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Behold! The Pizza Box of the future!

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  • Behold! The Pizza Box of the future!

    Check it out.

    You first put an entire pizza in it and close the box. Then, you can remove the lid and create four little plates. Then, you can take the remaining lid/cover and make it a small storage box for leftovers.

    Pretty neat, huh? Environmentalists should be adoring this...

    Props to clover_jeez!

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    It's not that it isn't a good idea, I just know a lost cause when I see it. That's why I don't recycle.


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      Wow badger... why wouldnt you recycle?


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        Recyclin' is for women! I'm a man!!!

        But seriously, I don't even know where the closest recycling center to me is... :(

        The box is neat tho.
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          I rip the lid off and use it like a plate anyway..and I dont really ever have leftovers..


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            Originally posted by trkaline View Post
            I rip the lid off and use it like a plate anyway..and I dont really ever have leftovers..
            Maybe we should of thought about making money doing that. We have done that so many times.
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              If I ever get a pizza box like that, I'm gonna make sure to use all the paper plates I could use.

              Damn environmentalists can't tell me how to eat and store my pizza!!!!!!!!!

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                Originally posted by TitanHope View Post
                Recyclin' is for women! I'm a man!!!
                I wish you'd tacked "I'm 40!!!" onto the end of that.


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                  That actually sounds legit...

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                  You are just a terrible person.
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                  I have an iPhone.


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                    I'm not a very eco-conscious/green person, but I think that's pretty cool.

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                      I would definitely use that all the time. Half the time I don't use a plate for pizza, I just use anything available to put it on, such as a paper towel, napkin, the top of the box, aluminum foil, my hand, etc.

                      However, I don't think many people will use it.


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                        All we ever do is eat out of/over the box. This isnt that special.

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                          The future is so disappointing. Why doesn't this pizza box fly like I imagined futuristic pizza boxes would? It's just cardboard with perforations on it. Weak.


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                            Pizza doesn't belong on a plate, it belongs in my belly.

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                              Mass Recycling actually brings in some good money.



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