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  • Worst job ever

    So I have a new job working for the democratic party collecting signatures for candidates who want to get on the ballot. Its an interesting job but for some reason i keep getting banned from different places in the area. Currently i am banned from Wal mart, menards, Jewel osco, Piggly Wiggly, Home Depot, the local community college and about 15 other business. Its a pretty cushy job but its just funny that i keep getting banned from places and i dont really do much. So boredom is a quite regular for me. This is one of the two worst jobs i have had the only one that seems to be worse is being the mouse at Chuck-e-cheese. Which is nothing but cleaning up after kids and getting beaten up.

    So i want to know what is the worst job you have ever had?

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    Anyone that has ever worked in fast food will have that as their worst job, guaranteed.


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      I was working at a pizza place and they called me in one day to help unload the truck and when I got done they fired me on the spot.

      "Thanks for helping us out of a jam."

      "Your fired..."

      It was epic...


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        I was the clean up guy in the meat department at a grocery store. I spent 6 months picking up pig and cow guys. Nuff said.
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          Worst job I ever had was my first, working at Dairy Queen. The "free ice cream" (i.e. I just took it,) was nice and all, but I was the only male there. And the main manager was a feminist. Let's just guess who had to do all the crap jobs every night :(

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            Originally posted by Lions WMD View Post
            Anyone that has ever worked in fast food will have that as their worst job, guaranteed.
            Well, unless they were a jizzmopper. That would probably trump working in fast food.
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              Clean up guy for a gelatin company worst job ever. Smells like **** all day and I have to clean up the freakin mess that this **** is doing.



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                tomorrow I have to assist on an while your bored getting signatures, you can think, at least I'm not peeling back the scalp of a dead body over its face

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                  Publix meat department.

                  The job itself wasn't that bad and my boss was a cool guy, but all of my coworkers were clinical sociopaths.


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                    I was an assistant manager of a restaurant during college. Mind you I was already married and 25 with a child. There was this slutty 19 year old waitress that I refused to have anything to do with. She lied and told the owner that I had harassed her. Despite statements from other employees, the owner fired me for inappropriate manager-worker relations. The bastard fired me fired me 3 days before Christmas. Only later did I find out that the head manager had told the little trick that she was next in line for promotion to assistant manager. Friends later told me that the day she was promoted three quarters of the employees quit. Five days later she was fired for cussing out a customer. Go figure. All in all the job was pretty nice, but the manner in which I lost it made it my worst job ever.

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                      I have a great job. We televise all of the NMSU sporting events for Comcast or whatever channel it happens to be on that given day. This coming weekend I got hired by ESPN to work with the production team for the New Mexico State vs Fresno State game. :) ESPNU is showing the game.
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                        Originally posted by Lions WMD View Post
                        Anyone that has ever worked in fast food will have that as their worst job, guaranteed.
                        Someone has obviously never been a fluffer.

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                        do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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                          Subway was by far the worst.

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                            Originally posted by Brent View Post
                            Subway was by far the worst.
                            A kid in one of my classes worked at Subway and he hated it. Customers would say they want a certain vegetable on their sandwich and then change their mind and get mad at you for putting it on. He said one guy did that to him and demanded to speak to the manager even though he did what the customer wanted. So he went into the back and grabbed a Subway hat and came back out to ask what was wrong. haha The guy got pissed off and left.


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                              The whole reason I couldn't work at Subway would be people looking over my shoulder the whole time it would creep me out.



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