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  • NFL Salary Cap Game

    We will have a game based on nfl salary cap.

    Anybody who wants to participate will pick an nfl team to represent. Then there will be auctions on players. Each team will have to stay under a $110,000,000 salary cap. The bidding will only be for players on one roster at a time. If you want a player, you simply bid money on that player. You can bid over someone too.


    8:15 Cheifs bid 2.5mill on tom brady QB 1,005,000,000 cap space

    8:45 Bengals bid 2.75mill on tom brady QB 1,002,500,000 cap space

    The bidding will start with the Cardinals on april 19th at 10:45 AM. You can also join after the bidding has started.

    Also you can trade for players if both teams agree

    Dibs on Bills!!!!
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