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Lesser known musical artist that you really enjoy

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  • Lesser known musical artist that you really enjoy

    I am making this thread for ANY genre of music, hence why I put artist rather than band. I don't want this to turn into a rock vs rap debate or anything like that. Just say someone that you like that many people haven't heard of; and if possible give a comparison.

    Slightly Stoopid: I know a lot of people have heard of them, but I am still surprised by the number of people who haven't. Brad Nowell signed them before he died, and they are a lot like Sublime, but with more reggae.

    Josh Grider Band: I don't listen to much country, so I can't really give a comparison. Hell I don't even really like country too much, but I love them.

    I'll post some more as I think of them.
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    The Dear Hunter
    Circa Survive
    As Cities Burn

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      The Mad Conductor

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        Manchester Orchestra. Absolutely great band from georgia. There album is called "Like a Virgin Losing a Child" if you like indie rock you should definitely check it out.


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            Something Corporate

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              These may be not lesser known but I feel they aren't as appreciated as much as mainstream artists:

              Thin Lizzy
              The Kinks
              Public Enemy
              Ted Nugent
              Jethro Tull

              and the lesser known acts I like are as follows:

              Acid Bath
              Red Sparowes
              Human Waste Project
              Eyes of Fire
              Explosions In The Sky

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                Fair To Midland, They have such a Unique style, and singing voices, their single i scalled dance of the manatee its a great song. System of a down helped set these guys up, Serj is the main character of the video.

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                  I'm really into this guy they call 50 Cent. He's a lyrical genius.

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                    The Bronx


                    The Unseen


                    HORSE The Band


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                      Originally posted by diabsoule View Post
                      These may be not lesser known but I feel they aren't as appreciated as much as mainstream artists:

                      Thin Lizzy
                      The Kinks
                      Public Enemy
                      Ted Nugent
                      Jethro Tull
                      Dude those bands were pretty mainstream in their time. Nuget was hella popular. Thin Lizzy was revolutionary (dual lead guitars baby!) and the Kinks were the fathers of punk.

                      Tull even won a grammy!

                      I'd like to nominate Porcupine Tree for this topic. Although I have no idea if they're unknown or not, they're pretty awesome.


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                        Dave Melillo
                        Eyes Set to Kill
                        Go Crash Audio
                        The Alpha Couple
                        Love of Diagrams
                        Marty Sampson
                        Jeremy Enigk
                        Love & Reverie
                        The Blackout

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                          a r&b group from the chi called 3 piece

                          also juice from phx signed to games label

                          wiz khalfia from pittsburgh


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                            Porcupine Tree!!!!!!

                            I cannot stress that enough. If you like Rock, you will probably find something to like about them. They are fringe successful, despite being around for more then a decade.


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                              others as most people might have heard of them

                              case r&b singer
                              bg rapper
                              carl thomas r&b singer
                              latiff r&b singer



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