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  • 2011 DC FM - News & Rumors Thread

    Post news related to your team... Whether rumor, official team news or commentary.

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    Bears Name New Team President/General Manager

    Chicago shot to an unexpected 3-0 start in 2010, but struggled down the stretch. And though they won their underachieving division, a one-and-done performance in the playoffs netting Chicago the #23 overall pick in the upcoming draft was enough for the team to say "sianara" to their former GM and coaching staff.

    And today, they've named BeerBaron the new team president and general manager.

    "I've been a lifelong Bears fan, and now I have the opportunity to help lead this team to new heights. It's a dream come true" said Baron.

    BeerBaron also announced the hiring of his hand-picked replacement for Lovie Smith at head coach: Former Superbowl winning coach and Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden.

    "Gruden brings the winning experience we want the position. He's excited to work with a talented QB in Jay Cutler as well" stated Baron.

    Baron did not state who the team was targeting for the team's coordinator roles, though it is reported that they are heavily pursuing Tennessee Titan's defensive line coach Jim Washburn as defensive coordinator. Baron did indicate that the team plans to stick with the 4-3 defense, regardless of their choice in coordinator.

    Whoever Baron hires to fill in the coaching positions around Gruden, there is reason to be excited in Chicago. This is a team coming off of a playoff run that has talent at several key positions. If they manage to keep Jay Cutler upright, this is a team that could do some damage in future seasons to come.


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      General Manager's A Perfect Score & TACKLE have shown a knack for manipulating the mock draft process; now they are back and looking for another spectacular draft

      "Well for us, really, its all about the talent." This simple mantra resonates through the entire draft process for Ravens GM's A Perfect Score (APS) and TACKLE.

      "We come in here and expect to do everything we can to increase the number of people on our squad who we believe can play at the NFL level. There are a number of teams out there who will use smokescreens or target specific people because of specific things but for us, it all comes down to whether we feel a guy can play in the pros and whether we feel like he's a good fit here in Baltimore" said APS when asked for a quote.

      "Here in Baltimore we have a distinct style of play and we look for players who have proven thats how they are every time they step onto the gridiron."

      TACKLE could not be reached for comment at this time.

      The Ravens have the 26th overall pick in the upcoming draft, and you can be sure to expect some kind of movement from the perpetually active duo. They have already placed former Pro Bowl RB Willis McGahee and LB Tavares Gooden on the trade block, along with OL Chris Chester. McGahee lost his job to the explosive Ray Rice but has proven to be a capable #1 back when asked. Gooden was recently replaced by UDFA gem Dannell Ellerbe, but has shown excellent coverage abilities when healthy. Chester could start for many of the teams in the league, particularly those focused on a zone blocking format.
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        'Lord of No Rings' Fired

        The San Diego Chargers have announced that they have fired General Manager A.J. Smith, who has been dubbed around the league with the nickname 'Lord of No Rings'. The team has also announced the hiring of new GM marshallb to take over for Smith. Marshallb had this to say when asked about Smith's tenure in San Diego, "A.J. did plenty of good things in his time here, he brought in plenty of talented players through the draft, and was able to find some real gems. He also rubbed people the wrong way, and may have allowed his ego to get in the way of some business decisions."

        Marshallb said that he'd like to see if he can repair some of the tension between star receiver Vincent Jackson and the team, most of which was caused by A.J. Smith. If Jackson is willing, the new GM said he'd like to extend the franchise tag to Jackson to buy the team some time to work out a long term extension, but as marshallb put it, "we'll see if anything can be done."

        When asked about his plans for the upcoming draft, marshallb was quoted as saying, "Depending on the VJ situation, we may be interested in adding another big time weapon for Phillip [Rivers], and we've got some needs to be addressed in the secondary, as well as adding some depth along the D line. Hopefully through these moves we can help out the special teams problems that plagued this team throughout last year. We're picking rather high (# eight overall), and we've got three picks in the third round, so we've got plenty of options." Marshallb did announce that special teams coach Steve Crosby and the rest of the coaching staff from last year will return. He did say that some changes will be made from the "powderpuff training camp that Coach [Norv] Turner has run the past couple years."

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          Wade Phillips Demoted! Jason Garrett Out!

          Early this morning, Dallas officials announced that Wade Phillips would no longer be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. A move that was inevitable after the season let down they had. Jerry Jones declined to comment at this time, but earlier mentioned that the lack of discipline, the high amount of penalties and decisions on player usage were some of the main disappointments he felt about the team. Phillips has not been fired from the team, so there is some speculation that he could stay with the team in some other capacity. Perhaps as Defensive Coordinator.

          However, Jason Garrett has been fired and that has been confirmed. The inability of the offense to avoid costly penalties, generate turnovers and make adjustments has been a constant theme for the offense since Garrett arrived. Additionally, it seems that Jerry wants a new head coach who is offensive minded and would give him the freedom to select his own OC. A wise move after the self selected Garrett debacle failed.


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            Tommie Harris on the Move?

            DT Tommie Harris is a former pro-bowler who was once hailed as the next coming of Warren Sapp. Harris was a monster on the interior of the defensive line, collapsing the pocket and making many great plays in the backfield.

            However, injuries and a falling out with the team's previous coaching staff have seen Harris' productivity and playing time diminish, and he was even benched for a game early in 2010.

            But many believe that Harris can still be an immensely productive player when healthy and in the right situation. Harris is only 27 and could be a real asset to a competing team who needs help along the defensive line, and trade rumors are running rampant.

            The Bears are said to be in talks with at least three teams, and may already have an offer on the table that would include Harris, a draft pick and some other players. General Manager BeerBaron was not available for comment at the time, but he is apparently active in working the phones looking for a potential trade partner. Stay tuned.


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              Patriots sniffing around pass rushers

              Newly appointed general manager djp has been very active in his first week before the draft. Several league sources have informed's Chris Mortenson that the New England Patriots have been calling teams looking for a proven pass rusher. djp could not be reached for comment.
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                Titans Looking for Receiving Threat

                The word out of Baptist Sports Park is that the Titans are actively pursuing a big-time tight end that can open up the middle of the field for the their passing attack. The Titans are looking at all of their options through the draft, but would also be interested in a trade if the right offer came along.
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                  Year Two For Nix

                  "We'll upgrade wherever we think we need to upgrade." Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix said after the ugly loss to the Jets to go 0-16 on the year. "And we'll go about that anyway we can. Be it free agency the draft or maybe even a trade or two." When asked about the QB situation Nix said "We like the guys we have, they all can play the spot and we think they can be good QBs for us. But if we can upgrade the spot we'll look into it."


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                    Bill Cowher - The New Sheriff In Dallas

                    Breaking News! Dallas Cowboys Owner/GM Jerry Jones announced a few minutes ago that Bill Cowher would be taking the new reigns as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. "Bill brings a fresh new intensity, a demand for high standards of discipline, respect and accountability to our team. Something that we have been lacking here and is sorely needed." said Jones. "We hope he will bring this team another Super Bowl championship and he has the resume to back it up. That is something that really attracted us to Bill. The fact that he has taken a team to the Super Bowl and has won it. That kind of credibility that is rare and combined with his electric persona, this was a hire I desperately wanted to make."

                    Cowher has been given the freedom to put together his own coaching staff. It will be interesting to see the developments ahead.
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                      POLIAN ATTACK BY ENRAGED FAN

                      The Indianapolis Colts have announced the shock resignation of long term Team President Bill Polian following his altercation with an enraged fan. Sources differ on what fully happened but reports state that IMPD officers arrested the unnamed fan after he repeatedly beat the former Colts supremo with a "Colts 16-0" sign.

                      Colts owner, Jim Irsay, immediately replaced Polian with the relatively unknown Seamus2602. While Seamus2602 mightn't have Polian's experience he does, reports show, know what an Offensive Lineman actually looks like.

                      Colts star Peyton Manning was unavailable for comment, as he had just been leveled by Dwight Freeney following a missed block by Charlie Johnson.
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                          Payton swears this draft might be offensive.

                          After a 2010 draft that surprised many fans, New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton admits this draft may not sit well with many fans either.
                          "We have our eye on some guys who we really like and we may surprise some people with what side of the ball we bolster in this draft."

                          The Saints drafted CB Patrick Robinson out of Florida State with last year's 1st round pick, a decision that had many fans up in arms. Many felt that the defensive line was an area of need. The Saints only defensive upgrade after Robinson, was DT Al Woods, DT from LSU, who is no longer with the team and is a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers practice squad.

                          Sean Payton, who is entering his fifth season as a head coach in the National Football League, is the first coach in New Orleans Saints history to lead the team to a Super Bowl title.
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                            SWDC's Rick Bennett Updates his Mock Draft

                            1.) Buffalo Bills – QB Andrew Luck, Stanford
                            – Bills get their franchise QB.
                            2.) Carolina Panthers – WR AJ Green, Georgia
                            - QB is a possibility as well, if not, get a weapon for Clausen.
                            3.) Cleveland Browns – QB Jake Locker, Washington
                            - McCoy doesn’t look like the answer if the Browns are picking this high.
                            4.) San Francisco 49ers – DE/OLB Robert Quinn, North Carolina
                            - QB is a possibility, but pass rush help is also a major need.
                            5.) Detroit Lions – CB Patrick Peterson, LSU
                            - A blindside protector would be nice, but a CB with elite tools is an excellent consolation.
                            6.) Dallas Cowboys – DE Cameron Heyward, Ohio State
                            - Cowboys get a prototype 3-4 DE to keep their defense running strong.
                            7.) Denver Broncos – DE Marcel Dareus, Alabama
                            - Finally, another piece to their 3-4 puzzle that currently uses too many journeyman.
                            8.) San Diego Chargers – WR Julio Jones, Alabama
                            - If they trade Jackson, Jones would be a very capable replacement.
                            9.) New England Patriots (from OAK) – CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska
                            - Amukamara would give them their best shut-down corner since Ty Law.
                            10.) Minnesota Vikings – QB Christian Ponder, Florida State
                            - A slight reach, but a major need for the Vikings. He fits their system and is loved by many in their FO.
                            11.) Cincinnati Bengals – QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas
                            - Palmer has badly regressed and a replacement is needed ASAP.
                            12.) St. Louis Rams – DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa
                            - A stud pass rasher to compliment the finally emerging Chris Long.
                            13.) Green Bay Packers – RB Mark Ingram, Alabama
                            - A well-rounded rusher to bring some balance to the Packers otherwise powerful offense.
                            14.) Jacksonville Jaguars – WR Jonathan Baldwin, Pitt
                            - A stud WR to help out whoever their QB of the future may end up being.
                            15.) Washington Redskins – DE Allen Bailey, Miami
                            - A versatile defender like Bailey would greatly help Washington’s rebuilding efforts on defense.
                            16.) Tampa Bay Bucs – OL Marcus Cannon, TCU
                            - The Bucs need help across much of their o-line, including G and RT, spots Cannon could help at.
                            17.) Miami Dolphins – S DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson
                            - Safety is one of the weaker positions for Miami, and McDaniel would give them a stud there.
                            18.) Seattle Seahawks – CB Aaron Williams, Texas
                            - CB is a spot that Seattle could use a talented youngster at.
                            19.) Tennessee Titans – TE Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame
                            - The Titans get their best TE since Frank Wyceck.
                            20.) Indianapolis Colts – OT Derrick Sherrod
                            - Keeping talent around Peyton is an absolute must, and LT is a spot that needs help.
                            21.) Kansas City Chiefs – LB Donta Hightower, Alabama
                            - The Chiefs finally land a real thumper for the inside of their 3-4 defense.
                            22.) Arizona Cardinals – LB Akeem Ayers, UCLA
                            - The Cards grab a versatile LB to help make up for the loss of Dansby a year ago.
                            23.) Chicago Bears – OT Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin
                            - Keeping Cutler upright will do wonders for this team and Carimi looks to be an excellent RT.
                            24.) Houston Texans – CB Brandon Harris, Miami
                            - Their secondary has been torched in 2010 and Harris will surely help them out there.
                            25.) Philadelphia Eagles – OL Michael Pouncey, Florida
                            - The Eagles grab the versatile Pouncey to help out the interior of their o-line.
                            26.) Baltimore Ravens – WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame
                            - Age is a major problem for their WR corps, and Floyd has a ton of potential.
                            27.) New Orleans Saints – DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue
                            - The well-rounded Kerrigan would give NO some much needed front 7 help.
                            28.) New England Patriots – DE Jared Crick, Nebraska
                            - The Pats land some much needed help for their d-line with the Seymour-esque Crick here.
                            29.) Atlanta Falcons – OL DeMarcus Love, Arkansas
                            - Several of the Falcons o-lineman are FAs and Love gives them a versatile option to replace anyone lost.
                            30.) Pittsburgh Steelers – NT Jerrell Powe, Ole Miss
                            - The Steelers grab their future NT in the massive Powe here.
                            31.) NY Giants – OT Anthony Castonzo, BC
                            - They draft their eventual replacement for Kareem McKenzie at RT here.
                            32.) NY Jets – DE Christian Ballard, Iowa
                            - Could develop into an elite 3-4 DE to keep their defense as a top unit in the league.
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                              Broncos continue in transition
                              Looking to move players from old regime; DJ Williams big name on block

                              DENVER, CO -- Josh McDaniels took questions this morning, after another disappointing season which landed Denver the number seven overall pick. "Well, we have to improve in multiple facets, that's for sure."

                              McDaniels has been heavily criticized for his use of his weapons in the offensive scheme, and his rocky transition to a 3-4 defense, something Denver clearly wasn't ready for when he took the job two years ago. However, McDaniels has "all the time in the world" to rebuild the Broncos into hopeful Super Bowl champions.

                              "It comes with time."

                              McDaniels is said to be interested in moving linebacker DJ Williams and gutting out the roster with the useless depth and continue to add an influx talent into the schemes and the system. In draft news, the Broncos are said to be interested in another impact corner, offensive line depth and a couple of playmakers as well on the offensive side of the ball.



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