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    Do you guys remember Bob Ross he was amazing, I remember I would come home from school when I was a kid and watch him but I would always fall asleep because his voice was so damn relaxing.

    here is some Bob Ross on youtube if you don't remember...
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    Best Show Ever.

    I grew up without cable so Public Access Television was the shizz.


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      Hahaha I remember when this show used to come on TV. Our Art teacher in high school used to make us watch him. He has the most badass afro ever. Bob Ross and the joy of painting.


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        The man was legendary. Him and his happy little trees.


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          When i was in 11th grade people had him on the notebooks like taped on so but i remember the guy on the learning channel

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            yeah here's part of my favorite bob ross episode...

            In March 2006, The Bob Ross Inc. announced plans to license rights to develop a Bob Ross video game. At the time, it was reported that AGFRAG Entertainment Group would receive the license and planned on developing the game for PC, the Nintendo DS, and Nintendo's next-generation video game console, the Wii. The Wii was chosen because its Wii Remote is unique in its ability to sense 3D control, allowing the player to use the remote like a paintbrush, aptly suited to The Joy of Painting.

            At first, the announcement was believed to be an early April Fool's Day joke. However, it was confirmed by several websites including, the official Bob Ross website and the AGFRAG homepage.

            On December 5, 2006, it was reported that the game had been canceled. A short while later, however, the company announced that those reports were inaccurate, and that they were looking for another development company, as AGFRAG had left the project. [1]

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              I actually have a Bob Ross t-shirt somewhere it says something about trees on it. Its like 5 years old though.
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