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NFL Mock Draft - Pool A

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  • NFL Mock Draft - Pool A

    We held a quick 2 hour mock draft on Memorial Day with 9 teams.

    QB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR, TE
    3-4 Defense or 4-3 Defense

    The idea was to build a franchise from scratch that would go on forever (not necessarily to try win the Superbowl immediately).

    Teams are separated into 3 Pools (grouped by draft order).

    Considering the idea behind this mock, vote for the one you think is best. Some teams have chosen to build 3-4 Defenses versus 4-3 Defenses. Consider the system and the players that fit in their defense when you judge.

    All votes will be tallied on Friday 12PM on the NFLDC Time Clock to determine the winner of each Pool.

    ************************************************** ***********

    Team 1:
    QB Matt Hasselback
    RB Ladanian Tomlinson/Steven Jackson
    WR Randy Moss/Hines Ward
    TE Jeremy Shockey

    DE Derrick Burgess/Michael Strahan
    DT Jamal Williams/Booger Mcfarland
    OLB Joey Porter/Nick Barnett
    MLB Antonio Pierce
    CB Rashean Mathis/Ken Lucas
    S Ed Reed/Mike Brown

    Team 2:
    QB Tom Brady
    RB Willis McGahee/Reggie Bush
    WR Larry Fitzgerald/Roy Williams
    TE Todd Heap

    DE Kevin Williams/Ty Warren
    NT Albert Haynesworth
    OLB John Abraham/Kamerion Wimbley
    ILB Keith Bulluck/AJ Hawk
    CB Antrel Rolle/Antonio Cromartie
    S Adrian Wilson/Donte Whitner

    Team 3:
    QB Mike Vick
    RB Larry Johnson/Brian Westbrook
    WR Javon Walker/Lee Evans
    TE Heath Miller

    DE Shaun Rogers/Darnell Dockett
    NT Casey Hampton
    OLB Julian Peterson/Ernie Sims
    ILB Ray Lewis/Keith Brooking
    CB Lito Sheppard/Carlos Rogers
    S Troy Polamlu/Roy Williams

    * Remember: The idea was to build a franchise from scratch that would go on forever (not necessarily to try win the Superbowl immediately). ...and consider defensive player fits in each system (3-4 and 4-3).

  • #2
    I can tell team 2 and 3 were trying a lot harder for long-term potential than team 1, but team one is just so superior and kickass that it doesnt even matter. Itll be hard to beat that one...the only weakness is the CBs IMO.

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    • #3
      Team 3 made some questionable moves. Bringing in Ray Ray for the future :o or taking Lee Evans...that was another questionable move imo.


      • #4
        team # 1

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        • #5
          Team 3....... Roy Williams and Troy Polamalu!


          • #6
            I really dislike all three... but I'll have to go with the first because they didn't use the 3-4.
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              i think that team 1 has a better team for now but team 2 has a better team for the future.


              • #8
                Team 2 wins IMO, but there secondary is a huge :?:

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                • #9
                  I think 1 and 2 both have secondary question marks, but I voted 2.

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                  • #10
                    the only thing i see wrong wit 2 is secondary, but they are prepared most for the future so team 2


                    • #11
                      Put my down for team 3, that backfield owns...


                      • #12
                        I really like the selection of Bush, as he has a good Rb to work behind, and would also work as a great 3rd WR


                        • #13
                          Team 2 blew me away. Team one is ok, but didn't impress me. Team 2 may be the first team to correctly use their players in the 3-4.

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                          • #14
                            Again team 1 would win a super bowl right away. But if you're looking at a long term franchis it's gotta be team 2.


                            • #15
                              Team 1.

                              Team 2 is interestingly built, though.

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