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Stolen Items and loop holes

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  • Stolen Items and loop holes

    This happened on the 31st.

    So here is the story, before we moved in there was this property manager (Victor) who was working out of our apt, we saw the place liked it and took it. He was fine with it, he had a bunch of stuff in the living room area, and needed help moving out to another property he has. So we(roomettes and I) help him move all his stuff out, desk, computers, printer, paper work. Now he was going to take his laptop but he was like uh leave it here, i'll pick it up later, he says this to his secretary. Now at the time I didn't hear if he said it was his or not. I thought it was fishy, but I was like it might belong to someone else, since there was other stuff in the apt.

    Now there is some other stuff left in the apt, he said that stuff belongs to another tennent, and he left his stuff there since he had no where to put it and will move it out right away. So this guy comes, a day later and takes all his stuff and the laptop, at this time we didn't know who's laptop it was. We helped this guy move his stuff out as well.

    A few days later he comes down the property owner, and starts asking my roommate where his laptop went. He tells him that the guy who picked his stuff up, took it with him. So he calls the guy, and the guys tells him he didn't take nothing. Victor calls again and tells us this, we tell him again that we helped him move out, and put everything in his truck.

    So now fast forward to now he calls us and tells us, that either we find his laptop or he is gonna file a report with the police.

    I got a question about how much trouble or what will happen to me about this laptop that was taken from my apt? Am I liable for him leaving his stuff there, he could have came and picked it up anytime he had the keys to the place. Any advice?

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    You're not liable at all. First off, he had the opportunity to take in the first place. Second, how sure are you that the other guy took it? and third, this guy is a grown ass man, no ways this makes it past a slap on the wrist IF THAT.


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      The other guy took it, but not sure if he returned it?


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        Originally posted by bhaarat316 View Post
        The other guy took it, but not sure if he returned it?
        Sounds like a shady situation if you ask me. This is a "I" thing. Victor is gonna tell them that "I" left my laptop.. and then the rest of the story is not needed.


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          It's really not your problem at all. Let him file his police report, you did nothing wrong.


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            Who the hell leaves a laptop anyway? I doubt there will be any reprimands from police, and unlikely from a civil court as well. I'm no law expert though.

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              awesome, yeah I thought there was some shady stuff going on when he left the laptop but we weren't sure if it was his or not.


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                bhaarat.. It's time to kick ass


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                  i'm go bruce lee on his ass haha


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                    That does sound a little sketchy. Why leave your laptop? If he does actually file a police report just let them take care of it. It's very unlikely they can prove you were involved with anything if you weren't.

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                      You had no reason to take his laptop & point them in the direction of those who last held it.

                      I agree with Hawk 100%, let him file a police report, the cops won't touch you. They know they could liable for false arrest if they do, you could sue the city & pwn their ass, it's the responsibility of the owner to watch it, or the landlord who was supposed to be watching it. Direct the irate laptop loser toward them


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                        Nothing criminally could happen to you. This is a civil matter only. I can pretty much guarantee the cops didn't take a report either, just documented the information.

                        You may get called into civil court to tell your side of the story but that's about it.


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                          You gonna git raped boy.


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                            You think about maybe moving if you haven't signed any papers yet? These people seem like a lot more hassle than they'll be worth in the long run, unless you really love the place or have already moved your stuff in etc.

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                              Originally posted by Hollywood View Post
                              You gonna git raped boy.

                              i'll just use soap on a rope.



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