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Serious question: How do you improve in the clutch?

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  • Serious question: How do you improve in the clutch?

    Please don't just say prep and practice. Sometimes no matter how much you prepare, you can be put into a new/unforseen situation.

    Sometimes, I do well in the cluth and sometimes I don't.

    I want to hear what some of you have done in sports situations to help you succeed in high pressure situations.

    Any tips for me?

    How do you shake yourself and get that pressure/anxiety of failure out of your head?

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    It depends on what is causing you to fail in the clutch...


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      I would say its a mixture of emotions in my stomach, and anxiety in my head from the fear that I will not perform.


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        Originally posted by IndyColtScout View Post
        I would say its a mixture of emotions in my stomach, and anxiety in my head from the fear that I will not perform.
        So, first what you don't want to hear:

        Preparation, practice, experience, etc. With proper preparation, even if you are nervous, you will be able to perform because it will be second nature, like breathing.

        The other part is mental. You need to adopt a mindset like this:

        Don't be afraid of failure. Don't think "what if I miss this shot". Change your mindset to "I'm going to take this shot". Don't worry about the result. Either you miss and learn from it/improve or you hit it and win.

        Once you realize that you aren't perfect and failure is acceptable you should not feel as nervous and become more clutch. At least, that's what worked for me.


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          I know a lot of it can come down to ego/wanting to do well. I know every time I play basketball, and my team is in a position to win, I always want the ball so I can either take the shot or make a play that helps one of my teammates make the shot. That might not be what you want to hear, I just know that's how I approach pressure situations in sports.
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            being a clutch performer is all about believe, confidence and motivation. people often try and relativate the situation but that often results in lacklusterness. Realise it is a situation where you have something to win and nothing to lose(and make you believe that it is so even when it isnt)

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              IMO, people are born with this ability. It's a killer instinct that allows someone to put away opponents in the clutch.


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                  Im actually pretty clutch when it comes to basketball. Ive hit(from what I can remember) 4 game winning shots.

                  For me, dont think about it. Act like its not the game winning shot, throw, run ect...

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                    I have never had a problem with pressure. You can't think about it, you have to go through the motions just like you would if you were in a normal situation. Block it out. Don't think about not making it, don't think about the negatives just go out there and get it done.
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                      Being in clutch situations is the main way to get better in the cutch. Look at LeBron.....he was so bad just a few years ago, now he is up there with Kobe (altho not at the same level). You have to do it, gain some confidence and you will start doing it more regularly. If you think you can make the play and have made it before.....there is a better likelihood of actually making said play.
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                        I have an obsessive type of personality, and think about things too much. I think that is one of if not the main problem.

                        I know this might sound kind of out there (or maybe from the movie Office Space), but do you think its possible to reduce stress/anxiety in high pressure situations through hypnosis?


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                          don't think about it.

                          that's really the best and worst piece of advice i can give. best because that's what you really need to do to be able to perform under situations like that, and worst because i really didn't give you any methods of how to clear your mind completely like that. i'll work on it.

                          my bad.

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                            I've never had a problem in pressure situations. If anything I turn the scenario around
                            - this person in front of me -
                            they have to make this, catch me, block me, tackle me, throw it passed me, hit the ball, whatever...
                            in order to win.

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                              I play singles in tennis, so there is the entire match where you are by yourself. Just do what you do best, thats my advice. I dont know what sport you are talking about, but if you're not so good at one thing, then dont rely on it when you need to pull up big. That and play smart, stay calm.

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