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    nip/tuck's first episode of the season was a little odd...didnt even seem like nip/tuck to me, really. They're supposed to be adding a lot of humor to this season....meh....i like it better the way it was.

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      Prison Break
      Battlestar Galactica
      Colbert Report

      Those are the only shows I watch every week.


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        shows i watch every week:

        South Park
        Prison Break
        The Simpsons
        Family Guy
        Drawn Together
        The Office


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          Originally posted by diabsoule View Post
          Anyone else think that Dave Attell's Insomniac shouldn't have been canceled?
          I watched some of that over the summer, great late night TV.

          As for all the Kenny vs Spenny talk, I believe Comedy Central has picked it up and will start airing it sometime this month.


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            Season 4 debut of Kenny vs Spenny was tonight and I wasn't dissapointed. Not one of the best episodes but it still had it's moments. I don't wanna ruin it so i'll just say the way the competition wraps up is definately the funniest part.

            If you're wondering the competition was: Who would get a boner first.



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              Originally posted by duckseason View Post
              Hell yeah. The Wire is a must see. Season 1 was excellent, but don't expect to be let down from there. Each season focuses on a different aspect of the problems in Baltimore, but they keep multiple story lines going throughout, and they all intersect. The drug trade is still a big part of the show up through season 4. I think this is the most underrated show I've seen, by far. Very well made, very good writers and characters, and it has a real life feel to it. And the message they're sending with it is a good one for those who realize there is significant meaning behind all the drama. Can't wait for season 5, and will be sad when it's over. It'll be the last. Stringer was instantly my favorite character as well. But after 4 seasons, I'm not sure who my favorite is.
              Plowed through Season 2 and am a few episodes into Season 3 now. I liked Season 2 a lot but I still think Season 1 was better. Season 3 is shaping up nicely though.


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                bringing this one back.

                Did anyone watch the Human Body: Pushing the Limits thing on discovery?

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                  I cannot recomend Six Feet Under enough to everyone. I am a huge Soprano's fan and Six Feet Under is just as good. I started season 1 a couple weeks back and I am already on the 5th and final season. I recomend everyone go out and rent at least Disc 1 of Season 1 and give it a shot.


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                    Jericho is shaping up to be one helluva show...intense does not describe it...


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                      So I have realized, I watch alot of TV on my computer. The only series I have ever followed on TV are Heroes (2nd half of season 1 and all of season 2), House (season 4) and the Office (the latest season). I am going to try to remember all the TV shows I have seen:

                      The Office, S1 S2 S3
                      Heroes S1 S2
                      Prison Break S1
                      House S1 S2 S3 S4
                      West Wing S1 S2
                      Lost S1 S2
                      Scrubs S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6
                      Arrested Development S1 S2 S3

                      Next on my list (I have available DVDs of):

                      West Wing S3 S4...Sn
                      Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia: S1 S2
                      Veronica Mars S1 S2 S3

                      Thats alot of TV for a guy who hasnt had cable in his house or room for the past 3-4 years.

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                        I am really getting into the Big Bang Theory...watched some of the first season online, and I love the nerdy humour aspect of it

                        plus Kaley Cuoco in a show is never a bad idea
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                          What ever happened to Malcolm in the Middle? Did they ever get a final episode? I wasnt really a big fan when it was on but, I watch the re-runs on F/X every day. It was a great show.

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                            The gerbil rolled on into the night....I don't believe that was the final season but i loved it.

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                              Big Bang theory starts up again tonight :D

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