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    2,4,6,8, this rap is really awesome!


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      2, 4, 6, 8, this rap is really GREAT (rhymes man) lol
      Bubba kush for breakfast, with my captain crunch
      I smoke ten blunts before lunch
      Gucci Mane


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        I got another one so we dont lose this...Dont make fun of me too much

        I feel like a citizen without rights
        Its like vegas with no dice
        a dog with no bites
        a cage with no fights
        or in the dark with no lights
        im the gun with no sights
        i got no direction
        but my reflection
        will burn u like oven convection
        i only come with perfection
        im at an all time high
        like lebron in game 5
        step up to me an i ll make u take a dive
        in a place where only mermaids thrive
        its too late by the time the paramedics arrive
        u pretty much dead
        i bet bet u wish u would have been a stain on ur parents bed
        or ur mom only gave head
        ur times up like stale bread
        aint **** given but i stay driven
        while you diggin urself in a hole
        let that stick to ur soul
        u mold and grow old
        and fold under pressure
        but i will test ya
        u cant hurt me
        i ll swing like im in the home run derby

        Leroy Smith -


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          Originally posted by etk View Post
          Jets future after seeing Big Mike's Love to Hate thread:

          Then DChess & BigDawg get a bunch of infractions, lol.

          Edit: I swear on my life, as I was posting this 50 Cent's P.I.M.P came on shuffle. I don't know why I have that song, but ooh the irony.
          Ahhh good times........ :D

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          SSAEL....... its a new revolution!

          Originally posted by Job
          On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
          Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

          So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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            Those guys are good rappers.

            Originally posted by Scott Wright
            Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
            Originally posted by njx9
            do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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              if you ever **** with me
              you gonna need a blessin see
              ill have you six feet under
              hear me roar like thunder
              roll up in the h3 hummer
              make you run for cover
              i got you new cement shoes
              put em on in the river is what i choose
              you gonna sink to the bottom
              boss says whassup i say we got em
              i got this game up on lock
              i dont need to sell rocks
              ya momma still takin cocks?
              i make it rain sippin on criss
              major pain if you mess with thiss
              i got enough tongue twisters to make the tongue turned
              im so hot i can get ya sun burned
              spit so hard get ya stomach gurned
              listenin to me what have you learned
              i got the scarface s on my chest
              **** with me you ****** with the best
              rip d dub is better then the rest
              step to the mic n spit somn sicka nicca
              im out let the candels flicka
              dueces high sippa licca
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              Bubba kush for breakfast, with my captain crunch
              I smoke ten blunts before lunch
              Gucci Mane


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                I'll tell u right now i spit the truth, same thing goes for my lil homie double deuce, U can take 5 to ur brain bustin straight thru ur bubblegoose, Add 3 to ur frame, Im top dog in this game u can call me the master of ceremonies, im gonna be here for awhile but pour out a lil liqior for my homies, been stressed by the suits since the day i wuz born, but u kno wut they say nuthin beats a corpse in a uniform, Load up **** aim shoot, Leave some of that red on ur fresh tim boots, U dont want that so ***** dont front that, stunt if u want and ****** ull get back slapped, clap clap, that the sound of the mac, now it enterin leavin exit wounds on ur back,


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                  damn theres some nice freestyles on here
                  Bubba kush for breakfast, with my captain crunch
                  I smoke ten blunts before lunch
                  Gucci Mane


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                    Life in essence is nothing but pain, Ur days are full of hardships and ur nights are full of rain,
                    but thats the way man is supposed to live since being cast out of eden,
                    We were tempted by the serpent ate of the forebiddin fruit,
                    now every waking moment is spent on the quest for the loot,
                    when we were created we were givin everything, then it wuz snacthed away by god as punishment for our sins,
                    God took a rib from Adam and created Eve, if man wuz meant to lay with our brother, he woulda made steve,
                    Our nation is corrupted, and its all out in the open they dont even attempt to hide it nomore the lock is broken,
                    Pandoras box wuz unleashed and it took to the streets, causing madness as far as it could reach,
                    In the form of crack, there aint no comin back, PPl killin each other to get the biggest stack,
                    movin in silence theres a wave of ultraviolence, sweepin across the world breakin up the alliance,
                    Greed rhymes wit need, and its detrimental to succeed if i fell today i knew my corpse wouldnt bleed,
                    cuz im an empty shell and im already living in hell molten ash and brimstone is all i can smell,
                    cuz ive crashed and burned 2 many times to count, and ill always live this way until the day im taken out,


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                      Originally posted by ripdw27 View Post
                      2, 4, 6, 8, this rap is really GREAT (rhymes man) lol

                      You need to check out Lil Bush.


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                        I like the Packers
                        not computer Hackers!

                        i got mad rhymes yo!

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                          Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds View Post
                          You need to check out Lil Bush.
                          my bad only seen it once
                          Bubba kush for breakfast, with my captain crunch
                          I smoke ten blunts before lunch
                          Gucci Mane


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                            I bleed red n black
                            but our man Mike Vick turned out to be a hack
                            I thought he had our back
                            but, damn, he aint have jack

                            Now we suck
                            shiit Petrino likes power and Norwood can't truck
                            Neither can Dunn but who gives a fuuck
                            his back is broke like it got stuck

                            At wideout we got 2 who went round 1
                            But shiit, with the way they catch the game aint even fun
                            Then we got Old Joe Horn
                            He can't even run without his hammy gettin torn

                            On D we got Abe
                            Oh **** 4get that he out again now he at home hangin with his babe

                            But we got DHall
                            Oh shiit he just gave up the deep ball

                            our D is made of tin
                            We got 2 out 2 injury and the season aint even start
                            And then at ss we got an old fart

                            Babs and Vick
                            One killed a dog for a chick
                            the other for no reason xsept he don't care bout others
                            Now we sittin ducks
                            sittin here just thinkin...we fuukked

                            At QB we got a should-be
                            Went top 5 but took a hell of a dive
                            Now we gonna be pickin top 5

                            Freeee Styyyyyle
                            Virginia Tech.
                            ACC Champions 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010

                            Next Up: 2012


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                              Theres some good stuff on here

                              I ll knock it off
                              like tic tocs off your biologiical clocks
                              we all dying
                              everytime we breath we dying
                              ever since we concieved we dying
                              how does it feel to handle that burden
                              every breath gets us closer to not hurtin

                              Leroy Smith -


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                                Father please forgive me for wut goes on in this land,
                                But they got ur ppl werkin for motherfukers they cant stand,
                                We were blind we elected a leader for wut his daddy did,
                                and now were warring with Iraq just like daddy did,
                                Handeling personal vandettas with his position of power,
                                sayin they got weapons of mass destruction there an underground Nuclear Power,
                                well mister bush where were the bombs at?
                                A screw up by intelligence u think the ppl will buy that?
                                Whether they bought it or not the ppl did nothing choosin to live in ignorance while there government stay bluffin,
                                Once again were policin the world killing the fathers of countless lil girls, Startin new wars when we cant even handle the wars at home,
                                but i understand u can never win the war on drugs there will always be a market for blow and buds,
                                But wut about the war on aids? Young children dyin everyday?
                                Cuz there junkie father couldnt keep his dick in his pants ,
                                they come in2 this world just to suffer whither and die like plants,
                                we kno u got the cure, please open up the door,
                                We Dont Need No more Wars, wut are ur ppl dying for?
                                I kno magics a nice guy he just fuked too many hoes and u wanna give him a 2nd chance yea the lord knows,
                                its cuz he got that green, That is wut im seein,
                                I kno the government would like to silence me for wut im sayin today but aslong as I get the message out ill be on my way...



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