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    So I just realized that by the angle I had my laptop at, it was twisting the charger into an awkward position. Now, the charger won't work unless I press it hard against the computer. Do I just need a new charger or do I have to get the motherboard checked out?

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    well im not sure this helps, but whenever i tried charging my cellphone i had to have the angle perfect, and then eventually it didnt work at all, the charging port was messed up in that case and i had to get a new phone.

    So id say have it checked out.


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      Same thing happens if you wind up your headphone cord around your iPod or mp3 player too tight, I have to tape my headphone cord to my iPod and push it to the left with the pressure from the tape to get audio out the right side. Real pain in the ass and I know dozens of people with the same situation.


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        duck tape can fix anything.

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