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    played VOLLEYBALL against donte greene

    guy actually wasnt half bad... was the best player on his team. I got roof blocked by him but also got a tip by him for a point.

    Go Ravens!


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      With.. Mason Foster Washington LB, led the Pac-10 in tackles as a sophomore.

      Mike Avila, San Jose St. WR

      Against... ****!

      Cal FB Jon Tyndall
      SJSU S Dom Hunsucker
      USC QB Aaron Corp
      Idaho QB Brian Reader
      SJSU OL Fred Katoa
      Duke RB Ronnie Drummer


      I had to guard Loyola Swingman Orlando Johnson for 4 years.

      We played San Diego's Rob Jones in HS. He showed me why my future was in football. He's also the grandson of Jim Jones, of Jonestown.


      Jahvid Best tear other runners a new asshole in the 100m at a norcal meet. I also seen Tiny Lister (D Bo from Friday) and Maurice Drew there as well.


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        I played against Jonathan Stewart back in high school.

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        too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .


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          I played against Rick Mirer in high school(yes, im old). He played for Goshen high school. He sat the bench in the 4th quater, after he put up close to 500 yards passing on us. lol

          And we were 7-2 that year.

          Good times.

          I also seen Glenn Steele play quite a bit. He was a beast at Michigan, but had a short carrer with the Bengals.


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            RJ Stanford (Utah CB who will get drafted next year)
            Ian Johnson


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              Ashton Youboty went to my HS and was a couple years older than me so I was still in freshman or sophomore year when he was on varsity. My older brother got struck out by Josh Beckett's wicked curveball in high school.


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                I played against Gabe Watson in HS. I was 2nd string that year as he was two years ahead of me I believe, but I actually did line up against him one play. I was in at DE & he was the OT, happy to report that I at least avoided getting pancaked, though I was absolutely drove out of the play.

                I also played baseball against former Notre Dame pitcher & current Yankees prospect Dan Kapala. In fact he hit me multiple times with pitches. Considering he is listed as throwing 93-95 now, ouch. That was the scariest thing I can remember playing sports, facing the guy who throws 15-20 mph faster than anyone else with a serious lack of control.
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                  Went to highschool with Illinois forward Mike Davis. I didn't play on the team but I played pickup with him the dude is a freak.

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                    I regularly see Ray Lewis' kids and play them in basketball at my local court in Sanford Florida, all his kids are freaks man, even the 7 year shoots 3s, i don't think i had enough power to do that till 12.


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                      Joe Krabbenhoft and Mike Miller were the only real standouts I played agianst during high school.

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                        I played agianst Golden Tate from Notre Dame in high school. Needless to say we could never get our hands on him.

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                        I love light skin and white women but my main chick is brown skin


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                          Originally posted by critesy View Post
                          played against jordan eberle all my life in hockey.
                          Jordan Eberle is a true Canadian hero.


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                            In my years in high school, I played with Tatum Bell, Ellis Hobbs, and the Jags 4th rounder Mike Thomas. I was a year before Marcus Tubbs played. I can't remember too much who I played against that became famous besides Rhett Bomar.
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                              Hmm, played against Patrick Johnson, Major Wright, Sam Young, Dan Wegner, Leonard Hankerson, Geno Atkins, Josh Bynes, bunch of other guys I can't remember right now. Played with Jabaal Sheard who is a starting DE at Pitt atm.

                              That is correct comahan
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                                Obviously being in Australia, I haven't played with any NFL, NBA or MLB players.

                                I did train with Andrew Gaze once, thats as close as I have come to "playing" with an athlete from the American sports.

                                In Australian sports I have played with Mark Coughlan(Richmond, Aussie Rules), Andrew McDougal, and Shaun Marsh(Australia, Cricket).

                                Have played against Mitch Morton, Graham Polak, Ashley Sampi(Have played basketball with him) and a few others.

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