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JBond's 10,000 Recollections (10,000 Posts and Sharing the Love)

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  • JBond's 10,000 Recollections (10,000 Posts and Sharing the Love)

    10,000 post threads usually talk about the people on this forum, what they meant to the poster, etc. etc. Sometimes they are filled with near naked women, other pictures, or next to nothing. If any of you know me, you know I am a sappy guy and don't mind bearing my soul, even on a forum. So, if anyone makes fun of me, I’ll be out to get ya, haha. Therefore, I went with the former. But, instead of listing only a few people, my plan is to commemorate anyone I even recollect. I also may recall some times and explain my history. Feel free to IM me to chat about the post, or just reply.

    How did I come to this site? I visited a fantasy football forum, Fanball, regularly and was well known on there. One my good friends on there, named CreekEagles, and I always competed to tell all about the draft and what rookies would make an impact, where they would go, etc. Creek always had a leg up on me and admitted one day that was due to a site he went to and was known for. He finally convinced me to take a look in December of 05. He told me to make a post in Off-Topic and that he was the **** so tell everyone I knew him and I'd be in. So, I make a post, thinking I am all high and mighty. People reply. One guy, Futurescout, says something idiotic so I reply and make fun of him. Everyone loves it, and I feel great, so I stick around and slowly begin going away from fanball and towards NFLDC. I will start you off with my convo with Creek about some guys on the site. I've showed some this, but it is entertaining. I'll post the whole thing, Bold good parts. Creek is phillypimp, I am TheP1414

    10:27:10 PM phillypimp815:
    10:27:21 PM thep1414: thanks man, I'll have to check it out
    10:27:55 PM phillypimp815: Post in the off-topic section that I sent you if you get a chance.
    10:28:44 PM thep1414: sure thing
    10:29:46 PM thep1414: which topic?
    10:29:58 PM phillypimp815: off topic
    10:30:27 PM thep1414: Which threaD?
    10:30:35 PM phillypimp815: just make one.
    10:30:40 PM phillypimp815: call it "new here"
    10:30:43 PM phillypimp815: or something
    10:30:53 PM thep1414: oh got it, my bad, got confused
    10:31:06 PM phillypimp815: that tOSU edumacation
    10:31:18 PM thep1414: haha
    10:32:11 PM thep1414: done
    10:32:15 PM phillypimp815: If you check the mock draft section, you can see the forum mock where we all have control of a team for 5 rounds. Totally unrealistic, but fun as ****.
    10:32:24 PM thep1414: sounds like fun
    10:33:08 PM phillypimp815: in the off topic forum, there's a "New Sig Thread" you can get a tottally cool sig. like the ones other people have.
    10:33:23 PM thep1414: sweetness, I'll check it out, thanks bud
    10:33:27 PM thep1414: how long have you been here?
    10:33:46 PM phillypimp815: A little over a year. Same time I signed up at fanball.
    10:33:53 PM thep1414: cool, cool
    10:34:22 PM phillypimp815: & you can get an avatar if it's 100 x 100 or smaller
    10:34:36 PM thep1414: I'll have to check on that
    10:35:02 PM thep1414: Don't know what I'd use though. Using a college or NFL team seems a bit tacky. I can go with the Bond theme
    10:35:08 PM thep1414: Miami, nice
    10:35:27 PM phillypimp815: My avatar is Richard Pryor 8-)
    10:35:32 PM thep1414: lol
    10:36:05 PM thep1414: lol, yeah, that draft is real random
    10:36:16 PM phillypimp815: there are like 143 trades
    10:36:32 PM thep1414: yeah, not even 1 WR in the first either
    10:37:04 PM thep1414: Gilles and Cutler are good picks, definitely
    10:37:30 PM phillypimp815: Cutler is #2 QB on my board.
    10:37:53 PM thep1414: It'd be tough to unseat Jacobs at this point, but I think Cutler will get there after the combine
    10:38:11 PM phillypimp815: I think Jacobs will return anyway
    10:38:41 PM thep1414: and Pittsburgh took Hank Baskett before Chad Jackson? Damn. Then Cutler would definitely move up. Doesn't seem like a good QB draft
    10:39:03 PM phillypimp815: LB's & OT's are where it's at this year.
    10:39:12 PM phillypimp815: & RB's to some extent.
    10:39:30 PM thep1414: no doubt. For the Steelers, I don't know what they will do
    10:39:50 PM thep1414: WR or O-line if a good G falls perhaps, maybe a LB if Brooks would fall down
    10:40:32 PM phillypimp815: Brooks has been hurt, but depending on combine, he could fall to around #15.
    10:41:04 PM thep1414: no further due to his injury and excess weight? The combine will push him wayyy far up, but I can hope
    10:42:22 PM phillypimp815: I traded for Cedrick Wilson from you guys.
    10:42:40 PM thep1414: haha, not bad, I'd dump him
    10:43:29 PM phillypimp815: I just got a bunch of **** guys
    10:43:40 PM phillypimp815: him & Clarence Moore because I traded away Marty Booker
    10:43:56 PM thep1414: I like Clarence Moore myself, not sure why, he sucks, but I do
    10:44:37 PM phillypimp815: here's all the rosters after trades & such.
    10:45:30 PM thep1414: the Bears get Anquan Boldin? Damn, lol
    10:45:33 PM thep1414: this is fun
    10:45:55 PM phillypimp815: Bears GM is the smartest person I've ever met. Knows more than the guy whos site it is
    10:46:14 PM thep1414: interesting
    10:46:54 PM phillypimp815: & knows everything about baseball prospects, college bball.... it's crazy. fun guy though. We created "MEl Kiper" & "Chris Mortenson" screennames & posted trade rumors.
    10:47:13 PM thep1414: lol
    10:48:04 PM phillypimp815: This forum is like bizzaro-fanball. No intelligent dicussion whatsoever.
    10:48:15 PM thep1414: lol, wow
    10:48:23 PM thep1414: It does look interesting
    10:48:47 PM phillypimp815: "Scott Wright" is the guy whos site it is. Everyone kisses up to him. Nice guy though.
    10:49:03 PM thep1414: alright, anyone else you can give me tips on?
    10:50:01 PM phillypimp815: Keak thee sneak. Only black guy on the forums, played high school ball at De LaSalle. friends with MAurice Drew & a lot of other people.... talks about Drew constantly.
    10:50:33 PM phillypimp815: The mods are "Xiomera" & "Ward42." Ward is cool. He's bizzaro you. Xio is a wolverine fan
    10:50:55 PM thep1414: boo @ Wolverines fan. Yea, I think, at bizarro me
    10:51:15 PM phillypimp815: he's a Texas fan.

    10:51:23 PM thep1414: ah
    10:52:38 PM phillypimp815: the kid who posted in your thread is cool
    10:52:42 PM phillypimp815: my age
    10:52:52 PM thep1414: that's cool
    10:52:53 PM phillypimp815: kinda corny, but fun
    10:53:06 PM phillypimp815: stay away from futurescout
    10:53:30 PM thep1414: ah, then is it wrong that I semi-flamed him ina newbie type way?
    10:53:32 PM phillypimp815: he talks constantly about Reggie McNEal. literally dozens of flamewars because of him.
    10:53:50 PM phillypimp815: He's a ***** though
    10:53:55 PM thep1414: damn
    10:54:01 PM phillypimp815: I've punked him out on numerous occasions
    10:54:33 PM phillypimp815: Nice reply to him though
    10:54:52 PM thep1414: for my second post, it works
    10:55:24 PM phillypimp815: HEre, you don't need to worry about building your rep. You know me, you get a free pass. 8-)
    10:55:34 PM thep1414: lol, I'm sure
    10:56:31 PM phillypimp815: The age group is pretty much 16-25
    10:56:45 PM thep1414: that's good, makes for a well rounded group
    10:57:16 PM phillypimp815: but NO talking about politics, religion, ect..... we used to have it, but n00bs came in & ruined it for all of us.
    10:57:25 PM thep1414: what happened?
    10:57:37 PM phillypimp815: there was a big flame war about something
    10:57:42 PM phillypimp815: & now we can't.
    10:58:16 PM thep1414: bitches

    10:58:50 PM phillypimp815: request a sig *****. ask for like tOSU LB's or osmething
    10:59:34 PM thep1414: sounds good. Why don't you have one?
    10:59:49 PM phillypimp815: I do
    10:59:55 PM phillypimp815: it's the eagles
    11:00:05 PM thep1414: must have missed it
    11:00:17 PM phillypimp815: it says "this is our year" lol
    11:00:25 PM thep1414: lol, doing well...
    11:01:08 PM phillypimp815: >:o
    11:01:24 PM thep1414: eh, I have a feeling the Steelers are going to go downhill fast
    11:02:01 PM phillypimp815: Big Ben don't look too good, and your backup is Tommy Maddox..... yikes
    11:02:11 PM thep1414: that makes me cry
    11:03:07 PM phillypimp815: At least you don't have a cancer on your team
    11:03:31 PM thep1414: This is true, and you'll get rid of him and draft a WR
    11:03:41 PM thep1414: Where do you think he's going?
    11:04:14 PM phillypimp815: I honestly have no idea
    11:04:54 PM thep1414: I'm thinking Denver myself, I don't think Dallas will get him.
    11:05:33 PM phillypimp815: If they do, he will be assasinated
    11:05:45 PM thep1414: haha
    11:07:47 PM phillypimp815: k, well I'm getting off the boards, got acolumn to write. look around & behave yourself
    11:07:56 PM thep1414: will do, have a good night man

    Hopefully that was entertaining, but I will now go into my commemoration of all of the folks on here. Not only my closest of kin, but anyone I remember, come in contact with (who still exists,) and I can write anything about.

    The Brothers

    Comahan-You truly are like a sibling to me. I have definitely relied on you in times of guidance and hope that I have been able to give you the same perspective. We've talked thoroughly in depth about our lives and you are a guy who has always been there when I've needed someone to talk to. You are an awesome, creative guy with some real bright ideas and an even brighter future ahead of you. There have so many things you have done that has given me something fun to do or just entertained me. I appreciate that. I hope you know how intelligent you truly are and how much I consider you a true friend, even though we have never met face to face.

    Draftguru-You're like the younger brother everyone picks on. Seriously, I know I have done some harsh things to you, but they are out of love. There are very little people in my life I feel comfortable enough with to poke their ribs and not think they will be offended, hate me, etc. I hope you know I consider you like a brother and when talking with outsiders, I do try and protect you at times. I hope you have forgiven me for the mistakes I made against you in the past and know that if you ever truly need someone, someone beyond ragging you about your hair or weight, I'm cool having that serious discussion, or even just in fun about football or life.

    The Big Guys

    Ward-I know we've had some differences recently, but I always have felt beholdent to you for giving me the job I have on this forum. You gave me a chance when it was of high risk to you and you had faith in me when others may not have. Hitting this 10,000 mark as an Admin may be looked at by some as me being inexperienced or weak, but you never thought that. I appreciate that in you. Despite your hard past and what others may think, you have truly wanted to help this forum, and I appreciate that. I think in real life we would be friends if we met, and I hope you have relied on my friendship at times. You're a good guy, and I am proud to have known you.

    Scott Wright-Obviously the man without whom this wouldn't be possible. I've grown to talk to you more Scott and go beyond the facade behind the big man. I've come to know a very intelligent guy who I still wish would open up more to me. I'd like to get to know you better, and I think the world should really get to know you. Therefore, I'm going to keep pushing you to do TV, no matter what it is ;) But honestly, I hope as my draft knowledge increases and as you trust me, you give me a larger role in shaping this site and this forum. Either way, I appreciate what you have done.

    D-Unit-Once again, I know we have had our differences in the past, but I feel like we have grown closer recently and I am glad for that. I know you have done some excellent things for this site and this forum. Despite your aggressiveness in fantasy drafts (haha,) you are generally a good natured person who I do respect, even though it may not seem like it at times.

    The IRC Crew

    awfullyquiet-Dan Pozzie! Though I still fully believe AQ hates me, it was nice to have a female presence in IRC and on NFLDC. I thank you aq for having the gaul to go into tough conversations and go toe to toe with some of these guys. It is a quality I respect and I hope we get off on a better foot sometime soon.

    CharmCityByrdgang-Though gone and come back, I hope you decide to be around IRC more. I know there were some glitches with you as a mod, but you have such forsight and intelligence in some matters. You have helped me be a better Admin, and you a good guy through and through.

    Creek-Creekums. Though I doubt you will be reading this thread, I do want to thank you for everything you have done for me and for being a good friend. I hope your life has ended up well, and though we don’t tak anymore, I’ll always remember ya Creek.

    CutlerChris-Chris. I’m very glad you joined the IRC Crew recently. You are an outstanding guy who is a lot of fun, and I’m also glad that you took the Mod job and have done well thus far. I hope I get to know you more in the upcoming months and thanks for being around.

    Damix-I wasn’t sure about Damix at first, but now I’m very happy I’ve gotten to know him. Damix seems to be knowledgeable and savvy about everything in life, honestly. You always seem to be answering any question I have, and I’m glad you have been around.

    DChess-Though you have made some questionable posts, talking to you one on one, I’ve come to recognize you as a really good guy. Though I’m bummed you didn’t come to OSU, it has been sweet to talk about the Buckeyes, the school, and West Virginia with you. I hope you keep in touch.

    DraftKing-The King. Your attitude was always interesting to me, but through the fantasy football league last year and your times on IRC, you seem like a cool dude. Hopefully there is more Halo in our futures.

    Flyboy-Flyboy was short lived on IRC, but you are a genuinely a nice guy I think. Always were interested in others and had some of the sweetest stories. I hope you get back to it man!

    GB12-GB, the resident Green Bay fan. You’ve been another guy who I think has grown a lot since I first started to know ya, and you’ve really been a leader on and off the forums. I thank you for that.

    JF4-Javon, you’ll always be known as DK’s little bro to me, but you did create your own identity and had some great times in IRC and on the Forums. I hope you can look back and remember those, I appreciate them.

    njx9-You crack me up sometimes njx. You say anything and everything you want to, but always go about it with morality and dignity in tact. That is such an impressive feat and I have always respected you and looked up to you for that. Thanks.

    Patriots-Lions-PL, the resident pirate. Weird, but you are one of the few guys (along with Ward and thule’s girlfriend,) who when I see you post or write on IRC, I actually imagine you in real life saying these things. You are such a high class guy who has made SUCH an impact on this forum and site. I respect that and thank you for that.

    StillARaidersFan-SARF, it was great becoming a Mod along your side. You are such a respected member of this forum and despite the rocky road on the forum, off of it it seems like you have made such strides in your life. I remember when I could tease you about not being able to use the fax machine. Now, you have advanced far at work, and though it has sucked up time from the forum, you seem to be an even better guy.

    SteelersFan43-Eggs! You are crazy, flat out. You say some things that you know you are going to get made fun of about, but still go for it. It takes balls, and we only make fun because…well, it’s easy. Nah, you aren’t a bad guy and have taken way more **** than you deserve probably, but hey. Thanks for being there to allow me to make fun of you on the bad days.

    SuperKevin-A new addition to the group, but a guy I have enjoyed getting to know. From the hilarious Paint drawings to the FWF, I’m glad your mistaken banning is no more. With a baby on the way and a helluv an undertaking in your life ahead of you even past your child.

    Thule-Thule, I know we have had some rough patches where I have been a D-Bag or what not, and I truly am sorry for that. Some people on here I’ve been mean too is on purpose, to you, it never is. That being said, in your heyday you were one of the most respected posters on here and looked up to immensely. Thanks for being there, despite my shortcomings.

    toonsterwu-The Godfather of NFLDC. Ever since Creek told me about you (see above,) I have never been unimpressed with your knowledge and foresight. Honestly, I don’t know what you do or who you are, but I get giddy when you come on IRC because I feel like I’m talking to a celebrity. It is unreal, but a great feeling. Thank you.

    VoteLynnSwan-VLS, there have been times we probably got on each others nerves, but it has been great talking to a Chicago guy. You have such great humor and really light up any thread and any discussion. Thanks man.

    Windy-Windy, the fake trade rumor central. Your fake trades always cracked me up in IRC. Though everyone else pretty much hates them, you always lightened the mood. Thank you man, sometimes it was needed.

    Nerv, snuff, bigrick, cgf, etc-Despite our many differences, and those will always be there, I do recognize what you all gave to the forum and to IRC. Even if I never respect you as people, I respect you for that.

    The Gang

    24cadillac24-The infamous Aussie. Playing Live with you was a blast man and I got to know how knowledgeable and kind-hearted you are. Honestly, following a sport an ocean away has to be so difficult, I don’t think I could do it, but you do it and are great. To the point of being Team Leader even.

    art vandelay-Art. You’ve shown exceptional judgment and experience and been such a contributer to the general body of this board. Thank you.

    bearsfan_51-BF, I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I know your longevity, knowledge, and experience have led to many respecting you, and that means something. I will always appreciate what you did for this board. Thanks for that.

    bigbluedefense-One of the best and most insightful posters out there. I don’t know anyone who takes the time and effort to make 5 star posts like you BBD. Thanks man.

    bsaza2358-Though we’ve never really talked, I’ve always admired you bsaza. When I looked through Team Forums to start this TL project, your name came up time and time again the Eagles, you were and are and outstanding poster.

    diabsoule-Diab! It’s been great getting to know you recently and it has been a joy watching you step into the moderator role. You just seem like an excellent guy through and through and I hope to talk to you more as time goes on.

    Geo-Similar to bsaza, I always saw Geo as such an outstanding poster for his team. Now, Geo, you have stepped up and become more. Hopefully this new step has been as good for you as you have been for the forum.

    Ghettosermon-Ghetto! It was awesome doing FF with you this year as well as talking to you more. You are another guy that seems to just be a great guy and a leader. Thank you.

    Hurricane Ditka-I think the Bears truly have such dynamic fans, and you have been one of the best Hurricane. Thanks for everything you have done.

    NGSeiler-You have been a class act on the Rams forum and really done some great things. I look forward to continue working with you in the future.

    Paranoidmoonduck-The one thing I remember about you is that damned Batman avatar. It was pretty sweet and always a reminder of the paranoidmoonduck, haha. Thanks for being a good TL and being a part of this group.

    Pit Bull #53-I definitely pushed for Pit Bull to get a TL spot. You always had such knowledge and a great way of dealing with people, thank you for that.

    RyanLeaf#1-It’s been very interesting seeing you in this new role. You have always been someone I could talk to about sports betting and who always seems to be on top of everything. Thanks.

    Saints Dome Patrol-SDP is another guy who seems so well respected by his team fans and by everyone on the forum. I can’t think of a bad thing to say, thanks man.

    Scotty D-Scotty! It’s been a blast playing Gears and Halo with you. You are a cool guy with some guy friends, and a riot everytime I play with ya. Thanks for letting me in even at sucky times.

    smityjs-Smitty was another guy I pushed for TL because he showed such respectable qualities. I ALWAYS look forward to any posts I see by smitty. Thanks man.

    Steelers4Life-The Steel Curtain will reign supreme in the Halo tourney. But really, You are a good friend of mine now S4L and I hope you consider me the same. You are a good guy who has a bright future ahead of him on this forum and in life. I do hope we get to actually hang out at some point.

    The Unseen-Though we’ve disagreed at times, I respect your opinion and know you give a valuable assessment of Jaquar fans. You are a good guy and I thank you for that.

    yourfavestoner-Stoner, I know there are some parts of this board you disagree with, but I’m glad you have decided to help us out and be a leader on this forum. Thank you for that effort.

    The Rest

    4U2NV-I was a little behind the times in seeing you, but your contributions have been told to me numerous times and I have passed them on. You did such an enormous amount for this site, it is unreal.

    619-You’ve been an off-topic kind of guy, so I’ve seen some posts from you. If you keep going and be more insightful you will be good poster here. Thanks.

    Addict-Addict, always a classy guy and a guy whose posts I def. enjoy reading. Thanks.

    adschofield-AD, a very very good poster on these boards, you have def. contributed a lot.

    AlexDown-One of the many Michigan fans I’ve sparred with, but you are a guy who holds his own Alex. Thanks for challenging my thinking.

    ATLDirtyBirds-It was cool talking to on AIM a bit and I think you are a down to earth poster who has made some contributions.

    bantx-Hopefully we’ll get to play on Live sometime soon, it’d be nice to get to know you. Keep it up.

    BeansDooma-Beans has been around awhile and one of the many TB fans who contribute a lot. I always respect posts from you my friend, thank you.

    BigDawg819-Though you have broken numerous rules and seem to keep doing it, you are known on the board, and I respect you for that.

    Billingsley26-Bill, a classy guy who didn’t back down or cop out after a tough sig bet. I appreciate that and I hope you will grow in your posts and improve yourself. That being said, we still need to play again so I can school you J

    BlindSite-Another guy who I look at his team on this board and he just pops out as such a contributer. Thanks Blind for being the best Panthers fan on these boards.

    Borat Sagdiyev-I still owe you $5. I finally have stamps, so maybe I will get around to that. Feel free to send that address. You are a solid guy and a good 49ers fan. I hope to see you back around more.

    bored of education-So many violations for you, but hopefully you will change things around because I see that you have such potential as a poster. Thanks man for having that and just let it out.

    Boston-Though we haven’t really talked, another poster who I respect and think is intelligent and insightful.

    Brodeur-A great great guy who joined the same month as me. Another Michigan fan who isn’t afraid to stand his own either. You go against the grain at times, but I respect you for that.

    BrownsTown-One of the many Browns fans who seem to be in their own niche. That being said, talking to you one-on-one really made me like you. I hope you come back to IRC and chat more. Thanks man.

    BuckNaked-Buck! Sorry for beating you at NCAA with your crazy QB. You are a respected poster, a good guy, and just someone who lights up this board when needed. Thank you.

    Canadian_kid16-Another great TB fan and another great foreign poster. Can’t say that enough, thanks man.

    cardsalltheway-Alright, so I didn’t believe you were female for a long while, but I’ll give in after this and admit it. Either way, you contributed a lot to NFLDC and I am still saddened your old account got deleted. Thanks for everything.

    Charger Fanatic-Though I wasn’t around to see your contributions, I thoroughly appreciate what you did for this forum, for signatures in general. You seemed like you were such a great guy and it would be awesome to have you back for good.

    Chris-Chris is kind of crazy, but you’re a great guy to talk to and someone I feel I could connect with. Thanks man.

    Chucky-Once again, TB fans at their finest. Thanks for it all Chucky.

    critesy-Classy guy who seems to be into everything. Knows so much and shares that with these posters. One of my favorite posters, no doubt about that.

    Dam8610-Dam, you are very knowledgeable about the Colts and have started to really show that all over the board. Keep it up!

    diehardvikingsfan-dhvf, though we have had our disagreements, I still respect you and what you contributed to this board. Thanks for putting your all into NFLDC.

    Dillen-Dillen, you are a very knowledgeable Eagles fan and I always look for your insight when looking into the NFC East, thanks.

    djp4516-Thanks djp for those times when you gave to the forum even when the odds were against you. Though time took its toll, you did a lot as a mod and a user and I appreciate that.

    doingthisinsteadofwork-A guy who can crack me up and provide some solid insight into football and life. Thanks man.

    drowe-Another one of my favorite posters right here. Knows so much and gives a lot to this forum via posts. Thanks a bunch drowe.

    duckseason-I’ll be honest, you kind of creep me out. From the jail, to the betting, to the fiery attitude. That being said, I respect you for what you have been through and that your contributions always seem to have a great ring of truth.

    Eaglez.Fan-Though you still have some maturing to do, you visit a lot of different place on the forum and pop up a lot. Thanks.

    EdReedUnstoppable-ERU, a legend who is still ticking. I definitely respect you and the knowledge you bring to the table for everyone. One of the first guys I really really liked when I got here, thanks for keeping me motivated to be my best here.

    etk-Despite the numerous personal attacks, I think you are still a good guy and hope to see more posts with rising maturity from you.

    Ewing-You’ve been all over the map with infractions, but you are another guy I have faith can change things around and contribute to the forum.

    familyguy55-You are a really cool guy and always fun to play on Live with. A great fantasy drafter and a great NFLDC poster.

    fenikz-I know I have been the Admin to often nail you for things, but I do respect your Cardinals knowledge. Thanks.

    fischbowl-A good fantasy drafter and a guy who continues to contribute, thanks.

    FlutiesDropKick-FDK! A guy I respect a lot. I wish you were around more now, but you have made some classic, classic posts, brought some key knowledge to the table. Incredible.

    FutureScout-The guy who I burned with my second post. How is Reggie McNeal doing?

    GiantRutgersFan-Not much to say about Grf. But thanks for keeping my busy by trying to stop you from making new posts.

    GiantsFan1080-A classic poster who I HIGHLY respect. And though a lot of people don’t know you, I know what you have brought to the forum. Thank you.

    Hchu-Hchu is always crazy. Maybe it is the name, but I have you and yoda forever paired in my mind. A solid Mod when you were around and a hilarious guy. Thanks.

    HinesWardJr-You have some mega-guts my friend. Thanks for bringing the RDT back up to par for a little while. And unfortunately, your nipples are forever burned into my mind.

    Ho0k Em’-The first NFLDCer I played on Live with and the second whose voice I heard. Thanks for the good Gears times.

    HoopsDemon12-A good off-topic guy who is always gracious. Thanks man.

    Iamcanadian-Another great foreign poster. Lions fan, which is always hard, so I’ll respect you for that, haha.

    iloxygenil-A Falcons fan I respect, though you can get hot under the collar at times. But I always appreciate a heated argument.

    Im_A_Romosexual-Another guy I’ve played with on Live and enjoy. Thanks man.

    irishbucks-Glad I introduced you to this site Buck, and glad you are making some contributions man.

    islandboy843-Though you seem to love infractions in the RDT, lots of guys respect you, and I will respect you for that. Thanks.

    iworshipbender-Though he hasn’t posted in awhile, bender was always a poster I looked for and a guy I respected. Thanks man.

    j05son-I hope to play on Live with you as well man and get to know ya.

    Jay-Jay was another guy whose Team I looked at and he stood out. Thanks for being a leader and contributing.

    jballa838-It was nice getting to know you a bit over AIM and I hope to continue to talk to ya. I hope you post more and advance in that.

    Jensen-Another guy who I think knows the Cardinals well. Thanks man.

    Jimmy-Though for some reason I never see eye to eye with Jaq fans, I respect Jimmy a lot and know that he knows his stuff. Thanks man.

    JJJ888-JJJ was a little before time, but like the others, a guy I can’t have enough respect for. Another guy I wish I could have met, talked to, and gotten to know. Thanks for everything you did for NFLDC.

    jkpigskin-Great with the sigs and great with his posts. Thanks.

    JT Jaq-Another Jags fan I’m sure I’ve gotten under. But, another one that is knowledgable. Thanks man.

    Jughead10-Jug has been around for awhile, made many contribution. And though I won’t always agree with your attitude, I do respect what you have done for the forum and for others.

    KCJ58-A guy I’ve gotten to know more and more and he seems like an outstanding individual. Keep it up.

    keylime_5-A Browns fan that can be irritating at times and unrealistic, but he’s never backed down from anything and very brave. I thank you for that.

    Lions_WMD-WMD is another classy guy that I know, but not well enough. He has done so much for NFLDC and so much for all the posters on this forum. I can’t express enough thanks.

    LSUALUM99-Never really talked to you one on one, but I know what you did for the Team Forum. I hope you come back and extend yourself.

    M.O.T.H-Though we never got that NCAA game off, You were always a pretty cool guy that people liked a lot. Thank you.

    Man Of Steel-One of the many heated Steeler fans. Though I don’t agree with you a lot, I respect people who can argue, so I respect you.

    MaxV-A guy I have seen around who knows the Colts well and I appreciate. Thanks man.

    Mr. Stiller-Another Steelers fan like MOS who likes to butt heads. I’ll respect the argument, but hope you stick to more realism ;)

    neko4-Had some major trips, but not a bad guy all around. Thanks neko for making predictions and giving insight.

    newkwhy-A guy I wish would still be around. I caught him at the tail end and always respected everything he did. Newk is a classy guy who gave himself and much more. Thank you.

    Nitschke-Hawk-GB and TB always have great fans. NH is included in the GB category. I also LOVE the name man, thanks.

    nobodyinparticular-NIP, a guy who if I had known more I probably would have likened to myself A LOT. Had some life issues, but he comes back from time to time. A great great poster, a great great person, and such an influence. Thank you NIP, thank you.

    Number 10-Another guy who has posted a lot, contributed a lot. Though I don’t always agree with him, I have to respect him. Thanks man.

    nvot9-Though he’s gotten too cute at times, another guy who I think is a solid poster and be an even better contributer if he gets over those infractions (it has been awhile).

    ny10804-big old ny. Probably should have put ya in the IRC Crew, but you were an awesome guy to talk to. Seriously, come back to IRC, can never have enough man. You are a good guy. Thanks.

    NYGibril28-I’ve started to see some of NY’s posts and I think he contributes a lot. Keep it up man.

    PalmerToCJ-One of the few Bengals fans here. Most of them at school I can’t tolerate, but I can tolerate Palmer.

    Primetime21-Thanks for being my assistant. I hope you take more of a role next time.

    princefielder28-PF is a solid contributer. Though he has cut down some, I respect him a lot. Thanks man for always being around and always sharing yourself.

    rainbeaukid2-Beau! Good to play with ya on Live and I hope to see you back on here more often.

    RavenOfProphecy-ROP, though I can’t talk to you about crack and booze on AIM anymore, I do appreciate your mock drafts and draft foresight. Thanks man.

    Ravens1991-Ravens, first one to congratulate me. Thanks for all you’ve done.

    Rob S-Rob is another one of thos Buf posters I respect a lot. Always contributes, always a good guy. Thanks man.

    RoyHall#1-RoyHall, well, what can I say. I hope you advance in thought and posting to contribute more.

    scar988-scar, the ups and downs are tremendous, but you seem to be on the right path now. Doing great in the FWF, and contributing as a Falcons fan. Thanks man.

    scottyboy-Scotty, the local Rutgers homer. I always get a kick of your posts. Thanks man.

    sdpads24-Sdpads is a guy I trust with SD stuff. Though not as experienced as some, he is a good poster.

    shavedeyebrow2-Shaved, the resident NYJ expert. A guy I trust about NYJ and a great poster on these boards. Thanks.

    Shiver-Shiver, sad to see you taking time off as you an awesome person and an even better poster. NFLDC owes you a lot. You spice up so many conversations. I hope we get you back.

    Smokey Joe-Smokey, a Bears fan I respect. Once again, we may not always agree, but you are a vet. Thanks.

    Smooth Criminal-Another Steelers/Buckeyes fan. Have to mention.

    Sniper26-Sniper, my Michigan nemesis. It is has been great arguing with and against you for a long while. You know your stuff and always will stand up for yourself. Thanks man.

    someone447-Someone has done some questionable things, but I look forward to some of his posts. Thanks.

    soybean-Really, who is named soybean? I think if you cleaned up your act, you could do some great things.

    SuperMcgee-Another Bills fan I really love. I always look forward to a McGee post, I can’t help it. Thanks man.

    sweetness34-Sweetness, another guy who we’ve had our differences, but I respect the hell out of ya. Know that, and thank you.

    TCU-TCU, I hope you are still thinking about OSU, it was nice helping you out, and you always made some awesome posts about college football too. Thanks man.

    thetedginnshow-Tedginn, I remember our fights about the SB and all of that. I still respect ya though.

    TitleTown088-Title, another classy GB fan. Can’t say enough about what you’ve done for the forum. Thanks man.

    Tobzilla-Tobzilla, always crazy but always great to see in a thread. Thanks.

    TPFKA#1SaintsFan-TPFKA, you get heated at times, but I know you always mean well. Great at arguing and bringing the best out of people.

    Tubby-Tubby. All I can say is Josh Brown stinks. No, but really, you were the resident punching bag for awhile and took it. Thanks.

    TurtlePower-I know Turtle from his ASU love. It is pretty extreme, but you seem like a cool guy. Thanks.

    Twiddler-Twiddler! Should have put you in IRC (we want you back!) but I will take credit for the new name. You were a cool ass guy. Thanks man.

    UKFan-Kentucky or the United Kingdom? I won’t bother with it, but you are a good poster. Thanks.

    vatech=accomination-Another solid poster who I always look forward to his contributions, thanks.

    Vikes99ej-Vikes, maybe the next guy to 10,000. An awesome poster who doesn’t back down. Thanks man.

    Vince Lombardi-Vinny, such an excellent guy who can connect with so many different types of people. So versatile. Thanks man.

    WildDude-Another classic guy I give much respect. Thanks for everything man.

    Wo_oT88-I know you get some crap from people since English isn’t your primary language, but it was nice talking to you on AIM, and I hope you check out OSU. Thanks man.

    Xiomera-Xio, a guy who really has given a lot for this forum. Though we’ve had rough times, I have never stopped respecting what you did for Scott and for everyone here on NFLDC. I think you are a good guy who continues contributing and follows the rules when he could be gone. I appreciate it, I really do. Thanks for everything.

    XonRaider-Xon is just that Raiders fan I see all over the place. Off-Topic or anything else, he always says something interesting. Thanks.

    YAYareaRB-An FWF contributer, A Fantasy draft kind of guy, and a guy who is all around. Thanks man.

    yo123-A guy whose opinion I respect in mock drafts and look forward to seeing posts from, thanks man.

    yodachu-The humor father in NFLDC. A guy who took me under his wing in the very first Forum Mock I was in, and who helped mold me into what I became. Thank you so much yoda. And sorry, you’ll never be an Admin ;)

    Keak, cartmanclone, Scubba, and everyone else who was banned that I don't care about-If you are reading this, I will find you. No, really, I know even some banned members made contributions, I won't deny that. They made this forum a better place for it sometimes, but mostly blew it.

    That is all from me. Feel free to IM me, anyone, at TheP1414. Also, I am giving you the opportunity in this thread to ask me ANY question and I will be completely honest with you. But beware, Don’t ask the Rabbi unless you want the law. I know I missed some people, I tried not to. I hope you are all content with my job as an Admin, a person, and a friend. I ALWAYS want feedback about the job I am doing and how this board is run. I always love talking to any and all posters. Thanks for the years.
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    Where are you at? I wanna to buy a plane ticket so I can go up there and give you a big ole bear hug.
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      Love you too, mate! ^_^


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        uhhhh, your still at 9,999
        thanks for the mention, my older brother deleted aim because he wanted one tree hill torrents to download faster.

        Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan
        JBalla is mormon, so naturally he assumes that whenever you get one marriage done, another two or five are in the works.


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          Originally posted by diabsoule View Post
          Where are you at? I wanna to buy a plane ticket so I can go up there and give you a big ole bear huge.
          Haha, Pittsburgh for one more day, then back in Columbus on the 31st.

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            This is unbelievable. Thanks for the kind words, and hopefully I'll crawl on back to IRC at some point. Everyone else's 10,000 thread will pale in comparison from this point onward.

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              My god you have way to much time :P

              Thanx Jbond. I love you !!! :D



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                11. Do not make posts for the sole or hidden purpose of building post counts
                a) So that cute little "Count to 100" thread you wanted to start? Don't bother.
                b) Almost every user here has built their post count in a meaningful way, and almost every one of them will tell you how unimportant the number is.
                c) Don't create a thread simply to say you're at 500, 1000, 5000, whatever posts. Again, it's ridiculous. I don't care. No one cares.


                just saying...


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                  Originally posted by comahan View Post
                  Love you too, mate! ^_^
                  Thanks man! And I'm on break, and I'm sick, so nothing to do today but this.

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                    Originally posted by BufFan71 View Post
                    11. Do not make posts for the sole or hidden purpose of building post counts
                    a) So that cute little "Count to 100" thread you wanted to start? Don't bother.
                    b) Almost every user here has built their post count in a meaningful way, and almost every one of them will tell you how unimportant the number is.
                    c) Don't create a thread simply to say you're at 500, 1000, 5000, whatever posts. Again, it's ridiculous. I don't care. No one cares.

                    In the old rules, you could create threads for your 10,000 post. It still applies, though is an unwritten role.

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                      Originally posted by BufFan71 View Post
                      11. Do not make posts for the sole or hidden purpose of building post counts
                      a) So that cute little "Count to 100" thread you wanted to start? Don't bother.
                      b) Almost every user here has built their post count in a meaningful way, and almost every one of them will tell you how unimportant the number is.
                      c) Don't create a thread simply to say you're at 500, 1000, 5000, whatever posts. Again, it's ridiculous. I don't care. No one cares.


                      just saying...
                      10,000 is an exception

                      Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan
                      JBalla is mormon, so naturally he assumes that whenever you get one marriage done, another two or five are in the works.


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                        Jbond is an exception.



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                          Someone is going around and deleting JBond's posts. Cute.


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                            we will play live soon once u get COD4!! :] lol

                            maybe ill start to practice up on halo so i wont suck against yall


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                              Originally posted by JBond93 View Post
                              In the old rules, you could create threads for your 10,000 post. It still applies, though is an unwritten role.
                              I did not know this, i have only been on the boards for almost a year



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