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OJ Simpson arrested Armed Robbery

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  • OJ Simpson arrested Armed Robbery

    Saw it on CBS bottom line.

    He's gonna need to dig up Cochran for his Chewbacha defense :|

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    kinda like how capone went to jail for tax evasion OJ will go for robbery

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      Does anyone really care?

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      SSAEL....... its a new revolution!

      Originally posted by Job
      On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
      Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

      So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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        I dont that much

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          Originally posted by BigDawg819 View Post
          Does anyone really care?
          I definitely dont this dude should already be in jail for life.
          Originally posted by nvot9
          I'm going to personally PM you when the Mets win the NL East and the Phillies don't even make the playoffs.

          Phillies 2007 NL East Champions & Back to Back MVP Award Winners.
          Indianapolis Colts 13-3
          Philadelphia Flyers 19-14-4 = 42 points
          Philadelphia 76ers 14-18
          Coach Bob Huggins 10-2


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            Ease off on the man, guys. He was just looking for the real killer in that hotel room.



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