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    We need a thread for the best show on tv! Tonights Cops episode was pure brilliance. Any other Earl fans here?

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    i invite all of you to spam the board with moronic topics that aren't even vaguely entertaining. please.

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    I saw one episode. Didn't draw me in enough to continue watching it.


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      good show but The Office Heroes and House are all better. My favorite character is definitely Randy.. crabman is good too

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        I don't watch it all the time, but I remember that I thought last year's finale was hilarious and I've seen some good stuff on it this year. Definitely a good show.

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          Hello my name is Earl is funny.

          Thanks to jackalope


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            greatest show
            even better than the office, i'll say it with pride

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              used to watch it but i gave up halfway through the 2nd season. dont find it that funny anymore.


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                I've seen every episode and last night's may have been the funniest.

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                  It's a funny show, but these are all better:
                  No particular order
                  1. South Park
                  2. House
                  3. How I Met Your Mother
                  4. Two and a Half Men
                  5. Rules of Engagement
                  6. Friday Night Lights
                  7. Scrubs
                  8. Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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                    I loved last night's episode, the heat vision part was hysterical.


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                      My Name Is Earl is indeed brilliant, I love it. On in a couple of hours over here :D

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                        How did Earl go to jail? I missed the end of last season/beginning of this season.

                        That is correct comahan
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                          Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
                          How did Earl go to jail? I missed the end of last season.
                          He took the fall for when Joy kidnapped that guy.


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                            I love this show but its gone down hill this season. There hasnt been an really funny episdes this season. He needs to get out of jail.



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