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Celebs of the NFL teams

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  • Celebs of the NFL teams

    Know any celebs that are fans of your teams?

    For the Bucs.......

    Tiger Woods - Seen him on the sidelines of a bunch of Buc's games
    Brittney Snow
    Macho Man Randy Savaga
    Gary Sheffeld
    Hulk Hogan
    Allen Iverson
    Kelly Ripa and her husband
    Kelly Kelly (not sure she goes to alot of lightning games and she is from Florida)

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    I don't have a team but I know Gary Payton is a huge seahawks fan i saw him faise their flag at on of their games on FOX

    Will Smith is also a huge Eagles fan
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      Gene Hackman is friends with the Del Rio's and has been on the sideline for Jaguars games.

      There may be some golfers who live in Ponte Vedra who are Jags fans.

      Some notable bands are from Jacksonville, so maybe some of them too.

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        Michael Phelps is a huge Ravens fan.


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          Snoop Dogg is a huge Steelers fan. Rush Limbaugh is too but screw him
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            Arsenio Hall
            Robin Williams
            Danny Glover
            Rob Schneider
            Jennifer Garner
            Jeff Gordon
            Cameron Diaz


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              Jessica Simpson :D


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                Ice Cube ************.


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                  James van der Beek, yeah yeah.

                  EDIT: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were at the Bears vs. Packers game wearing green at Lambeau, but I think Justin a Bears fans, but also a Favre fan. Not sure about Biel.

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                    Michael Jordan is a Bulls fan.
                    I remember: Sean Taylor



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                      Obama is a Bears fan.


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                        Dana Carvey, Danny Glover, Huey Lewis, Robin Williams.

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                          Originally posted by 619 View Post

                          Ice Cube ************.
                          That's such a great picture. Ice Cube + Jim Plunkett = WIN


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                            Bunch of country music people.
                            Bunch of rappers.
                            Samuel L. Jackson.
                            There's others, I'm sure.
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                              I heard somewhere that David Cook was a Chiefs fan? idk, I can't really think of anyone else.

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