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Fire Fighter Trouble...if ya dont mind

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  • Fire Fighter Trouble...if ya dont mind

    Well, Ive always wanted to be a firefighter (duh) and Im just asking for some advice on getting started. What I can do now, whatever. Any advice will be appreciated. Ive done research, but nothing is as valuable as real life experiance.

    Anything would be, and will be appreciated. Thank you.

    PM if needed, please.
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    I've got a couple friends who are firemen. There are volunteer fire departments all across the country. This might be a good place to "get your feet wet" so to speak. They do a lot of medical training these days as well. One friend just got his nurse's degree and is now leaving the fire department because he wants to work in the emergency room.
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      Don't play with matches.

      Just messing with you, but seriously my father worked for the Forest Service. The advice above is pretty good, and be in the best physical condition you can be in.

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        A good friend of mine just became a firefighter recently, and it's a tough tough job. You have to go through a **** ton of training, AFTER you've accumulated a **** ton of volunteer hours. I know here they ask for a lot of courses to take, and after all of that, you need to find a department that's willing to hire you, because if i'm not mistaken, not many firefighters in each department get paid.

        Then after that you work 24 hour shifts.


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          If you want to get formal training:

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            Wow, that didnt take long. Thanks.
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              Volunteering maybe? Watching Ladder 47?

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                EMT training and classes really help. Two of my best friends are probationary firemen right now and they started out with the EMT stuff. They did ambulance ride alongs and worked at hospitals every saturday for a couple of months. Now they're probationary firemen for a local FD where they get on the job training and classes and such.
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                  I can chime in on this. My dad has been a firefighter for 35 years, and hes been a chief for the past 15 or so. So I can give you a tip or two.

                  My dad always said if you want to be assured a position as a firefighter, there is one place to go: Texas A&M. Apparently, the firefighting course that they offer there is world renowned and you can get a job anywhere if you get in and get through it.

                  Also, my dad talks alot about the number of young firefighters he hires with university educations. He said that nowadays, its almost impossible to get hired as a firefighter without some sort of post secondary education. He hires alot of people with psych degrees, etc. Its a tough field to get into nowadays.

                  Of course, my advice for you would be choose a different career after seeing what that one did to my father. But thats a personal thing I guess
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