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  • FutureGame

    Hey guys, wanna show everyone a website to win some stuff at by basically wasting time. I need some help with my referrals, so you all can help me out as well.

    Right now I'm in line to win a daily prize from the site and if I get enough referrals I can win a much better daily prize. All you need to do to get me a referral is sign up, play the game, get a streak of 3 or more, hit the 'Cash Out' button before you lose your streak and I get the referral. That's it.

    But to explain the game a bit better ..

    It's a stock market-ish style game. You look at a fluctuating graph, guess which way it will be in the next 30 seconds from the second you click if it will be higher or lower.

    With a simple streak of 2, you can cash out for 1 cent. However, it takes 20 dollars to cash out. But the beauty of this game, you can also win many daily prizes such as a MacBook, iPod or iPhone.

    Get a streak of 30 and you could win $10k dollars.

    There are levels you can bounce back to if you lose one time. If you lose twice in a row, then you fall back to the next safe level.

    For example -- 2 cents (2nd level) and 10 cents (6th level) are fallback levels. You can be at level 8 and lose, but you fallback to level 6 and can continue your streak again. But if you lose that 2nd time in a row, you fall all the way back to the 2nd level. So just because you lose once does not mean your entire streak is over.

    Also, you can lose your streaks in these ways ...

    * Closing your game window or quitting your browser
    * Switching to a different stock or currency during a game
    * Waiting too long between predictions (a timer will warn you)
    * Making an incorrect prediction
    * Cashing out a winning streak

    Referrals get you 25% of their winnings and cash if you win a prize, plus better prizes for myself when you become an active invitation. An active invitation is a player who has cashed out on a streak of 3 or more. So whether you like this site and decide to stay at it, at least take a couple minutes out to signup and get that streak for me. Helps me out if I am lucky enough to win a prize.

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    It's a pyramid scheme fun for the whole family!

    But seriously, this is ******* ********.


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      So what prize have you actually won from this site?


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            Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck View Post
            It's a pyramid scheme fun for the whole family!

            But seriously, this is ******* ********.
            Obviously you are not well versed in what a pyramid scheme is. A pyramid scheme requires the actual spending of money to not get a described item and/or service. This website does not require a single dollar be spent by any user for anything.

            But if you went to the website just to look around to notice this instead of coming back with your 'LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME' post, that would have been obvious.

            Now if you want to say this site never delivers (i.e., scam), that is fine. Although a quick Google search to check if this is a scam will prove otherwise.

            But flame on to flame on and pad your post count. ;)



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