Jones started developing as a very solid receiver last year in Tennessee. He has the skills but has never put it together totally. He should emerge in Detroit as he never really has had any quality next to him. He has Calvin Johnson so he won’t have much pressure on him and can make players.

    Jabar Gaffney – WR

    The Lions WR unit was depleted with the departure of Furrey and McDonald. Gaffney will come in and play the role he is comfortable in as the #3 WR. Once again, with CJ around, he will have space to work with.

    Mike Goff – OG

    Goff comes in and immediate is the starter at RG. He joins a team that, as Schwartz said, is going to build from the trenches out. The Lions plan on having a power game suited for the outdoors and that starts with the lines. Offensive guards always love run blocking and he will get that in Detroit.

    Players drafted

    Matthew Stafford – QB – #1 Overall

    The Lions need a face of a franchise and Stafford is that. The Lions haven’t had a franchise QB since Bobby Layne. Stafford won’t come in and start immediately. He is going to learn behind Orlovsky and when he is ready he is going to come in and use his cannon arm to wreck havoc with CJ.

    Eugene Monroe – OT – #7 Overall

    The Lions have had poor line play and they thought they were going to miss out on an elite LT at the expense of Stafford. However the Lions used the eagerness to trade down to their advantage and moved up to #7 and took their starting LT. Not only is Monroe a step up at LT but he moves Backus inside to LG. He improves 2 positions, LT and LG. The line figures to be much better.

    D.J. Moore – CB – #31 Overall

    Once again, the Lions traded up. We had him as the #3 CB on our board and moved up before he was taken. He had poor work outs but he plays much better on tape which is worth more then one day of work outs. Moore steps in and becomes the #2 CB immediately and can contribute immediately.

    Jared Cook – TE – #65 Overall

    Cook was a steal here with his recent work outs. His measurables are off the charts and is now threatening Pettigrew for the honor of being top TE off the board. He shot up draft boards and provides a safety valve that can be a gamebreaker as well. In his 2nd season he is going to be playing with Stafford who will benefit from steady TE play.

    Darry Beckwith – MLB – #129 Overall

    Another steal by the Lions. Beckwith is a 2nd or 3rd round talent and slipped all the way down to the Lions in the 5th. This is a great development for the Lions as they need a MLB to develop. Peterson starts and this former Butkus finalist will have a few years to develop. He had solid work outs and was great value.

    Cary Harris – CB – #161 Overall

    The Lions look to strengthen their weakest unit again with the second pick going towards a cornerback. Harris had a weak work out but hopefully won’t slip too much. We knew he didn’t have outstanding speed but won’t be asked to be a #1 CB. He is a CB who can play in run support and will have time to develop. He was still a great value here.

    Mike Thomas – WR – #179 Overall

    Another player who is going to shoot up boards after work outs. Thomas ran a 4.4 and put up great numbers otherwise. He is a little on the short side but his 40-1/2” vertical will make up for that fact. He will compete to be the slot receiver on this team and work over the middle. He will, however, step in and immediately contribute on special teams. He is an electrifying returning on both kick and punt returns. He will stand out immediately in his area.

    Michael Bennett – DE – UDFA

    We were looking at draft Bennett in the 5th round. He has great size at 6'4" 274 and had a decent combine. He has the strength to anchor the end and looks to have some OK speed as well. We think he has some potential as a run support DE.

    Conredge Collins – FB – UDFA

    Collins was added to bring about more competition in the FB spot. He is a good blocker, runner and can catch out of the backfield. I've had the pleasure of watching him his entire career.

    Andy Kemp – OG – UDFA

    Kemp was one of the higher ranked OGs left on the board. He is a big strong player and provides us with depth on the inside. We are very thin at OG.

    Ramon Foster – OG – UDFA

    Versatile player that will provide depth at OG and OT. Was highly rated on some boards so we thought we'd snatch him up.

    Pannel Egboh – DE – UDFA

    Egboh is intriguing because he underachieved as a senior but has some good numbers [4.84 40]. He has showed flashes of being a good pas rusher but that has not been tapped yet. He is strictly a developmental prospect with upside but there is no risk here.
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    Sweet Living

    I remember 9/24/08


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      Jaguars Welcome Their New Veterans:

      Their Re-signed Veterans:

      And Their Rookies:

      Preface to the Offseason:

      After a very disappointing season in 2009 which was on the heels of a very successful 2008 campaign, the Jaguars knew that changes had to be made.

      QB David Garrard regressed in his 2nd full year of starting but not all of the blame could be placed on him. Inconsistent play from LT Khalif Barnes was one major problem, as well as multiple injuries to the rest of the offensive line, that left Garrard constantly scrambling for his life. Further complicating matters was the impending free agency of longtime center Brad Meester, a solid player and fan favorite. In a division that features such sack artists as Dwight Freeney, Mario Williams, Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch, spotty offensive line play is simply unacceptable.

      Further complicating matters for Garrard was the lack of help from his receivers. Big free agent acquisitions Jerry Porter and Troy Williamson were supposed to boost the corps, but both washed out and proved to be huge busts. Former first round pick Reggie Williams fared no better, failing to progress into becoming the team's #1 target. Another former first rounder, Matt Jones, had a preseason brush with the law that put his playing career in jeopardy. The only other receivers on the roster worth a darn were veteran slot receiver Dennis Northcutt and 2nd year pro Mike Walker. Changes had to be made to this group if the team hoped to move forward.

      In the backfield, the tandem of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew was still running strong. However, Taylor wasn't getting any younger and his 2009 potential salary cap hit was going to be in the neighborhood of $6 million. With MJD looking for more playing time, as well as fellow tailbacks Greg Jones and Chauncey Washington looking to be worked in, the Jaguars had a tough decision to make about Taylor, who was arguably the most outstanding performer in franchise history.

      On defense, the unit struggled mightily unable to fill the void left by former DT Marcus Stroud who departed for Buffalo. Fellow DT John Henderson performed capably but Rob Meier simply could not keep up next to him. Add in the lengthy training camp holdout of #1 pick DE Derrick Harvey and the d-line was a recipe for disaster.

      The LB corps also saw its fair share of challenges. Long time veteran leader Mike Peterson would see himself get benched in favor of sliding OLB Daryl Smith inside where he performed fairly well. It was clear that Peterson would not be back with the team. WLB Justin Durant continued his development well and really looked like he could become one of the leagues up and coming elite linebackers.

      In the secondary, the team struggled. While standout CB Rashean Mathis continued playing at a high level before a late season injury, the team simply could not find a solid #2 corner to play opposite of Mathis. Drayton Florence was a big free agent acquisition but he proved to be a total flop. Brian Williams eventually took over the role, but his best spot was surely as the team's nickel corner. The safety position looked solid with Reggie Nelson and Gerald Sensabaugh performing well, but Sensabaugh was due to become an unrestricted free agent who the team would be hard pressed to replace.

      The Cuts:

      WR Troy Williamson - Williamson proved to be a huge bust after being acquired last offseason to boost the WR corps. He was unable to fulfill the potential that he showed being selected in the top 10 of the draft several years ago. He clears some salary and a roster spot that can be used on a move valuable player.

      WR Jerry Porter - Just like Williamson, Porter was a big free agent acquisition last year who the team hoped would upgrade the WR corps. Injuries and ineffectiveness hampered Porter's season and the acquisition of Torry Holt made him expendable. His big 2009 cap number was also a major reason behind the move. (Was actually done in reality.)

      CB Drayton Florence - Another big FA signing, Florence failed to pan out after showing some ability playing for San Diego. He was eventually demoted to nickel back being replaced by veteran Brian Williams part way through the season. His big salary and poor performance caused the team to sever ties with him. (Was actually done in reality.)

      RB Fred Taylor - Taylor is perhaps the greatest player in franchise history but he was well over the proverbial "hill" for running backs and was dragging a huge salary cap number into 2009. With MJD poised to take over as the team's main back, Taylor was expendable. (Was actually done in reality.)

      OG Uche Nwaneri, OG Drew Miller, C Dennis Norman - Several depth players that were made expendable by the upgrades made through trades and free agency. They cleared up some roster spots.

      DT Jonathan Lewis and DT Atiyyah Ellison - Several depth players that were made expendable by the upgrades made through trades and free agency. They cleared up some roster spots.

      Pre-Draft Trades:

      TE George Wrighster for DT John McCargo - With the 2008 emergence of TE Mercedes Lewis, backup TE George Wrightster became expendable. He was still decent player in his prime so the team decided that they would try and trade him. After a few underwhelming offers, the team finally got one it liked from Buffalo. In return, they would receive former first round pick DT John McCargo. McCargo had largely been a bust for Buffalo to date due to injuries and had actually been traded to Indianapolis during the season before the trade was voided due to a fail physical. After getting healthy over the rest of the season not playing, McCargo passed for the Jaguars and the team brought him in to sure up depth at the position that has been understaffed since the trade of Marcus Stroud last offseason.

      3rd round pick for WR Torry Holt and a 6th round pick - With losing Reggie Williams to free agency and having cut the busts in Williamson and Porter, the Jaguars were in desperate need of help at the WR spot. Holt is a potential future Hall of Famer who has had a long, illustrious and successful career with the Rams. However, the team is moving on from previous regimes and it was made clear that Holt simply wasn't in their plans. The Jaguars expect another top quality season or two out of Holt and also hope that his presence will positively influence talented but untapped youngsters like Matt Jones, Mike Walker and incoming rookie Pat White while giving David Garrard a solid #1 target for next season.

      1st round pick, 2nd round pick, 5th round pick, and DE Paul Spicer for OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson, 1st round pick and 2nd round pick - With the team parting ways with troubled LT Khalif Barnes, a gaping hole formed at his former position. The team had every intention of taking one of the draft's top 4 offensive tackles with the #8 pick to replace him, but a better alternative presented itself. The NY Jets were looking to move 3 year pro LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson. After some heated negotiations, the Jaguars narrowly managed to outbid another team for Ferguson's services and even managed to keep a a draft pick in each of the top 2 rounds. By swapping picks first day picks with the Jets, adding on a 5th, as well as shipping out veteran DE Paul Spicer (who was cut by the team in reality) the Jaguars filled their biggest offseason need. Ferguson has started every game in his 3 years in the league and is widely recognized as one of the league's better pass blocking LTs, exactly what the Jaguars needed.

      Free Agency:

      C Brad Meester - Meester has been the centerpiece of the Jaguars o-line for many years and the team opted to make it a top priority to bring him back. He looks to continue playing at a high level at the position for at least several more years.

      SS Gerald Sensabaugh - Another of their own free agents, the Jaguars decided to pool a lot of resources in resigning their emerging young safety. Sensabaugh is a tough, good tackle in the box type of safety who compliments fellow young safety Reggie Nelson very nicely. He was resigned to a long term deal that figures to keep him in Jacksonville throughout the prime of his career.

      CB Eric Green (formerly of ARI) - After the failure of Drayton Florence to live up to his big contract and be the #2 corner to Rashean Mathis, the team took a chance on the talented but inconsistent Eric Green. Green started a significant amount of games for Arizona in recent years and will be given every chance to be an upgrade to Brian Williams at the #2 CB spot. And in a division where you have to face offensive juggernauts like Peyton Manning and Andre Johnson twice a year each, you can never be too strong in your secondary...

      DT Kedric Golston (former RFA of WASH) - Trading Marcus Stroud last offseason left a hole that no one on the roster was capable of filling. And though the team added John McCargo via trade, further help was needed. In comes Golston who the team gave up a 6th round pick for as he was an RFA. But very rarely are you ever going to find a 6th round pick who can have the same impact as Golston who has seen significant starting experience in his 3 seasons in Washington. He figures to start right away next to big John Henderson and rotate with McCargo.

      MLB Kevin Burnett (formerly of DAL) - The team decided to part ways with former defensive leader Mike Peterson at MLB and, while Daryl Smith slid inside and performed well, the spot could still be upgraded. That is where the team hopes that Burnett will be able to help. He is a 4 year veteran who saw most of his time in Dallas as part of a rotation and on special teams. He figures to insert right into the Jaguars MLB spot allowing Smith to slide back outside where he was most effective. It also provides the Jaguars with a great young LB corps featuring Burnett, Smith and Justin Durant. The move also gives them a great young backup in former starter Clint Ingram who sub in at OLB if needed.

      WR Joe Jurevicius (formerly of CLE) - Jurevicius has long been one of my favoite NFL players and for what was essentially a one year veteran minimum contract, I got a great veteran leader who has been apart of 3 superbowl teams with 3 different teams. Hopefully he can contribute as a #3 or #4 option and help along the development of some of the younger receivers on the roster by providing a great example to follow.

      S Mike Brown (formerly of CHI) - Like Jurevicius, Brown is another of my overall favorite NFL players and safety depth was a major need. He was originally to be a backup plan at SS should Sensabaugh sign elsewhere, but he now provides a great veteran backup and leadership presence at the safety spots. Hopefully youngsters Nelson and Sensabaugh can learn a thing or two from having such a great veteran leader behind them and he comes at a very reasonable price for a few seasons.

      C Eric Ghiaciuc (formerly of CIN) - Ghiaciuc was originally a backup option should the team fail to resign Brad Meester but after he passed through the entire first round of free agency untouched, the team opted to make a push for him to provide depth. Ghiaciuc is still young and comes with a lot of starting experience from his time in Cincy. He stuggled there because he is a smaller, more athletic C and stuggled dealing with the AFC North's big NT's. In Jacksonville however, he provides great depth behind Meester and comes at a reasonable price.

      OG/C Duke Preston (formerly of BUF) - Interior offensive line depth was a major problem for the Jaguars last year as they eventually just started pulling names out of the phone book to start at OG for them. Preston played C for the Bills but has excellent size for a G and figures to compete for a starting job and at least provide depth for the Jags there. He is also still fairly young with a good deal of starting experience and came rather cheap having passed through the first round of free agency untouched.

      OG/RT Elton Brown (formerly of ARI) - As mentioned with Preston, Brown will add to the depth and compete for a starting job along the interior of the o-line, and is versatile enough to play RT if need be. He was passed over in the first round of free agency and came cheap as a depth pick up to the Jags in the 2nd round of FA.

      Draft Weekend

      Round 1, Pick #17 - RB Chris "Beanie" Wells, Ohio St. - After the trade for Ferguson, Jacksonville found themselves picking 17th overall. After shoring up most of their major holes before the draft even started, the Jaguars decided to make a bit of a luxury pick here in Wells. Wells is immensely talented, this is no question, but injury concerns knocked him down draft boards. Though the team had full confidence in MJD as the full time starter, they felt that Wells was simply too good to pass up. The team hopes that splitting carries with Jones-Drew will keep Wells healthy and performing at his best, giving the team a hellish 1-2 combo that should have opposing defenses running scared.

      Round 2, pick #52 - CB Darius Butler, UConn - Though the team signed Eric Green to play the #2 corner spot, his past inconsistencies as well as the team's general lack of depth in the secondary prompted this pick. In a division that features offense weapons like Peyton Manning and Andre Johnson, having too many talented DBs simply isn't possible. Butler looks to compete with Brian Williams for the nickel role early on and could possibly even usurp the #2 role should Eric Green struggle at all.

      Draft Day Trade: DT Rob Meier and pick #103 for pick #94

      Round 3, pick #94 - QB/WR Pat White, West Virginia - The Jaguars really liked what they saw in Pat White during the scouting combine and didn't wish to wait and hope he fell to them at the top of the 4th round. Instead, they packaged that pick together along with underachieving DT Rob Meier and sent them to Tennessee for the 94th pick in the draft. The Jaguars plan to try White out as both the #3 QB and develop him at WR. They felt that the additions of Torry Holt and Joe Jurevicius as well as keeping Matt Jones, Dennis Northcutt and Mike Walker allowed them to take a project at the WR position. Furthermore, with the popularity of the wildcat offense in the NFL, White allows them to try out some new options with that as well.

      Draft Day Trade: Pick #163 for picks #181 and #198

      Round 6, pick #163 - DE Tim Jamison, Michigan - The Jaguars front office felt that they would be better served by trading back and adding an addition late round pick so that they could target some depth players more effectively, and they still managed to land a player they were considering with their earlier pick. Even though the team invested two first day picks in the DE position last year (Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves,) they still needed some depth at the position, particularly after trading long time vet Paul Spicer. Enter Tim Jamison who the team hopes to develop as a rotational guy for the future at the DE spot behind Reggie Hayward.

      Round 7, pick #198 - LB Michael Tauiliili, Duke - With the extra pick they acquired by trading pack in the 6th round, the team opted to add standout Duke linebacker Michael Tauiliili. Even with the addition of Kevin Burnett via free agency, depth was needed at the LB spot and Tauiliili looked to be a perfect fit. He was a tackle machine at Duke and actually averaged double digit tackles for losses in his career there. The team hopes that Tauiliili will be able to earn a roster spot through special teams play while being developed as a backup at the position for the future.

      Undrafted Free Agents:

      QB Hunter Cantwell, Louisville - The highest ranked undrafted QB there was according to Scott's rankings. Will compete for the 3rd QB job with Pat White and at least be a solid camp arm/practice squad guy.

      RB/KR Marcus Thigpen, Indiana - One of the best return men in college football who will compete with Brian Witherspoon and Dennis Northcutt for return duties. Will also compete with Chauncey Washingon and Montell Owens for the 3rd RB spot.

      WR Greg Carr, Florida St. - A huge red zone target who can compete as a backup and special teamer. Should at least make a good practice squad member.

      K Graham Gano, Florida St. - Very intriguing prospect with an incredible leg. Will compete with the current K and P and should at least wind up on the practice squad for development.

      LS Jake Ingram - After losing Joel Zelenka, a new LS was needed and Ingram was the draft's best. Should find himself in that job immediately.

      Final Preseason Roster:

      QB - David Garrard - Cleo Lemon - Pat White - Hunter Cantwell
      RB - Maurice Jones-Drew - Chris Wells - Chauncey Washington - Marcus Thigpen
      FB - Greg Jones - Montell Owens
      WR - Matt Jones - Dennis Northcutt - Pat White
      WR - Torry Holt - Joe Jurevicious - Mike Walker - Greg Carr
      TE - Mercedes Lewis- Greg Estandia - Richard Angulo

      LT - D'Brickashaw Fergusen - Jordan Black
      LG - Vince Manuwai - Duke Preston
      C - Brad Meester- Eric Ghiaciuc
      RG - Maurice Williams - Elton Brown - Cameron Stephenson
      RT - Tony Pashos - Charles Spencer

      DE - Reggie Hayward - Tim Jamison
      DT - Kedric Golston - John McCargo - Derek Landri
      DT - John Henderson - Tony McDaniel
      DE - Derrick Harvey - Quentin Groves

      OLB - Justin Durant - Thomas Williams
      MLB - Kevin Burnett - Michael Tauiliili
      OLB - Daryl Smith - Clint Ingram

      CB - Rashean Mathis - Darius Butler - Brian Witherspoon
      CB - Eric Green - Brian Williams
      FS - Reggie Nelson - Mike Brown
      SS - Gerald Sensabaugh - Chad Nkang

      K - Josh Scobee - Graham Gano
      P - Adam Podlesh
      LS - Jake Ingram
      KR - Marcus Thigpen - Brian Witherspoon - Dennis Northcutt
      PR - Brian Witherspoon - Marcus Thigpen - Dennis Northcutt
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        Oakland Raiders


        CB Nnamdi Asomugha
        Goal #1 this offseason was to keep this all pro CB. Asomugha is the leader on this team and Im happy we keeped him

        P Shane Lechler
        One of the best Punters of all time here. Is a great weapon on special teams

        RG Cooper Carlisle
        Resigning our RG was a big move for us. He was one of the bright spots on our Oline.

        SS Rashad Baker
        Showed flashes during the season and has a bright future

        MLB Isaiah Ekejiuba
        Alternate Special Teams pro bowler that has a chance to start if needed


        WR Javon Walker
        Saves us cap and he didnt work out

        DE Kalimba Edwards
        He played better than expected but cutting him saves us money

        RT Cornell Green
        Simply doesnt have the talent to start in the NFL and was overpaid

        LT Kwame Harris
        Same as Green

        DT Terdell Sands
        Bad signing from a few years ago and he needed to go

        F/A Signings

        OT Jon Runyan
        Will come in and start at RT or will be a good back up

        LB Napoleon Harris
        Former Raider who will start at SLB for us again

        TE Eric Johnson
        Good #2 TE that can block and let Zach Miller catch the ball more

        FS/CB Will Allen
        Fast player that can either play FS or CB

        QB Charlie Batch
        Vet QB that can teach Russell a few things


        #14 WR Jeremy Maclin
        Maclin will add a deep threat to this offence and a great returner

        #33 C Alex Mack
        Instant starter at C and is a good fit in our ZBC

        #71 Jason Watkins OT
        Probably reached a little, but will become our starter at RT in a few years

        #82 Ramses Barden WR
        I feeled I got good value for him and he will become a huge weapon for Russell

        #150 Kyle Moore DE
        Good value for him late in the draft and is a upgrade over Richardson

        I feel my offence went from bad and old, to average and young. With 4 young talented WR's on my roster and a better Oline, this offence should improve. I didnt change much on defense because I offence was my biggest concern. I think with a new DC and the current players I have, this defense will become a top 15 D. I could have done better in some ways but I think I did a good job with a bad team.
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        "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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          Free Agency


          Dunta Robinson - No reason to let him test FA with Aso being franchised Robinson became the best FA available it is also what the real Texans did.

          Eugene Wilson FS - The best Safty on our team not great but good enough for now.

          New Free Agents



          Reggie Brown WR for 5th round Pick - I always thought that Brown was better than he's shown at Philly and will be a good #3

          Roy L Williams SS 4th Round Pick and Frank Okam - I was looking to draft a SS in the second round but a freak run on safties between the 20th and our pick in the second round left us with no safties in the second and this draft isn't deep enough at the position to take one in the 3rd or 4th Roy Will start may sound crazy trading for Williams being in the same division as Peyton but he is better than anything that we have at the moment.


          1. Aaron Maybin DE Penn State - Still the #4 DE on Scotts Board a little undersized but is a very good young pass rusher he won't be an every down type guy but he will get after the QB had 20 TFL and 12 Sacks last season.

          2. Coye Francies CB San Jose State - The passing D was the worst part of the Texan's D this year part because of lack of pass rush part because the secondary let thing up Coye should help that.

          3. Eric Wood C Louisville

          6. Arian Foster RB Tennessee

          7. Grahm Harrell QB Texas Tech - Great value and very good #3 QB
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            Tampa Bay Buccaneers


            Luke McCown, QB

            Luke was resigned to take over as a temporary starting QB with Freeman waiting in the wings. Has been in Tampa Bay for years now and is very familiar with Head Coach Raheem Morris. If nothing else this creates a Derrick Anderson type situation which isn't incredibly horrible.

            Donald Penn, LT

            Has started for two consecutive seasons at the coveted Left Tackle position and is still showing signs of further improvement. You don't let a 25 year old starter just walk away when he has such vital experience. Highest tender placed on him.

            Jerramy Stevens, TE

            Solid #2 tight end and great threat in the end zone as he has an extremely large frame. Will form a solid tandem with Alex Smith which worked very effectively last season.

            Antonio Bryant, WR

            Had a mega season in 2008 and really cemented himself as not only the best receiver in Tampa Bay, but one of the better receivers in the league. Front Office hopes that he retains this form and has another 80+ catch, 1000 yard season.

            Jovan Haye, RB

            Was resigned primarily for his pass rushing abilities. Was not Tampa Bays primary wish at the position but was resigned as a precaution. At the very least he is an above average pass rusher at the position and a more than capable starter.

            Jermaine Phillips, SS

            Flip has been a revelation the last two years at the Strong Safety position and has really cemented his position as a hard hitting safety. Is hitting the wrong side of 30, but with Sabby Piscitelli waiting in the wings he can continue with his hard nosed playing style.

            Free Agency

            Shaun McDonald, WR

            One of two wide receivers brought into Tampa Bay this offseason. Will provide a solid complement to Chad Johnson and Antonio Bryant as the new #3 in Tampa Bay.

            Kelvin Hayden, CB

            With Ronde Barber no spring chicken, a new/future starter is required. Hayden fits that role to perfection and should make a great combination with 2nd year man Aqib Talib. With Talib, Hayden and Mack, the future is bright at the position.

            Khalif Barnes

            Plagued by character concerns in recent years, Barnes will come in as the #3 tackle on the team, but will be given an opportunity to overtake Trueblood or Penn should either of their play falter.

            Trade Acquisitions

            Chad Johnson, WR

            Will come in and form a dynamic 1/2 duo with Antonio Bryant. With the passing game being given an increased focus this year in Tampa Bay, two big threats was a necessity and Johnson fills that bill to a tea.

            Chris Kelsay, DE

            Was brought in to start at left end, replacing veteran Kevin Carter. Not an incredible pass rusher, but has recorded a 15 sack season. Will hopefully form a good combination with Gaines Adams revitalising the defensive line.

            Draft Picks

            Josh Freeman, QB

            Quarterback of the future. Will sit behind Luke McCown until deemed ready to start. Hopefully not until his second season. Front Office have high hopes for this junior and hope he becomes the franchise passer Tampa have long been lacking.

            Sen'Derrick Marks, DT

            An interior threat who Tampa hope can become the next great Defensive Tackle for the Buccaneers. Will initially back up Jovan Haye and Chris Hovan but can expect plenty of playing time.

            Javon Ringer, RB

            Joins a crowded, yet unusually injury prone backfield. Won't get a lot of opportunities in the early days, but can expect some carries down the road.

            Brandon Underwood, CB

            Will be given every opportunity to make the roster behind corners Aqib Talib, Ronde Barber, Kelvin Hayden and Elbert Mack.

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              Carolina Panthers Offseason Review

              Players Signed

              WR Mark Jones (re-signed)
              TE Tony Gonzalez (prior trade (fenikz))
              TE Jeff King (RFA, re-signed)
              OT Jordan Gross (re-signed)
              OT Frank Omiyale (re-signed)
              OG Chris Kemoeatu (Steelers)
              LB James Anderson (RFA, re-signed)
              LB Donte Curry (re-signed)
              FS Nate Salley (RFA, re-signed)

              Players Lost

              RB Nick Goings (released)
              WR Dwayne Jarrett (released)
              WR D.J. Hackett (released)
              OG Geoff Hangartner (free agency)
              DE Julius Peppers (trade)
              DT Gary Gibson (RFA)
              DT Darwin Walker (free agency)
              LB Landon Johnson (released)
              LB Adam Seward (free agency)
              CB Ken Lucas (released)

              The Panthers were a good team last year, but they faced problems this year entering free agency with arguably their top two players, Jordan Gross and Julius Peppers hitting the market. Re-signing Gross was my offseason priority, and fenikz had already placed the tag on Julius Peppers, a great player, but one who didn't want to be there. To make a push for Gross, I preemptively released a number of players whose production hadn't matched their cap hit - Nick Goings, Dwayne Jarrett, D.J. Hackett, Landon Johnson, and Ken Lucas.

              Because I was already missing first, third, and seventh round picks when I took over the team, getting some of those valuable picks back became a priority. Obviously, my main target was the first-round pick. After shopping Julius Peppers around, I was able to strike a deal with Washington for their first-round pick. More importantly, that freed up about $18 million in cap room, which was then used to sign Jordan Gross as a free agent to a long-term extension to man the critical left-tackle position.

              The other big free agency signing was at left guard, signing Chris Kemoeatu. Carolina has had luck with Ma'ake, and I felt like Chris would be a great fit in the power run offense that was so successful last year. The Panthers have said in the past that they want to have their team resemble the Steelers, and there's no better way to do that than to land some of their players. In addition, kick returner Mark Jones was signed and via prior trade from ex-GM fenikz, Tony Gonzalez was brought in as well to add arguably the most productive tight end in the league. I went into the draft looking to replenish the defensive line and add some quality players regardless of position.

              Players Drafted

              1. QB Mark Sanchez, Southern California

              2008: 241/366, 3,207 yards (65.8%), 34 TD, 10 INT

              Sanchez was a great value for me at #13 overall, and I felt like even with some needs on the defensive line, he was the best pick for me. I'm a Jake Delhomme fan, but his playoff performance last year (5 interceptions) may have cost the Panthers a shot at the Super Bowl and the golden rule of the draft is not to pass on a franchise signal caller when you get the chance.

              2. DT Fili Moala, Southern California

              2008: 30 tackles, 10.0 tackles for loss, 4.5 sacks, 2 kicks blocked

              Carolina's interior defensive line struggled a bit at times last year, especially with injuries, and in order to replace a pass rusher of Peppers' magnitude, you need solid play from your entire line as well as depth. I feel like Moala is a great fit next to Ma'ake Kemoeatu and adds some stoutness vs. the run and a bit to the pass rush as well. I'm a big fan of Moala and I would have considered him earlier in the second round as well.

              4. DE Maurice Evans, Penn State

              2008: 34 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, 3.0 sacks

              Maurice Evans is a guy that has seen his draft stock die down considerably since last year, when he had 12.5 sacks and 21.5 tackles for loss as a sophomore. He was suspended on a marijuana charge and lost playing time to sophomore sensation Aaron Maybin, but prior to that likely would have been a high first-round pick. You have to take a risk to succeed, and we felt comfortable with Evans' talent and character despite other concerns.

              5. OLB Jonathan Casillas, Wisconsin

              2008: 62 tackles, 6.0 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 1 INT

              Casillas was one of the top weakside linebackers in the draft, with three years of starting experience and 4.5 speed to chase down ball-carriers from behind. At this point, he was the best value left on the board in my opinion on the front seven, and after missing on outside linebacker Landon Johnson last year in free agency, getting some linebackers was something I wanted to do at some point during the draft process.

              6. WR Brooks Foster, North Carolina

              2008: 30 receptions, 334 yards, 2 touchdowns, 8-104-0 rushing

              Brooks Foster is a local guy for the Panthers, and no doubt someone they know about. He's overshadowed a little bit by teammates Hakeem Nicks and Brandon Tate, but at 6'1" and with rumored 4.45 speed, we felt like his potential made him a solid value at this point. He has averaged around 30, 35 catches a season for a good yards per catch at North Carolina, and we think we could come in and do the same in the NFL with his athletic ability.

              Undrafted Free Agents/Practice Squad

              RB P.J. Hill, Wisconsin (active roster)

              2008: 226 carries, 1,161 yards (5.1 ypc), 13 touchdowns, 7-72-0 receiving

              Was very productive in college - projected as a fifth-round pick but wasn't drafted. Carolina only had two running backs on the roster.

              RB Herb Donaldson, Western Illinois

              2008: 324 carries, 1,784 yards (5.5 ypc), 21 touchdowns, 13-76-1 receiving

              Another runner who doesn't have great measurables but was extraordinarily productive in college - you can never have enough running backs.

              WR Patrick Turner, Southern California

              2008: 49 receptions, 741 yards, 10 touchdowns

              Lacks foot speed but has height and hands to develop into a red zone receiver in the near future - had a good college career.

              OL Brett Helms, Louisiana State

              The leader of Louisiana State's offensive line, made a lot of line calls as the center and gives us some depth there.

              OL Anthony Parker, Tennessee

              Carolina signed Chris Kemoeatu but lost Geoff Hangartner, so some guard depth was helpful in case Kemoeatu doesn't have the season we're hoping for.

              DE Nick Reed, Oregon

              2008: 53 tackles, 20 tackles for loss, 13 sacks

              Had two extremely productive seasons - lacks size and speed but has pure pass rush instincts and a good motor to work with.

              OLB DeAndre Levy, Wisconsin

              2008: 73 tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss, 5 sacks, interception

              Has elite speed - 4.55 - and showed some playmaking ability outside for Wisconsin. Wisconsin players were really undervalued this year.

              CB Jerraud Powers, Auburn

              2008: 47 tackles, 7 passes broken up, 2 interceptions

              Powers came out as a junior, meaning he's already got a couple years of starting experience under his belt, plus he's young and has some tools.

              FS Marcus McClinton, Kentucky

              2008: 50 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 4 interceptions

              Has only average measurables but showed some coverage ability and instincts last year and will compete for the #4 safety job.
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                Pittsburgh Steelers


                CB Bryant McFadden- One of the top players I was after this season. Will start this season and welcomed him back with open arms.

                OL Willie Colon- Was our RT for 2 years and was stable. This season will move to his natural positon, LG.

                S Anthony Smith- Although he lacks maturity and discipline, I like his potential and will be a back up to Troy Polamalu.

                OL Trai Essex- He will be a backup to 4 of 5 offensive line positions. He provides great depth.

                Free Agent signings:

                QB JP Losman- A veteran backup quarterback was needed after losing both Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich in free agency. He will back up Ben Roethlisberger untill Dennis Dixon proves he can take over.

                WR Marty Booker- We needed a veteran wide reciever to help our young guys, Limas Sweed and Santonio Holmes. He will battle to be the number 3 reciever, but most likely will be the 4th starting the season. Wants a ring and we are coming off a Super Bowl season with basically everyone coming back.

                Trades Acquisitions:

                OT Jason Peters- Peters was high on our list of players once he hit the trade block. He will provide us with the elite blind side protector Big Ben really needs. I believe he is better then the tackles available at 32 and feel like we have a Pro Bowl and All Pro type of tackle.

                OG Jamaal Jackson- Originally a center in Philidelphia, but we are moving him to RG for our football team. Really came on when given a chance. Will be part of a really improved offensive line. I am excited for our trade acquisitions.

                Players Lost:

                OT Max Starks
                OT Marvel Smith
                QB Charlie Batch
                QB Byron Leftwich
                S Tyrone Carter (released)
                LB Larry Foote (traded)


                1.32) Traded for OT Jason Peterson
                2.64) Alex Magee DE Purdue
                3.96) Fenuki Tupou OT Oregon
                4.110) Darcel McBath S Texas Tech- acquired from Denver for Larry Foote
                4.128) Traded for OG Jamaal Jackson
                5.160) Mike Wallace WR Ole Miss
                6.192) Jason Phillips LB TCU
                7.209) Jamaal Westerman OLB Rutgers
                7.213) Joe Burnett CB Central Florida- was part of the Jamaal Jackson trade
                7.224) Rulan Davis DE California

                We are really excited about our draft class. With Alex Magee, we get younger along our defensive line. He started out as a defensive tackle at Purdue, but moved outside as a Senior and did very well. Can play the run well along with rushing the passer. Will be part of the defensive line rotation during the season. With our third round pick, we got a player we were looking at in the second in Fenuki Tupou from Oregon. Tupou will be our starting RT for next season and he is a real good run blocker and pretty good pass blocker. Darcel McBath has a real good chance of being a good player. Being from the Big 12 gives you that advantage of seeing high explosive offenses. McBath is a playmaker with 11 career interceptions as a 3 year starter. Mike Wallace is a very explosive player who compares to Santonio Holmes. He is very fast, has good hands and could end up being a real good slot guy for us in the future. He will probably be the fifth reciever and return kicks for us his rookie season. With Jason Phillips, we brought a very productive linebacker to our football team to backup Lawrence Timmons. He will play STs his rookie season and might get into a rotation if he shows enough. With our first seventh round choice, we selected Jamaal Westerman, a DE/OLB from Rutgers. He will provide us with another passrusher in our system and could start for us down the road. Has 26 career sacks to go with his 44.5 TFL. Joe Burnett is a player we didn't expect here. He ran faster on the 40 then most expected and has shown the ability to be a playmaker with 16 career interceptions. He will battle to be a 4th corner and be a return specialist. With the last pick of the draft, we picked up a raw and explosive player named Rulan Davis from California. He is a hard working player and has great tools. He spent two years in the Marines and is older then most prospects. Knee injuries have kept him off the field but I see the potential there. He could work himself into the rotation as well.


                I believe the Steelers really helped themselves in this draft. They got better on the offensive line with the additions of Jason Peters, Jamaal Jackson, and Fenuki Tupou. We got younger on the defensive line as well with Magee and Davis. Overall, we just improved our depth of our team and got younger. We basically kept everyone around we could be looking to repeat for the Super Bowl next season.

                Final Depth Chart:

                QB: Ben Roethlisberger/JP Losman/Dennis Dixon
                RB: Willie Parker/Rashard Mendenhall/Mewelde Moore/Gary Russell
                FB: Carey Davis
                WR: Hines Ward/Santonio Holmes/Limas Sweed/Marty Booker/Mike Wallace/Dallas Baker
                TE: Heath Miller/Matt Spaeth
                LT: Jason Peters/Trai Essex/Tony Hills
                LG: Willie Colon/Jeremy Parquet
                C: Justin Hartwig/Darnell Stapleton
                RG: Jamaal Jackson/Kendall Simmons/Trai Essex
                RT: Fenuki Tupou/Jason Capizzi

                DE: Aaron Smith/Alex Magee/Travis Kirschke
                NT: Casey Hampton/Chris Hoke/Scott Paxton
                DE: Brett Keisel/Nick Eason/Rulon Davis
                OLB: James Harrison/Jamaal Westerman/Arnold Harrison
                MLB: James Farrior/Keyaron Fox/Mike Humpel
                MLB: Lawrence Timmons/Jason Phillips
                OLB: LaMarr Woodley/Bruce Davis/Andre Frazier
                CB: Ike Taylor/William ***/Anthony Madison
                FS: Ryan Clark/Darcel McBath/Ryan Mundy
                SS: Troy Polamalu/Anthony Smith
                CB: Bryant McFadden/Joe Burnett/Deshea Townsend

                K: Jeff Reed
                P: Daniel Sepulveda
                LS: Greg Warren
                RS: Santonio Holmes/ Mewelde Moore/Mike Wallace/Joe Burnett
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                  Losses from last year/Cuts:
                  WR Marty Booker
                  OT John Tait
                  FB Jason McKie
                  RB Adrian Peterson
                  P Brad Maynard
                  OT Terrence Metcalf
                  QB Rex Grossman
                  CB Nathan Vasher
                  Free Agent signings/Transitions:

                  FB Leonard Weaver
                  RB Derrick Ward
                  OT Marvel Smith
                  OT John St.Clair
                  WR Brandon Lloyd
                  WR Lavernus Coles
                  DE Kenichi Udeze
                  FS Darren Sharper
                  P Mike Koenen

                  1. WR Kenny Britt
                  2. OT Phil Loadholt
                  2. DE Robert Ayers
                  3. OG Kraig Urbik
                  5. S Curtis Taylor
                  6. WR. Deon Butler
                  7. QB Curtis Painter


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                    Denver Broncos Offseason Review

                    We needed to improve the defense, and I think we did just that. We needed to blow everything up and start from scratch as Mike Nolan is implementing a new 3-4 defense. D.J. Williams and Wesley Woodyard are both good young linebackers, but we felt they didn't fit so well in the 3-4. Dealing them allowed us to acquire more draft picks that we would parlay into players that fit the 3-4. In free agency we added Channing Crowder, a solid young inside 'backer with 3-4 experience, along with veteran OLBs Bertrand Berry and Roosevelt Colvin. While Berry and Colvin have both already played their best football, the signings were more to help develop youngsters Elvis Dumervil and Jarvis Moss, who have all the potential in the world but could use some guidance. Howard Green was also signed for depth at nose tackle. Offensively we have one of the best young groups in the entire league (until our coach for some reason tried to trade our QB), so all we went after was a quality depth player at WR (David Patten), and a solid veteran back-up QB (Todd Collins), as Patrick Ramsey was a free agent. Not technically a draft pick, we traded a fourth rounder for Larry Foote, who like Crowder, has experience playing in a 3-4 and is one of the better run-stuffing ILBs in the league.

                    Head Coach: Josh McDaniels
                    Offensive Coordinator: Mike McCoy
                    Defensive Coordinator: Mike Nolan

                    Notable losses
                    LB D.J. Williams
                    CB Dre Bly
                    LB Nate Webster
                    DT Dewayne Robertson
                    LB Wesley Woodyard
                    RB Michael Pittman
                    WR Darrell Jackson
                    DE Ebenezer Ekuban
                    SS Marquand Manuel
                    FS Marlon McCree
                    DE John Engleberger
                    DT Kenny Peterson
                    C Tom Nalen
                    CB Josh Bell
                    LB Louis Green
                    QB Darrell Hackn-ey
                    RB Tatum Bell
                    Blue= offseason addition

                    53-Man Roster
                    QB: Jay Cutler, Todd Collins
                    RB: Knowshon Moreno, Selvin Young, Ryan Torain
                    FB: Peyton Hillis, Spenser Larsen
                    XWR: Brandon Marshall, David Patten
                    ZWR: Eddie Royal, Chad Jackson
                    YWR: Brandon Stokley, Jarrett Dillard
                    TE: Daniel Graham, Tony Scheffler
                    LT: Ryan Clady, Erik Pears
                    LG: Ben Hamilton, Kory Lichtensteiger
                    C: Casey Wiegmann, Pat Murray
                    RG: Chris Kuper, Roger Allen
                    RT: Ryan Harris, Erik Pears

                    DE: Chris Baker, Corvey Irvin, Tim Crowder
                    NT: Howard Green, Terrance Taylor, Carlton Powell
                    DE: Marcus Thomas, Ryan McBean
                    OLB: Elvis Dumervil, Jarvis Moss, Boss Bailey
                    ILB: Larry Foote, Stanley Arnoux, Jamie Winborn
                    ILB: Channing Crowder, Spenser Larsen
                    OLB: Bertrand Berry, Roosevelt Colvin,
                    CB: Champ Bailey, Corey Ivy, Jack Williams
                    SS: Patrick Chung, Josh Barrett
                    FS: Sean Smith, Derek Pegues,
                    CB: Karl Paymah, Captain Munnerlyn

                    K: Matt Prater
                    P: Brett Kern
                    LS: Mike Leach
                    KR: Eddie Royal
                    PR: Eddie Royal

                    Practice Squad
                    OT Clint Oldenburg
                    RB Andre Hall
                    RB Anthony Alridge
                    DL Demonte Bolden
                    DL Mathias Askew
                    DE Zach Potter
                    LB Robert Francois
                    CB Don Carey

                    Draft Picks
                    Round 1 (#12)- Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia

                    Not the fastest back, Knowshon Moreno possesses excellent agility, quickness, and most importantly, vision. He has the talent to have a Clinton Portis-like rookie year in our already stellar offense. Moreno is the final piece of the puzzle for our young offense, giving us stars at QB, two WR spots, LT, and now RB.

                    Round 2 (#45)- Sean Smith, DB, Utah

                    We were surprised to see Sean Smith available at pick #45 as we valued him as a first rounder. In camp we'll find out if he'll help us more at FS or CB, but either way he's probably the most talented DB on the roster not named Champ Bailey. Exciting player to add here.

                    Round 2 (#48)- Patrick Chung, SS, Oregon

                    We needed help at safety and we sure got it in this draft. Chung was our top ranked strong safety and should start from day one, instantly improving our porous run defense.

                    Round 3 (#74)- Terrance Taylor, NT, Michigan

                    After a trade for the draft rights of B.J. Raji was denied, we looked at Ron Brace and Terrance Taylor. Brace went #44 (a pick before us), so we focused on Taylor and traded up in order to make sure we could get him. Somewhat underrated in our eyes, Taylor had an up-and-down career in Ann Arbor, but as a two-down NT we feel he can be a quality contributor, especially if used in a rotation. The potential is undeniably there.

                    Round 4 (#103)- Chris Baker, DL, Hampton

                    The former Penn State Nittany Lion has the ability to be a quality defensive lineman in the NFL. He'll get a chance to start at DE in the 3-4 and may even get a chance to play some NT.

                    Round 5 (#132)- Derek Pegues, DB, Mississippi State

                    We were extremely surprised he was still around in round five, as we planned on taking him in round three before we took Sean Smith. Like Smith, Pegues offers versatility and playmaking ability. We were last in turnovers forced last year and adding a guy like Pegues, who could play anywhere from nickel corner to starting free safety, could go a long way to making our defense a bit more opportunistic.

                    Round 5 (#141)- Captain Munnerlyn, CB, South Carolina

                    Like Pegues, we were surprised Munnerlyn was still around at pick #141. With the release of Dre Bly, we needed another CB and Munnerlyn has the skills and mindset needed to start in the NFL. He ran a 4.5+ at the combine but his speed on film would suggest otherwise.

                    Round 6 (#166)- Jarrett Dillard, WR, Rice

                    We were ecstatic to land our slot WR of the future in round six. We had Dillard valued as a third rounder and when he and other WRs kept sliding we decided to wait. Here in round six we couldn't wait anymore and pulled the trigger on one of the most productive college receivers in history. A prototypical slot receiver, we believe we have solidified a top three of Marshall, Royal, and Dillard for years to grow with Jay Cutler.

                    Round 7 (#208)- Roger Allen, OG, Missouri Western State

                    We were surprised he was still there at #208 and pulled the trigger on one of the best small-school OL in the draft. He will provide quality depth from day one.

                    Round 7 (#210)- Corvey Irvin, DL, Georgia

                    Irvin didn't come on strong until his senior year but after getting an opportunity due to injuries at Georgia he showed enough to prove himself as a draftable player. He'll get a shot to make the team as a reserve defensive end in the 3-4.

                    Round 7 (#218)- Stanley Arnoux, LB, Wake Forest

                    Arnoux was overshadowed by all-world linebacker Aaron Curry at Wake but he has NFL potential. With good size, he could potentially be a starting caliber ILB in our 3-4. For now, he's a special teamer and good young depth behind Foote and Crowder.

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                      Indianapolis Colts Offseason Review

                      Players Signed

                      WR Lance Ball (re-signed)
                      OG Daniel Federkeil (re-signed)
                      DT Shaun Cody (Lions)
                      DT Daniel Muir (re-signed)
                      LB Tyjuan Hagler (re-signed)
                      LB Freddy Keiaho (re-signed)
                      CB Keiwan Ratliff (re-signed)
                      P Hunter Smith (re-signed)

                      Players Lost

                      RB Dominic Rhodes (free agency)
                      WR Marvin Harrison (released)
                      C Jeff Saturday (free agency)
                      DE Josh Thomas (free agency)
                      DT Darrell Reid (free agency)
                      LB Buster Davis (free agency)
                      CB Kelvin Hayden (free agency)
                      SS Matt Giordano (free agency)

                      *Update: In order to cut the number of players on the team down to 53, released RB Clifton Dawson, WR Roy Hall, WR Lance Ball, OLB Jordan Senn, and CB T.J. Rushing following the NFL Draft.*

                      With the retirement of Tony Dungy, the focus of the team shifted towards rebuilding. It was imperative to add new talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball, and take one step back in order to take two steps forward. Two Colts mainstays, wide receiver Marvin Harrison and center Jeff Saturday, were let go and in their place were younger players aspiring to one day be as productive as they were, freeing up millions in cap room.

                      Free agency got off to a rocky start, as GM UKfan was a no-show and thus a last-minute application was put forth, costing the team prized free agent Kelvin Hayden. His departure set the team back a ways, although for the most part all of the free agents we applied for ended up in a Colts uniform, including Shaun Cody, a young defensive tackle with starting potential, which was key for a team that had weak interior line play on defense last year.

                      Players Drafted

                      1. DT Peria Jerry, Mississippi

                      2008: 49 tackles, 18 tackles for loss, 7 sacks

                      Peria Jerry was the guy we were hoping fell all the way down to our pick, and we were very glad he did. He is a very productive collegiate defensive tackle who fits well into the cover-2 alongside new defensive tackle Shaun Cody and despite his age should be a solid contributor for 5-6 years.

                      2. WR Brian Robiskie, Ohio State

                      2008: 42 receptions, 535 yards, 8 touchdowns

                      The son of NFL wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie, Brian is a very smart and refined wide receiver who will pair with fellow Buckeye Anthony Gonzalez to help replace the production of Marvin Harrison. Peyton Manning has never played without high draft picks surrounding him and keeping it that way was essential.

                      3. CB Kevin Barnes, Maryland

                      2008: 20 tackles, 5 passes broken up, 2 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles, blocked kick

                      Despite only playing in seven games due to injury, Kevin Barnes established himself as a second to third-round talent last year, known for his height, speed, fluidity, and hitting ability. His injury caused him to slip a bit, but he should help replace Kelvin Hayden in the defensive backfield as a solid value.

                      4. DE Will Davis, Illinois

                      2008: 36 tackles, 7 tackles for loss, 3.5 sacks

                      After a 9.5 sack season as a junior, Will Davis' production fell off sharply last season along with the rest of Illinois' team, but we felt as though he had enough potential and athletic ability to warrant selection this late. He'd get to be a part of the end rotation with Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis immediately.

                      5. DT Roy Miller, Texas

                      2008: 49 tackles, 11 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks

                      Roy Miller burst onto the scene last year on Texas' defensive line, showing great hustle and a knack for making big plays that earned him numerous conference awards. He is a hard worker who provides good depth and helps fill a need at a position that was extremely disappointing last year.

                      6. RB Glen Coffee, Alabama

                      2008: 233 carries, 1,383 yards, 10 touchdowns, 16-118-1 receiving

                      Glen Coffee was really impressive for Alabama last year, breaking out and rushing for almost 1,400 yards in the S.E.C. Joseph Addai has been injury-plagued dating back to college and the team lacked a solid #2 running back, so we opted for value with Coffee. In Indianapolis, he should show off his pass-catching and blocking skills as well.

                      7. FB Brian Toal, Boston College

                      2008: 42 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 8-55-0 rushing

                      Coming into the season, former five-star recruit Brian Toal had a chance to make himself a Day One pick with an impressive season coming off of a series of injuries. He started off the season well, with 42 tackles in six games, but then suffered a season-ending leg injury. We feel as though he is competitive and talented enough to recover and play on both offense and defense.

                      Undrafted Free Agents/Practice Squad

                      QB Chase Daniel, Missouri

                      2008: 385/528 (72.9%), 4,335 yards, 39 TD, 18 INT

                      Has produced like a first-day pick for the last three years but lacks measurables which lead to him not being drafted. Worth a flyer in UDFA.

                      RB Tyrell Sutton, Northwestern

                      184 carries, 890 yards (4.8 ypc), 6 touchdowns, 35-305-2 receiving

                      Sutton is a quick player with decent production and receiving skills. Wasn't drafted due to a lack of size/durability but could contribute at some point.

                      WR Manuel Johnson, Oklahoma

                      2008: 42 receptions, 714 yards, 9 touchdowns

                      Savvy route runner with 4.50 speed and nice hands. Size was a factor and was overshadowed by Bradford/Iglesias/Gresham, but never should have gone undrafted.

                      OG Ryan Stanchek, West Virginia

                      A road grader on the offensive line who helped clear the way for a number of outstanding rushing attacks and gives Indianapolis much-needed depth at guard.

                      DE Stryker Sulak, Missouri

                      2008: 55 tackles, 15.5 tackles for loss, 10.5 sacks

                      Extraordinary production and decent speed helps make up for his lack of size - was really a threat last year for Missouri and should have impressed enough to be drafted.

                      LB Jamar Chaney, Mississippi State

                      2008: 12 tackles

                      Would have been drafted had he played like he did in 2007, but Chaney got injured in the first game of 2008 after making 12 tackles in that game. Has 4.55 speed.

                      CB Ryan Palmer, Texas

                      30 tackles, 3 sacks, 5 deflections, 3 interceptions, touchdown

                      A quick corner with some experience, Palmer was able to hold up against some of the tough receivers in that conference and impressed us.

                      FS Glover Quin, New Mexico

                      2008: 53 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, 11 deflections, 5 interceptions

                      Lacks ideal foot speed but has the ball skills and run support ability to move back to safety in the cover-2 and hopefully make some plays.
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                        Free Agent Signing
                        Acquired from Trade

                        QB - Kerry Collins / Vince Young / John Beck
                        RB - LenDale White / Chris Johnson / Fred Taylor
                        FB - Ahmard Hall
                        WR - Justin Gage / Reggie Williams
                        WR - Devery Henderson / Derrick Williams / Lavelle Hawkins
                        TE - Todd Heap / Alge Crumpler / Craig Stevens
                        LT - Michael Roos / Garrett Reynolds
                        LG - Eugene Amano
                        C - Kevin Mawae / Leroy Harris
                        RG - Jake Scott / Evan Mathis
                        RT - David Stewart / John Stichcomb

                        LE - Javon Kearse / Jacob Ford / William Hayes
                        DT - Tony Brown / Rob Meier
                        DT - Jason Jones / Sean Smith / Dorell Scott
                        RE - Kyle Vanden Bosch / Dave Ball
                        LLB - David Thornton / Ryan Fowler
                        MLB - Zach Thomas / Stephen Tulloch / Larry Izzo
                        RLB - Keith Bulluck / Wesley Woodyard / Colin Allred
                        CB - Cortland Finnegan / Kevin Dockery/ Eric King / Ladarius Webb
                        CB - Vontae Davis / Nick Harper /
                        FS - Chris Hope
                        SS - Michael Griffin / Vincent Fuller

                        K - Rob Bironas
                        P - Chris Hanson

                        KR Derrick Willams

                        Draft Picks
                        Round 1, pick 30 CB Vontae Davis
                        Round 2, pick 62 WR Derrick Williams
                        Round 6, pick 185 CB Ladarius Webb
                        Round 6, pick 190 DT Dorell Scott
                        Round 7, pick 222 OT Garrett Reynolds


                        Cut: CB Reynaldo Hill, CB Tyrone Poole
                        Re-signed: QB Kerry Collins, K Rob Bironas, CB Eric King, DB Vincent Fuller, LB Colin Allred
                        Signed: WR Devery Henderson, MLB Zach Thomas, RB Fred Taylor, WR Reggie Williams, P Chris Hanson
                        Signed: QB John Beck, DT Sean Smith, OT John Stichcomb, OL Evan Mathis, LB Larry Izzo, CB Kevin Dockery
                        Titans Receive: Pick #103 and DT Rob Meier from Jaguars for Pick #94
                        Titans Receive: LB Wesley Woodyard from Broncos for pick #103
                        Titans Receive: Pick #185 and TE Todd Heap from Baltimore for pick #126
                        Titans cut 9 to reach 53
                        RB Chris Henry
                        FB Quinton Ganther
                        WR Paul Williams
                        WR Chris Davis
                        OT Mike Otto
                        LB Josh Stamer
                        LB Ken Amato
                        LB Stanford Keglar
                        DB Donnie Nickey
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                          QB: Edwards > Fitzpatrick > Bomar
                          HB: Lynch > Jackson > Omon > G. Johnson
                          FB: Southerland
                          WR: Evans > Hardy > Parrish > J. Jenkins > Norwood
                          WR: Reed > St. Johnson > Murphy > Hall
                          TE: Wrighster > Thomas > Fine > Stupar
                          LT: Kropog > Willis > J. Scott > Bell
                          LG: Dockery > Isdaner
                          C: Birk > E. Williams
                          RG: Butler > Mahan > Hangartner
                          RT: Walker > Chambers > Lang

                          DE: Schobel > Bryan > Ellis > Swain
                          DT: Stroud > Sp. Johnson > Pryor
                          DT: Williams > Reid > Peterson
                          DE: M. Johnson > Denney
                          WLB: Crowell > Ellison > Costanzo > Palmer
                          MLB: Posluszny > DiGiorgio > Bowen
                          SLB: Mitchell > Ellerbe > McClover
                          CB: McGee > McKelvin > McCauley > Toler
                          CB: Greer > Youboty > Corner > B. Johnson
                          FS: Jenkins > Hill > Wilson
                          SS: Whitner > Br. Scott > Wendling

                          K: Lindell
                          P: Moorman
                          LS: Zelenka

                          Draft Picks:

                          1a) Malcolm Jenkins, DB, Ohio State
                          1b) Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech
                          2) Troy Kropog, OT, Tulane
                          3a) Dannell Ellerbe, LB, Georgia
                          3b) Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston State
                          4a) Greg Isdaner, G, West Virginia
                          4b) Louis Murphy, WR, Florida
                          5a) Brannon Southerland, FB, Georgia
                          5b) Edwin Williams, C, Maryland
                          6) Myron Pryor, DT, Kentucky
                          7) Bruce Johnson, CB, Miami

                          Veteran Acquisitions:

                          Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB
                          George Wrighster, TE
                          Sean Mahan, OL
                          Matt Birk, C
                          Darrell Reid, DT
                          Darrell McClover, LB
                          Marcus McCauley, CB
                          Renaldo Hill, S
                          Joe Zelenka, LS
                          Roy Hall, WR/FB/TE
                          Ray Willis, OT
                          David Thomas, TE
                          Kenny Peterson, DT
                          Geoff Hangartner, OL


                          Chris Crane, QB, Boston College
                          Gartrell Johnson, RB, Colorado State
                          Jordan Norwood, WR, Penn State
                          T.J. Lang, OT, Eastern Michigan
                          Brandon Swain, DE, West Texas A&M
                          Ashlee Palmer, OLB, Ole Miss
                          Greg Toler, CB, St. Paul's
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                            St. Louis Rams

                            Players Resigned
                            Dan Kreider
                            Adam Goldberg
                            Richie Incognito
                            Brett Romberg
                            Victor Adeyanju
                            OJ Atogwe

                            Players Signed

                            Chris Simms, QB
                            Fred Evans, DT
                            Chauncey Davis, DE
                            Niko Koutouvides, LB/ST Ace
                            Joselio Hanson, CB

                            Rams Trade
                            Torry Holt and 2009 6th

                            Jaguars Trade
                            2009 3rd

                            1 (#2) - Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech
                            2 (#35) - William Beatty, OT Conneticut
                            3 (#66) - Mike Mickens, CB Cincinnati
                            3 (#72) - Marcus Freeman, OLB Ohio State
                            4(#99) - Michael Hamlin, S Clemson
                            5 (#130) - Brandon Williams, DE Texas Tech
                            7 (#194) - Johnny Knox, WR Albiene Christian
                            UDFA - John Parker Wilson, QB Alabama
                            UDFA - Taurus Johnson, WR South Florida
                            UDFA - Andrew Means, WR Indiana
                            UDFA - Jeremy Childs, WR Boise State
                            UDFA - Kory Sperry, TE Colorado State
                            UDFA - Dan Gronkowski, TE Maryland
                            UDFA - Blake Schlueter, C TCU
                            UDFA - Kirston Pittman, DE Louisiana State
                            UDFA - Khalif Mitchell, DT East Carolina
                            UDFA - Adam Leonard, OLB Hawaii
                            UDFA - Brandon Hughes, CB Oregon State
                            UDFA - Ryan Mouton, CB Hawaii
                            UDFA - Al Afalava, SS Oregon State

                            QB: Marc Bulger / Chris Simms / John Parker Wilson
                            RB: Steven Jackson / Antonio Pittman / Brian Leonard / Kenny Darby
                            FB: Dan Kreider
                            WR: Michael Crabtree / Keenan Burton / Derek Stanley / Andrew Means
                            WR: Donnie Avery / Johnny Knox / Taurus Johnson / Jeremy Childs
                            TE: Joe Klopfenstein / Randy McMichael / Kory Sperry / Dan Gronkowski
                            LT: Orlando Pace / William Beatty / Anthony Davis
                            LG: Jacob Bell / Roy Schuening / Blake Schlueter
                            C: Brett Romberg / Cory Withrow
                            RG: Richie Incognito / John Greco
                            RT: Alex Barron / Adam Goldberg

                            LE: Chauncey Davis / Victor Adeyanju / Kirston Pittman
                            NT: Clifton Ryan / Antwon Burton / Khalif Mitchell
                            UT: Adam Carriker / Fred Evans
                            RE: Chris Long / Brandon Williams / James Hall
                            SLB: Marcus Freeman / Quinton Culberson / Niko Koutouvides
                            MLB: Will Witherspoon / David Vobora
                            WLB: Pisa Tinoisamoa / Chris Chamberlain / Adam Leonard
                            CB: Joselio Hanson / Tye Hill / Brandon Hughes
                            SS: Michael Hamlin / Todd Johnson / Al Afalava
                            FS: OJ Atogwe / David Roach
                            CB: Mike Mickens / Jonathan Wade / Justin King / Ryan Mouton

                            K: Josh Brown
                            P: Donnie Jones
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                              Players Retained

                              Malcom Floyd

                              Cletis Gordon

                              Jeremy Newberry

                              Free Agents Signed

                              Kevin Kaesviharn

                              Chris Perry

                              Kevin Vickerson

                              Vonnie Holliday

                              Pete Kendall

                              Trades Acquisitions

                              Levi Jones

                              Ko Simpson

                              Players Lost

                              RB Darren Sproles (Free Agency)
                              FB Mike Tolbert (Released)
                              OG Mike Goff (Free Agency)
                              DE Igor Olshansky (Free Agency)
                              LB Matt Wilhelm (Released)
                              S Clinton Hart (Released)

                              Players Drafted

                              1 Rey Maualuga - ILB- USC

                              3 Ricky Jean-Francois- DE- LSU

                              6 Gerald Cadogan- T- Penn State

                              6 Javarris Williams- RB- Tennessee State

                              UDFA- Practice Squad

                              Jamarca Sanford- S- Ole Miss

                              Maurice Crum Jr- MLB- Notre Dame

                              Orion Martin- OLB- Virgina Tech

                              Derek Walker- DE- Illinois

                              DeAndre Wright- CB- New Mexico

                              Marlon Lucky- RB- Nebraska

                              Aaron Kelly- WR- Clemson

                              Jeremy Perry- OG- Oregon State


                              - QB -
                              17 Philip Rivers
                              7 Billy Volek
                              6 Charlie Whitehurst

                              - RB -
                              21 LaDainian Tomlinson
                              23 Chris Perry
                              26 Javarris Williams

                              - FB -
                              22 Jacob Hester

                              - WR -
                              89 Chris Chambers
                              84 Craig Davis
                              80 Malcom Floyd

                              - WR -
                              83 Vincent Jackson
                              11 Legedu Naanee
                              81 Kasim Osgood

                              - TE -
                              85 Antonio Gates
                              86 Brandon Manumaleuna
                              87 Scott Chandler

                              - LT -
                              73 Marcus McNeill
                              72 Gerald Cadogan

                              - LG -
                              68 Kris Dielman
                              65 Pete Kendall

                              - C -
                              61 Nick Hardwick
                              62 Jeremy Newberry

                              - RG -
                              66 Jeromey Clary
                              63 Scott Mruczkowski

                              - RT -
                              79 Levi Jones
                              75 Corey Clark

                              - DE -
                              96 Kevin Vickerson
                              91 Vonnie Holliday
                              99 Ricky Jean-Francois

                              - NT -
                              76 Jamal Williams
                              97 Ryon Bingham

                              - DE -
                              93 Louis Castillo
                              74 Jacques Cesaire

                              - LB -
                              95 Shaun Phillips
                              94 Jyles Tucker
                              90 Antwan Applewhite

                              - ILB -
                              54 Stephen Cooper
                              53 Anthony Waters

                              - ILB -
                              58 Rey Maualuga
                              51 Tim Dobbins
                              59 Brandon Siler

                              - LB -
                              56 Shawne Merriman
                              92 Marques Harris

                              - CB -
                              23 Quentin Jammer
                              25 Paul Oliver
                              24 Cletis Gordon

                              - CB -
                              31 Antonio Cromartie
                              20 Antoine Cason
                              29 DeJuan Tribble

                              - SS -
                              32 Eric Weddle
                              28 Steve Gregory

                              - FS -
                              30 Ko Simpson
                              43 Kevin Kaesviharn

                              Bold = Draft Pick Blue = Free Agent Red = Trade

                              Feel free to PM me questions and comments
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