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    Alright so I currently looking into studying abroad during the next academic year (a year from now) and I am trying to figure out the best country to do so. So I was hoping some people here would have some good stories or advice from previous abroad experiences or anyone with any good travel stories is more then welcome to share input.

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    any specific Continent?


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      mainly looking at Europe because it provides more opportunities to travel around, but I'm relatively open...just hoping to hear some stories or opinions


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        Come to Australia. I hear Forenci and APS are coming out here so you may as well join! (Unless you have ginger hair like vikes)


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          My cousin got an opportunity in 2006 from his university to go to England and study at Oxford University and it was for like a whole semester and he really enjoyed every minute of it. He use to be a shy kid but now he is a really outgoing kid because of the trip. He has told me numerous of times to try to study abroad as well but I haven't had the chance to go on one yet.

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            My best friend is about to come back from Japan from his semester abroad. He loved it over there.
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              How much do they usually cost?(to go to Europe)
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                Ive heard Australia is awesome, but also really similar to Southern California, which is where I go to school (UC San Diego).

                I have also heard good things about Japan, but a lot of the programs offered are very technical (engineering, math, science...etc) and I'm a double major in Communications and History (not so technical).

                Cost really depends on the program. Most of the ones offered through my school are around 20-30k for the year long program, which is relatively comparable to my current tuition.

                I think I may be looking to go somewhere that isn't one of the most common places to go abroad (I feel like Spain, Italy, UK, and Australia are the most common). Kinda looking to go somewhere a bit different. Maybe looking towards Denmark, the Netherlands, or maybe even South America. But like I said I'm open to anything if it is the right program.


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                  I lived in Germany, and it is absolutely fantastic. I would reccomend there for sure. Germans were always extremely nice and there are lots of places to travel to. Beautiful country, and beautiful girls in the big cities. Just don't live in the middle of no where like I did...bunch of ugly girls there.

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                    I was so hoping this thread would be about this

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                      Lol you beat me to it. I was gonna make a joke about studying a broad also.


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                        Germany has been a consideration being that I took German in high school, but that isn't too much of a factor because I want a program with classes in English anyways.

                        And in regards to studying a broad...I can assure that will be an integral part of the experience.


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                          I'd go to Austrailia since there is no language barrier and it's cooler than England.

                          I'd feel so uncomfortable living in a place where I couldn't understand everyone. Sure you could still take classes in english, but what about everything else?


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                            Go to this school in Italy( Rome or Florence) if you're only looking to have fun and not learn. haha

                            You go to class mon-thursday ( if you want) and it is a cake walk. You can travel all you want on the weekends.

                            If you're looking to actually learn I got some spots for ya too.

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                              Depends on your major. What's yours?
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